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3/2/10 11:18 A

July 3rd (also my birthday!) What could be a better present?! But it seems so far away!

2/20/10 6:23 A

im july 17th too but would like to know how i get a ticker at the bottom of my post xx

LYSS-AH Posts: 117
2/19/10 7:01 P

We're getting married July 3rd - feels like its so far away, yet right around the corner!
We're doing a smaller wedding too, under 100 people, as like everyone else we're paying for it all ourselves. We found a great party room at our friends condo building, and we're doing an indian food buffet (so much for the diet that day!), which is amazing on the budget let me tell you.
Congrats to all of you!

HELENEVAL SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 23
2/13/10 10:04 A

Getting married 7/11/2010. Second marriage for both of us, so we are keeping it small (50 people) and casual. Getting married outside at a gazebo by the lake and a nice brunch afterwards. Then off to Aruba for 5 days! :-)

CAITLINANN10 Posts: 984
2/11/10 5:48 P

July 24! Woo hoo!!!

2/5/10 1:33 P

My fiance and I are getting married July 14th on the beach! I can't wait. :)

2/5/10 1:17 P

July 24th here!

MELODYMH Posts: 143
2/5/10 10:30 A

Wow! Lots of July 17th weddings!!

We're getting married on July 11th. July has always been my favourite month. EEEkkkkkk I'm so excited!!!

SREENTS Posts: 9
1/30/10 12:54 P

We're getting married July 17th and I can't wait! I know it's only about 5 1/2 months away, but that's still too far. We have almost all of our details done. Now I'm just waiting for it to get closer so we can do all those little details!

D_K455 Posts: 4,002
1/19/10 5:13 P

July 17 and the big stuff is done, except for buying the food which we can't do until the week of.

Getting very excited.

SHAYWEE SparkPoints: (35,571)
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1/18/10 9:52 A

July 31st here. I think all the big stuff is booked, and now we're just getting down to the nitty gritty that will add up if we're not careful!

CHEFLORI7715 Posts: 47
1/16/10 1:52 P

We are getting married on the 18 (yes, a Sunday). Ours will be small too since we are also paying for everything ourselves!

BDETTMAN Posts: 21
1/15/10 2:04 P

July 17th, 2010!! Can't wait!!

1/4/10 7:34 A

Our wedding is July 3 & it's going to be small (about 50 people). We're paying for the whole thing ourselves so we want it to be low budget.

SWEETPEA7910 Posts: 40
1/3/10 3:58 P

I'm getting married July 9th. We've gotten quite a bit done...just worried a little bit about the money! His parents are not involved with anything and my parents are trying to help financially but aren't able to help us very much.

PGPARDRI Posts: 34
8/6/09 6:42 P

I'm a July 31 2010 bride as well! The church and reception are booked, as well as an amazing photographer. Now it's on to selecting the cake and the band!

CASSSJO Posts: 14
8/6/09 2:26 P

I'm getting married on the 17th, too! :)

8/6/09 1:17 P

I am getting married July 10, 2010 and paniced when I found out I had gained 10 lbs since last summer! Ughhh aren't brides supposed to lose weight and not gain it! Well time for me to take action and if my soon to be mother in law sent me home with one more diet or magazine article I was going to lose it. Good luck ladies!!! emoticon

7/30/09 3:22 P

I am getting married on July 16th 2010. I know it's a friday but we met on a 16th, he proposed on a 16th, and it's perfect for us. Congratulations to the rest of you! It is very exciting and I pray that your marragies can be blessed! My fiance and I have the park reseved for the ceremony, an art center for the reception, and we already have our photographer. My mom too has been a great help. Good luck to all of you!

ASDOBBER Posts: 958
7/30/09 10:18 A

I am also getting married on July, 31 2010. We have found our location. We just went to visit it again the other day and I can't wait. All of the flowers are in bloom and the place is stunning. Check it out:

IZABIS Posts: 1
7/29/09 11:42 A

I am also getting married on July 17th 2010. I cant wait! Now all I need to do is not beat up my future Mother in Law and lose the weight :)

D_K455 Posts: 4,002
7/28/09 5:14 P

Also a July 17, 2010 wedding.

PROUDMAMA007 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/19/09 3:07 A

I'm planning my wedding for July 24th, 2010. Hoping to keep it under 150 guests, and trying to do most of it myself! I'm driving myself crazy though!

7/12/09 10:58 A

July 31, 2010. Our wedding is probably going to be big also. Have you found locations yet?

DESLEU Posts: 1
7/10/09 6:02 P

Hi There, Myself and my Fiance are getting married on July 17, 2010. SO EXCITED! basically have everything done just gotta do last minute bookings. My mom has been a GREAT help! She loves doing this type of stuff!! We are having a large wedding in Canada. About 200 Guests! His family is huge!! Trying to cut down on some costs. Any ideas?

SAM_MAKS_MOM Posts: 104
6/10/09 6:56 P

so we finally picked a date to get married july 2nd 2010 we've been high school sweethearts been together since 2003! Its going to be alot of planning and A LOT of weightloss i hope to lose atleast 50-80 lbs anywhere between those numbers would be great. I want to get my dress may '10 but would like to go down the road of planning a wedding with others, including Inputs, ideas, creative plans! :D so if you getting married in july of 2010 you should DEFINATELY conversate with me :D

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