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DELFINO16 Posts: 7,842
8/3/14 5:24 P

I agree with the non-support! I control myself with the junk food even though it's really hard!

Thanks for the link!

FUZZUZZLE Posts: 122
3/28/14 12:21 A

Is your family bringing home junk food? That's really unsupportive. Anyone would find it difficult to stay on track with junk food in the house.

Sorry if this is bad advice, but if your goal is weight-loss and not health, you can eat the bad foods. Just as long as you're eating at a deficit, you'll lose weight no matter what.

COACH_TANYA Posts: 3,815
3/3/14 3:16 P

Self-discipline is a tough thing but an important key to long term success in life. Foods you may be considering "junk food" like chips, cookies or soda are a part of our life and culture. There are also healthy alternatives available as well like fresh fruit, graham crackers and water. You decide which you select and how much of it you eat right? Just because a cookie is in the house, doesn't mean you can't include one with a glass of milk as an after school snack. But having one doesn't mean having one sleeve or dozen as your serving. As soon as you label certain foods as "junk" and totally off limits, they become all you really want.

Instead, we try to look at foods as "sometimes-often times-all the time" options. Cookies and chips are sometimes foods compared to fresh fruit or low fat milk. Portion size is always important and are much of the key to weight management success. Here are some articles that can help you begin putting the pieces together while not depriving yourself of foods you like and are in your home.

Best and Worst Meat Choices
How to Spot the Healthiest Cuts

Chips and Dips Get a Healthy Makeover
Skip Chips and Slim Down Dips for Healthier Party Fare

Keep Healthy Snacks Handy
Tons of Ideas for all Your Snacking Needs

A Teen's Guide to Nutrition & Healthy Eating
What You Need to Know about Nutrients, Calories and More

50 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier
Start with Small Changes

Coach Tanya

3/2/14 7:23 P

I've been trying so hard to lose more weight..we have healthy food but we have a lot of junk food too. It is sooo hard to say no to the junk. I have no idea what to do. Help? I know I can't just say mom don't but junk food it won't happen

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