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1/2/13 10:00 P

DUCKIJO, overall I think this book has a lot of valuable information.
It does give you some tests that runners should perform to see where their body could use some extra work so you can perform better and help prevent injuries.

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1/2/13 8:56 P

Thanks... I am new to running. Tore my acl last year so maybe this will help

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1/2/13 8:31 P

After the tests Dicharry has some suggested exercises. I have figured out the exercises for the tests I failed, but I do have one question.
On pages 208 to 210 he suggests doing STW's. I'm not positive what that stands for, is it Strength Training Workout?
Anyone have a better answer?

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12/27/12 10:33 A

Bouncing ideas off of someone else sounds like a good idea. I run with a great running group in Houston named Houston Fit. Many people are very good runners and they have lots of good general information, but being able to ask a specific question from time to time of a knowledgeable runner would be great.
I think I might want to finish reading the Dicharry book before I look for a coach.
I may come back to ask you the best way to find a good coach, what to look for in a coach and how to get the most out of the relationship.
Thanks for your thoughts.

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12/27/12 8:44 A

ABSOLUTELY Gary. I have worked with several running coaches and what I find beneficial for me is having someone to bounce ideas off of. I am now working with Jay Johnson (out of Boulder and writer for Running Times Magazine) much to be learned and the lesson this precisely what Jay Dicharrry recommends and that is the ancillary exercises are just as important as the running we do.

Coach Nancy

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12/27/12 7:55 A

So far I'm finding there is a lot of background information. Looking forward to some ideas I can use on a daily basis.
Nancy, you are a running coach, but still find a running coach to be of value to you?

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12/27/12 7:37 A

Hi Gary,

I love, love, love this book. One of the most comprehensive books for runners. In fact my running coach and sports chiro both agree that his exercises are a must for all runners.

I hope you enjoy!

Coach Nancy

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12/26/12 9:02 P

Has anyone read Jay Dicharry's "Anatomy for Runner's" book. Just recently received mine. Hope I can use it to analyze the problems I have had with my running to see if I can run more healthy and maybe even run little faster. Does this book actually help with these issues?

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