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1/9/13 5:01 P

Good work, especially on the spaghetti part!

1/9/13 4:59 P

I had my work Italian lunch today and just thought I'd report back what I ate (makes me feel accountable):

1/2 piece of bread with literally a dime size amount of oil and parm cheese. [bread was dry, so I didn't even want to finish it]

1 fried ravioli appetizer without any alfredo sauce to dip.

House salad (mixed greens with shredded carrot and cuke) with fork-dipped balsamic dressing.

1 cup (best eye-balled portion I could do without having my measuring cup!) spaghetti with marinara. [when served I immediately saw how big the portion of spaghetti was, so I got a to-go box and took MORE than half home for the hubby to have for dinner]

No dessert (only one to say no of all my coworkers) and no regrets. emoticon

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1/7/13 3:22 P

I think your choice sounds reasonable. If you're trying to get away from the salad for a day, then go for it. We all need a splurge and even if you go over your calories a tiny bit, you're still being mindful and still consuming less than you would have prior to watching your intake.

I'm all for the occasional splurge. We are human and we love yummy food here and there!

1/7/13 3:19 P

I eat a salad everyday at work for lunch on a regular basis, so it'd be nice to get away from the salad during this work event. I've only made it at home this way, but if I order the 1/2 pizza without cheese, that will cut calories, right? Never ordered it at a restaurant that way.

I'm scared of the Cod dish because I don't know what all they're putting in the cauliflower & spinach. But I do think it sounds yummy.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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1/7/13 2:53 P

Unless the pizza is thin crust, I'd skip it and get the spinach salad with the dressing on the side. Minestrone is usually a very hearty soup so you may find that the pizza is too much anyway (which I guess isn't a bad thing either).

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1/7/13 2:49 P

Looking at the menu, your pick seems reasonable. I'd try some Googling for a similar dish to get some nutritional info on the pizza. You could also always get the grilled chicken salad with no dressing, and perhaps no walnuts. Some of the entrees, ask to be cooked no/light oil, sounds really good as well.

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1/7/13 2:32 P

The cod entree looks really good.

1/7/13 2:25 P

It's a place called Biaggi's. There is very little nutritional info online about it. The menu is located at:

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/7/13 1:58 P

What re the other choices? Is this a chain type Italian place or a mom and pop? If it's chain, you might Google and see if the nutrition info is available. I know Olive Garden's is. Something else I do is to come on here in my nutrition tracker and search for similar items. If you can let us know what else is available, then perhaps some better suggestions can be made. What you have picked seems reasonable, though.

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1/7/13 1:56 P

I have to go to an Italian restaurant for lunch this week as a work thing. Since I'm not interested in ordering the highest calorie pasta dish, I'm trying to decide what to get. I'm leaning towards this from the "Pick 2 Menu":

Traditional Tuscan-style soup with
assorted vegetables and beans.

MEDITERRANEAN Thin Crust Pizza (1/2 size)
Vegetarian with red and green peppers, onion,
mushrooms, black olives, garlic-herb Montchevré
goat cheese and our Italian cheese blend. (ask for them to go light on the cheese)

Anyone have any suggestions besides a 1/2 House Salad?

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