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1/19/13 7:46 A

I kept reminding myself of Richard Bach's quote when I first started on my journey to a healthy size. I started at 185 and it took 11 months to reach my goal of 127. It is a process to change habits and maybe his wisdom will help you too.
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1/19/13 5:35 A

Focus on losing 5 lbs NOT 35. Add one additional goal like drink more water ( at least 8 glasses a day).

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1/19/13 4:57 A

Actually, the best cure for being bummed ISN'T ice-cream but rather facing the demon full on and staring it down. YOU can win this but you have to have faith in yourself.

IF you continue to find this very daunting, it might be worth your talking with your Dr and asking for a referral to a Therapist so that you can be given some tools to help you through this rather than turning to food!

We all have to start somewhere, and for most of us the beginning is the hardest. Once you find your feet I am sure that it will be full steam ahead. If you sit down and think it through logically, you will see that you CAN do this, and remember that any weight-loss is better than none, and tons better than continuing to gain!


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1/19/13 3:03 A

Okay, I suck at dieting. I'm fat, I'm lazy and I'm unmotivated. Losing 35 pounds seemed impossible to start with. Understand that 35 pounds was assuming I was 185, which tends to be where I hang out (give or take 5 pounds). Only, today I got on the scale and it turns out I'm now hanging out at one NINETY five. So I actually have to lose FORTY five pounds to get to 150. And 150 is still above where my doctor wants me, but I figured 35 pounds was the max I could make as a goal and still feel like it was even remotely possible. I actually feel nauseous now, I'm so upset. And of course, at 3a the best cure for being bummed out is ice cream...


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