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KKFRENCHY SparkPoints: (0)
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3/31/11 3:01 P

wow, just when we thought we'd seen it all...

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (201,343)
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3/31/11 3:00 P

I'm guessing these rings are no different than weight loss teas or the banana diet. Not too long ago, there was a huge Japanese weight loss craze involving bananas. the Daily Spark even did a blog on it !!

Unfortunately, Japanese women are just as prone as American women to try some "gimic" in order to take off the weight. Well, there is NO quick way to lose.

This has gimic and scam written all over it. PT Barnum has got to be loving this.

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GRACEISENUF Posts: 12,805
3/31/11 2:56 P


TBRANTNER3 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/31/11 2:56 P

just another waste of money. Probably comes with a diet program, that if you followed w/o the ring you'd probably lose weight, and it's probably just like most other diet plans.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,582
3/31/11 2:53 P

If all we had to do to lose weight was wear a ring, then no one would be overweight.

That being said they are kind of pretty. I can still find something better to spend $30 on. For instance real sterling silver jewelry that wont turn my finger green.

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TLCOVERT1 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/31/11 2:33 P

I'll bet the scam artist that came up with it is not Japanese or ever visited Japan. Just a guess.

MYCUTEGIZMO Posts: 3,845
3/31/11 2:18 P

The Japanese are always so innovative..

WORKINGOUT12 Posts: 849
3/31/11 1:15 P

Never heard of them until I read this post. I would assume it is fake.

YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
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Posts: 13,413
3/31/11 10:23 A

It's just a freaking scam people!!
I did have a good laugh when I checked it out!!

From the ring site:

Wearing this ring on your:
Thumb reduces face fat
Index finger reduces arm fat
fourth finger reduces waist fat
pinky finger reduces thigh fat

Holy cow that's funny!!!...and sad too, because some fool will spend their hard earned money on that crap.

NEWPMA Posts: 892
3/31/11 9:05 A

I hadn't heard of them and looked at the link someone posted. It's probably a load of rubbish that being said if they were really cheap I'd wear one on every finger lol.

MAURMAUR Posts: 548
3/31/11 8:31 A

never heard of them but just looking at the name of them, it sound like a gimmick.

3/31/11 8:27 A

Good grief.. what next...??? Not heard of the rings..

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
3/31/11 8:12 A

never heard of them

BILL60 Posts: 977,718
3/31/11 6:56 A

Haven't tired it.

3/31/11 1:37 A

i did, actually, buy one of these rings, i think it was about $6. i thought it was pretty (i'm not one for jewelry, but if i like it, i'll get it), and if it did work, hey, an added bonus. of course i was skeptical, fast weight loss without the work or the sensible diet doesn't happen. i do exercise daily and eat mostly healthy foods (i won't lie). acupressure works by pressing on certain nerves that correspond to different parts of the body. i haven't tried that before, either. but i'm also curious about things that i don't understand. pressure points in the fingers correspond to different parts of the brain. possibly it's all psychosomatic, but when i exercised with the ring on, i noticed myself focusing more on that part of the body that i was trying to work on. because i was consciously thinking about it, i got a better work-out. yes, they are cheaply made, heck, they're only a few dollars, you're not going to get titanium. and i have heard of people breaking them trying to get them to fit (one size fits all is never really the case, is it?). apparently, the gold ones will turn your finger green, but that's because it's fake gold. i'm sure it will never work for everyone, some are too lazy, some are not focused enough, and some just plain won't ever believe in what they can't see. but for me, it made me think more about what i was intending to do. so, in that sense, i guess it did work. and i got something pretty to wear while i do it. hope that helped.

BARBIE042 Posts: 6,014
8/24/10 8:51 P

You got that right , but there are not going to fool me with them , that is for sure I just wanted to see how many would reply to this and what they had to say . emoticon How stupid to they think we are !

FRAN0426 Posts: 21,838
8/24/10 8:07 P

For real? I guess there must be people who would buy into such nonsense so some company will try anyway to make money.

8/24/10 7:22 P

I just saw a commercial for those a few days ago and was thinking, "Seriously? Are you kidding me?".
Yeah...people will try anything these days.

8/24/10 5:55 P

Sounds like a load of crap unless the ring goes around your mouth.

BARBIE042 Posts: 6,014
8/24/10 10:19 A

Denise ,

I am with you 100% on this , there is no way they could work . I was just curious to what others thought as well . I know that they are just something that someone came up with to make money off of . I would hate for anyone to pay for something such as this and they have there hopes up to it working . We all know the only way to a permanent weight loss it takes hard work and determination. Not to mention healthy and good food choices and exercise on a daily basis.

LRINGER Posts: 284
8/24/10 10:12 A

new to me ... probably a gimmick

ERINEC11 Posts: 603
8/24/10 10:02 A

Never heard of them, but it seems like a case of.. "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is"

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,549
8/24/10 8:14 A

I haven't heard of them, but there doesn't seem to be any science behind it to prove that it works. It looks like another diet/weight loss type gimmick and you would probably be better off to save your money.

Coach Denise

BARBIE042 Posts: 6,014
8/23/10 9:21 P

Thanks for your replies everyone .
I heard about them sometime ago but never did check into them . So I was just wondering it anyone has or has tried the things.

JANLAR2 Posts: 448
8/23/10 9:15 P

never heard of them but here's a link to a website

DWAN1969 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (35,779)
Posts: 2,321
8/23/10 9:13 P

where did you hear about them?

SUNNYDAZE9 Posts: 13,606
8/23/10 9:09 P

I, too, have never heard of them.

RPWILKIN SparkPoints: (27,308)
Fitness Minutes: (4,885)
Posts: 690
8/23/10 8:52 P

I have never heard of them.

BEACH_BUMM Posts: 549
8/23/10 8:47 P

never heard of them...

CHELLESDOINGR8 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,465)
Posts: 9,552
8/23/10 8:43 P

This is the first I have heard of them!

BARBIE042 Posts: 6,014
8/23/10 7:31 P

I have been seeing these Japanese weight loss rings being advertized . I was just wondering what my fellow Spark Friends think of them ? and
Has anyone ever tried them ?
and Do they really work ?

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