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7/7/12 7:11 A

that holiday weeks eventually pass so that life returns to "normal"
that there is always time in the day to breathe deeply and meditate
that air conditioning was invented

GBOOMER Posts: 6,995
7/7/12 4:49 A

- getting break-in-period tune up done on new bike yesterday and then going for a satisfying ride.
- L's homemade potato salad.
- a visit from our neighbor's sweet cat.
- a day to rest today.
- lots of cool things to look forward to.

IAM1WEVRY1 Posts: 2,954
7/6/12 5:40 P

Today I am grateful for:
~ daughter registering for some of her classes
~ perfectly beautiful weather
~ the joy of picking my own raspberries
~ the jam I am going to make
~ a tiny bit of clearing accomplished
~ more blessings than I could ever list

MEXIHOLIC SparkPoints: (10,422)
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7/6/12 4:37 P

Grateful 4
*Shade came home to be with ME....yeah
*only having one serving of pistachio ice cream with my daughter. JUST ONE.... yeah! not the whole thing...... double yeah
*A/C in the bedroom for nap time.
*The baby pool full of water..... gonna splash around this evening.

VALERIEMAHA SparkPoints: (58,848)
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7/6/12 9:26 A

The extravagant gesture is the very stuff of creation.
-- Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Good morning,

Happy to report~~

~ a new gratituder among us...welcome Komtria!

~ new day, new beginnings

~ prison visits tonight and tomorrow

~ gathering of friends on Sunday

~ well rested and plans to continue organizing today

Blessed be,
P.S. Anyone have any feedback about the aerobic value of mini-trampolines?

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (275,167)
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7/6/12 9:21 A

Rebecca, please send the rain east when you get enough; we have no smoke or fires but BAD drought and it's to be 104 degrees today (we have 30% chance of rain late Saturday/Sunday) -

Today, I am grateful for:

-It's Friday, so a weekend is quite near for some true R&R
-Heirloom tomatoes
-Another solid night of sleep
-Kittens, kittens and more kittens; they are a true joy in my life and bring lots of laughter
-Anticipation of almost 2 days alone at home Sunday/Monday; very rare and treasured

Make it an excellent day!!


REBCCA SparkPoints: (416,248)
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7/6/12 8:18 A

Appreciations this morning include:
-Taking H for walk to shady, pond side spot to comb her in late warm morning
-Discovering the crepe-y mesh techno t-shirt I bought really is way cooler than cotton
-Laundry drying quickly after hanging it in late afternoon
-Gravity bed hang helping unkink weird glitch
-R calling this morning with story of his coyote encounter on his way to work
emoticon Stephanie I think you "primed the pump" rain is predicted for today!! emoticon
Thank You emoticon

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GBOOMER Posts: 6,995
7/6/12 5:34 A

- another successful week of "new sleep experiment"
- persevering despite stressful Summer job that began this week.
- losing a pound this week while enjoying some great eating.
- pushing the envelope in strength training yesterday.
- student assistants taking delight in decorating my classroom for me yesterday.

KOMTRIA Posts: 1,063
7/5/12 11:51 P

I am grateful for an unreasonable, client choosing to not work with me anymore. My gratitude will increase when I feel free to sever poor relationships first.
I am grateful for the reasonable, wonderful clients I do have.
I am grateful that I have power since many in my area do not.
I am grateful that I put in 45 minutes of exercise.
I am grateful that tomorrow is a new day to experiment, play, work and love those who I choose to love.

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (275,167)
Fitness Minutes: (104,299)
Posts: 11,886
7/5/12 11:03 P

Rebecca - No, this can't be!!! Smoke? I guess I didn't bring enough rain ...

Today, I am grateful for:

-Another great night of sleep
-A surprise when I woke this morning - a Siamese under the sheets curled up next to me!
-Getting the nails clipped tonight on all three kittens, with appropriate treats and loving when done with each one
-My CSA bag today with lots of great local produce
-A very quiet day at work, allowing me to get caught up on a week of e-mail and get started on new projects
-Nearing a weekend with some much-needed rest time and alone time in close sight

Goodnight all,

MOMMYNOFFY SparkPoints: (5,506)
Fitness Minutes: (12,080)
Posts: 22
7/5/12 10:20 P

I am grateful for:
A husband who loves me unconditionally
2 boys who are the light of my life
A god that loves me
A beautiful home

MEXIHOLIC SparkPoints: (10,422)
Fitness Minutes: (11,353)
Posts: 85
7/5/12 10:12 P

Grateful 4
*finishing training and coming home.
*getting business completed that could have been dangerous.... all cleared up and forgotten
*Watching a movie with Sombras in english and him really liking it
*A Shower in my own shower and exercise in my own neighborhood..... I love my neighbors

TMCLEOD4 Posts: 1,673
7/5/12 9:12 P

I reached my goal of losing 50 pounds by July 1st. I'm stronger, lighter, more flexible and healthier than I've been in years. I feel great!

MTRACHEL Posts: 1,454
7/5/12 8:21 P

July gratitude includes health, being able to run again, walking with my daughter and my friends, a new roof over my head thanks to my Scott, and summer with its sunshine and fresh foods.

VALERIEMAHA SparkPoints: (58,848)
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Posts: 11,732
7/5/12 6:00 P

It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
-- Alan Cohen

Good afternoon,


~ a wonderful arrangement with a girlfriend to trade assistance on home projects, one day a week at her place and one at mine through all of July

~ selling items I was ready to let go of for $70 to a used items shop today

~ hearing from the retreat administration that I've been approved for a partial scholarship for the August retreat

~ strength training streak continues

~ eating moderately and mostly tracking

Blessed be,

REBCCA SparkPoints: (416,248)
Fitness Minutes: (217,885)
Posts: 22,835
7/5/12 8:06 A

Appreciations this morning include:
-Breakfast birthday gathering for R pleasing him in harmonious blend of best friends, festive food and thoughtful gifts
-Releasing and watching blue balloon soar into the sky with wishes
-Roaming around Bass Pro Store, feeling like I was in a Richard Brautigan novella (finding humor in his comic predictions come true)

-Finding R’s choice to watch his new blu ray “Lord of the Rings” in swamp cooled man cav,e a great one when we went outside to go to dinner and could not see the sky for the smoke
-Seeing the nearly full moon this morning in much bluer sky
-Sharing non-traditional Japanese food for our 4th of July and birthday celebration

KNEWMETODAY Posts: 3,567
7/5/12 7:57 A

...a mother who shared her faith
...the desire to improve my health
...the willingness to do it right beautiful moss rose
...the time I have with my beautiful granddaughter
...this site


GBOOMER Posts: 6,995
7/5/12 4:23 A

- getting stuff done that I said I'd do yesterday.
- doing a little fun/creative still-life photography yesterday.
- a neighborhood walk with L.
- discovering a new (to us) local breakfast place.
- enjoying and finishing David Byrne's "Bicycle Diaries".

7/4/12 11:51 P

~ fresh blueberries and watermelon-so yummy together and refreshing!
~ the positive response I'm receiving so far for stepping into a leadership role in a local women's group
~ the opportunity to catch up with a neighbor friend this morning
~ my friend's cute puppy who I am in love with! (I still love my cats tho')
~ a few much-needed days off from work

MEXIHOLIC SparkPoints: (10,422)
Fitness Minutes: (11,353)
Posts: 85
7/4/12 9:28 P

Grateful 4

*the view of the butterflies in the clearing at the old landfill
*learning and passing the dumpout procedure and routing practice during training
*testing my physical limits and feeling well afterwards..... I could do more if I have too....
*my family.... supporting me from far away with lots of loving phone calls and patiently leaving messages and waiting until I am able to answer them back

5th and extra.... I feel very blessed to have this new job and able to get this training and test my limits and achieve.....right now, so far i am able to meet their standards..... I resolved within myself today.... I will continue to do my best under these very difficult circumstances.... if at some point my best does not meet their standards and they must separate me.... I will have been successful because I am always doing my best and giving my all. It is a peace of mind I am very grateful for in this cutthroat business world.... Mostly I am grateful for this knowledge and peace of mind.

MIWOLFF Posts: 428
7/4/12 2:49 P

Today I am fretful for the power companies who sent help to restore the power lines in Virginia. Thank you for your hard work particularly in this terrible heat!

IAM1WEVRY1 Posts: 2,954
7/4/12 2:35 P

Happy Birthday America
Today I am deeply grateful for:
~ dinner out with daughters last night
~ Our family of four watching Albert Dobbs together last night
~ All the progress that has been made socially since those times (1890's) (gives one hope for future improvements in cultural/societal progress on a variety of issues.)
~ Hubby helping me figure out how to work my new printer
~ Daughter powerwashing our deck
~ More blessings than I could ever list

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (275,167)
Fitness Minutes: (104,299)
Posts: 11,886
7/4/12 1:30 P

Today, I am grateful for:

-A solid night of rest without waking once
-A day that I can just be lazy
-Everything that today's holiday is in remembrance of
-My partner feeling back to normal again
-My old Camry performing perfectly on this driving trip (the car will be 16 in August)
-My resignation and acceptance that my brother will always be who he's always been (despite the fact that I know people can change if they want to)

Make it an excellent day!


VALERIEMAHA SparkPoints: (58,848)
Fitness Minutes: (52,878)
Posts: 11,732
7/4/12 11:44 A

Patience is not learned in safety. It is not learned when everything is harmonious and going well. When everything is smooth sailing, who needs patience? If you stay in your room with the door locked and the curtains drawn, everything may seem harmonious, but the minute anything doesn’t go your way, you blow up. There is no cultivation of patience when your pattern is to just try to seek harmony and smooth everything out. Patience implies willingness to be alive rather than trying to seek harmony.
-- Pema Chodron

Good morning and happy birthday America,

So thankful~~

~ for the legacy of Andy Griffith...always enjoyed his humor too -- here he expalins Romeo and Juliet:

~ for my baby steps back to great health and vitality

~ a helpful email from my girlfriend in Ecuador, who was supposed to be in touch with me on a matter

~ green tea, my everyday tonic

~ looking forward to ideas from a friend coming over today in how to approach clearing and organizing my living space

Blessed be,
P.S. GBOOMER terrific news on your increasing strength and endurance!

REBCCA SparkPoints: (416,248)
Fitness Minutes: (217,885)
Posts: 22,835
7/4/12 8:49 A

My gratitude today includes:
-Firefighters’ progress and containment on the forest fires
-Breakfast party to celebrate R personal new year today
-Cruising through morning KJ walk with M before the day warmed
-Tasting first sweet cherry tomatoes with more ripening
-Studio time with fascinating documentary “Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present”
-K coming up to cuddle early

7/4/12 7:26 A

...perspective: my health matters more than anything else.

GBOOMER Posts: 6,995
7/4/12 5:22 A

- a good bike ride, noticing improvements in strength and endurance.
- being genuine and vulnerable in communication with boss.
- getting some work done.
- L's support.
- continued good results of latest sleep experiment. Last night I slept six hours uninterrupted despite extra work stress, extra exercise and a mid-afternoon half cup of coffee! I feel so much more relaxed as well.

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (275,167)
Fitness Minutes: (104,299)
Posts: 11,886
7/4/12 12:48 A

Today, I have so much to be grateful for, including:

-A wonderful visit with my oldest nephew from California, a seriously amazing young man
-A safe driving journey to and from Colorado to deliver my nephew to his grandparents
-The pure pleasure of meeting the amazing lady who leads us here and feeling the instant connection and depth that comes from our shared gratitude practice
-Being introduced to yet another special/sacred Colorado location (Red Rocks, indeed, Maha)
-Bringing some much-needed rain back with me for Rebecca from my drive to Central City
-My incredible partner
-An intentional 24-hour slug fest (anybody know what that is???) before I have to go back to work again for a few days
-Getting to stay with and enjoy a meal prepared by an old friend who lives in Colorado; that's twice in one year for us already, highly unusual and pretty wonderful

Goodnight ...


7/4/12 12:16 A

Grateful for:
-starting a new Snow Lady Doll tonight at Open Studio (thinking cool thoughts!)
-my husband being so on-task and organized tonight
-toughing it out and doing the run for tonight even though I felt like relaxing
-seeing my friend's beautiful garden
-a Book Club friend dropping off a copy of this month's book for me to borrow early enough so I can prepare the discussion questions for the group

Happy 4th of July to all!

MEXIHOLIC SparkPoints: (10,422)
Fitness Minutes: (11,353)
Posts: 85
7/3/12 10:01 P

Grateful 4
*training to push my limits
*knowing the basics of driving my truck, a good foundation to build on
*finally having a job
*free wifi at the
*****Really big one is the challenges I am learning to face with this new position and the opportunity to be in these surroundings. I am very blessed

FRECKS96 SparkPoints: (67,115)
Fitness Minutes: (60,637)
Posts: 2,772
7/3/12 8:24 P

I know I've been absent a few days, but tonight I am thankful for...
~inner strength.
~taking the time to plan.

IAM1WEVRY1 Posts: 2,954
7/3/12 3:48 P

Today I am grateful for:
~ the delicious smoothie my daughter just made for me
~ Pacific Northwest weather not requiring me to water anything outside except a few pots so far
~ a new student on the books for next week
~ another student returning next week
~ time to get caught up on chores today
~ more blessings than I could ever list

7/3/12 1:12 P

time with extended family on this holiday

SMILEYBEE SparkPoints: (70,844)
Fitness Minutes: (32,101)
Posts: 3,658
7/3/12 10:55 A

This morning I'm thankful for:
... my husband and the sweet anniversary cards (36 years today, woohoo!)
... the Food Bank and the opportunity to volunteer there today
... my home
... the fire fighters and the fabulous job they did here
... so many "little" things I tend to take for granted brought to mind during evacuation

VALERIEMAHA SparkPoints: (58,848)
Fitness Minutes: (52,878)
Posts: 11,732
7/3/12 10:07 A

Life is not about how fast you run or how high you climb, but how well you bounce.
-- Vivian Komori

Good morning,


~ I'm not a drama queen...yesterday's wasp sting continues to be painful, but I'm going about my day without paying much attention anyway

~ SparkHero Robert's amazing blog this morning

~ third day with tracking food and third round of strength training today...I'm struggling, but bouncing along

~ looking forward to my last payment from the contractual work I did

~ looking forward to receiving Diana Krall's Live in Rio on Netflix: "In this concert filmed live in Rio de Janeiro in 2008, sultry-voiced jazz artist Diana Krall expands her horizons to include the smooth Brazilian bossa nova musical style"

~ joy in two of my dear 3-D SparkFriends Red Rock, where you and I had lunch as well, Rebecca! And sweet memories of walking in the amphitheater and onto the stage

Blessed be,

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REBCCA SparkPoints: (416,248)
Fitness Minutes: (217,885)
Posts: 22,835
7/3/12 9:04 A

Appreciations this morning include:
-Quick morning KJ walk with S including visit to gallery shows (we later found that both of us were walking faster than usual to keep up with each other)
-S driving us to rendezvous lunch date at Red Rocks where I had the pleasure of meeting SparkFriend Stephanie for first time in person
-Sharing time feeling familiar, connected and endearing
-All the spectacular views of that magical amphitheater, despite the smoke obscuring details
-Getting home in time to make all the business calls as promised
-Finding shield for client/friend of R and sharing dream recollections fondly

SMILEYBEE SparkPoints: (70,844)
Fitness Minutes: (32,101)
Posts: 3,658
7/2/12 11:30 P

I am so thankful this evening for
... my home and neighborhood
... brave firefighters and favorable winds
... a caring community to help those who have lost their homes
... positive people
... this beautiful evening

IAM1WEVRY1 Posts: 2,954
7/2/12 11:15 P

Tonight I am grateful for:
~ having all 4 of my family gathered for yummy homemade shrimp tacos, pineapple cabbage slaw etc.
~ great opening weekend
~ having the day off of performing (though I still had students)
~ massage
~ the great special deals my masseuse is offering to encourage clients to follow him to his new location
~ more blessings than I could ever list

7/2/12 4:40 P

Grateful today for:
-getting my cross training workout done early and feeling energized
-binding off on the first ruffle on my shawl and watching how pretty it is turning out as I go
-a knitting date with a bunch of women friends from church tonight!
-my mom stepping in to help my dad (her ex) with his medical issue today while I am 400 miles away
-dvd players and air conditioning so I can workout without wilting

REBCCA SparkPoints: (416,248)
Fitness Minutes: (217,885)
Posts: 22,835
7/2/12 8:10 A

My gratitude this morning includes:
-Breakfast date fun with R and shaded parking found downtown
-Call from MIA friend and helping him with his transitions
-Ten mile bike ride to wider panoramic views finding fitness for same intact
-Pyramid tower room magical feast with leftovers to take home
-Quick and easy Costco restock trip done
-Plans for workout? lunch date today
-Dear dog cuddling close

VALERIEMAHA SparkPoints: (58,848)
Fitness Minutes: (52,878)
Posts: 11,732
7/2/12 7:27 A

Sunflower at dawn:
dew-covered beetles stretching
trembling antennae.
-- Anon. Haiku

Good morning,

I two was up at dawn, enjoying the coolness of the early morning. Here now~~

~ baby steps...tracking food, strength training, amping up cycling repetitions

~ "I finished my first triathlon today and I finished strong. I did far better that I thought I would in spite of irregular training and just stuff getting in the way." ON2VICTORY, who has lost over 100 lbs. and has about 50 left to lose, is simply amazing in so many ways

~ the inspiration of noticing others getting their life in order

~ made a date with a friend this week who has personal success to come over and hopefully help me begin the process of decluttering

~ hair cut appointment tomorrow none too soon!

Blessed be,

GBOOMER Posts: 6,995
7/2/12 4:49 A

- strength training AND a lengthy walk yesterday.
- getting work done yesterday morning.
- eating restaurant leftovers for lunch yesterday.
- sharing mutual appreciations with L yesterday during our walk.
- blueberries.

7/1/12 11:14 P

Happy July!
Grateful today for:
-my husband being so sweet to me (another shopping trip!)
- finding a great deal on tshirts for a craft for our church women's retreat; check that duty off the list a month early!
-finishing week one of C25K and feeling great and energized by it
-the gift of a new medicine ball to try new exercises
-my 15 yr old daughter returning from BWCA having had a great time and hearing wonderful things about her from the adult leaders

7/1/12 2:19 P

my country

VALERIEMAHA SparkPoints: (58,848)
Fitness Minutes: (52,878)
Posts: 11,732
7/1/12 9:59 A

We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.
-- Lloyd Alexander

Yes, happy July to my gratitudin' buddies~~

~ got my Toyota pickup jump-started with emergency road service this morning (a friend had left the key in "on" position a few days ago)

~ English Breakfast Tea to start the day

~ looking toward better self-care with strength training again today (really sore from Thursday, but that's good, I think)

~ not letting the insufferable heat melt my spirit entirely

~ big summer salad with lots of home garden ingredients in the frig

Blessed be,

REBCCA SparkPoints: (416,248)
Fitness Minutes: (217,885)
Posts: 22,835
7/1/12 9:47 A

Appreciations this morning include:
-The posters who preceded me here emoticon
-Sharing garden beets, peppers, carrots I had just made with great review
-Making another batch of basil pesto from thriving plants
-Nursery visit for pole bean seeds to replace snap pea beds
-KJ walk with Mojo in cool of morning w/music favorites adding rhythm
-Chatting with neighbor as I washed ‘cedes in the shade
-Breakfast date fun with hawk sighting, right after walk

KEAMOM1510 SparkPoints: (32,964)
Fitness Minutes: (20,853)
Posts: 1,498
7/1/12 7:06 A

I am grateful:

1. that we still have power and weren't really affected by the storms.
2. that I have the ability to start over again.
3. that my kids are healthy, intelligent, and make great choices.
4. that I'll be married for 20 years this year.
5. that I have such wonderful friends.

7/1/12 6:47 A

Grateful for:
- Air Conditioning
- A good night's sleep
- Early Morning Mass
- Fruit Punch Powerade
- My husband

GBOOMER Posts: 6,995
7/1/12 4:54 A

Happy July!

This morning I am grateful for:

- a delicious Sichuan cuisine meal yesterday.
- a movie outing with L.
- the adventure of driving through areas without power (thus not-working traffic lights) yesterday.
- yesterday's neighborhood walk.
- phone conversation with mother.
- rare email exchange with uncle.

REBCCA SparkPoints: (416,248)
Fitness Minutes: (217,885)
Posts: 22,835
6/30/12 4:39 P

emoticon Sincere gratitude empowers you to focus on the positive aspects of life, and develops into greater awareness and appreciation of the overlooked, often misinterpreted, and ever so important little blessings that make up this experience we call life.

Please join me in posting 5 things you appreciate each day. I will be here with my 5 when it is July for me.

"When things go well gratitude enables us to savor things going well. When things go poorly gratitude enables us to get over those situations and to realize they are temporary." Dr. Robert Emmons
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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