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LUCYJG81 Posts: 29
8/18/11 5:46 A

very sorry about your dad

NETWORKER331 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/18/11 5:45 A

It still works if you do nothing but walk around a park a few times with music in your ears or with a few friends to talk to while you walk. You are still using muscle which in turn will replace the fat with more muscle.

NETWORKER331 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 141
8/18/11 5:43 A

yea if you do nothing but sit in your " I don't wanna" pants and just watch what you eat then you do get weaker. that is what I'm trying to get my mom to realize now that she has time to do things with my dad's death this last week. Keep up the great work and change out of you " don't wanna" pants and try a new pair of " lets do this moving around stuff" pants. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon

BIGMANAL1 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/18/11 5:42 A

One pound of muscle contains about 700 calories. Fat contains about 3,500 calories per pound. If you diet and exercise off one 3,500 calorie pound of fat and , in the process, build up one 700 calorie pound of muscle, your weight did not change but you did. You are leaner and stronger. The scale does not tell the full story. Waist size is a better indicator of fat loss and fitness. Pick out a pair of pants you longer fit in then make it your goal to fit in them again. That is a better goal than losing weight which can often mean muscle loss instead of fat loss. It is easy to lose weight (muscle) fast but hard to lose fat slow. Be strong.

SCAREDTHIN SparkPoints: (0)
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8/18/11 5:32 A

Thanks for the inspiring post. I have started exercising more seriously and am already feeling better. I go to the gym sometimes, but I'm also developing exercising techniques at home so that I can do them often and conveniently. They're working!

LLWARD227 Posts: 5
8/18/11 5:32 A

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

I am trying to do this the healthy way by working out. Weeks go by were I loose nothing and it is hard to stay on track. I get very frustrated. I know deep down that this is the right way and when I look in the mirror I can see the positive changes but when I look at the scale it does not budge.

Keep the focus and so will I.


THEIS58 SparkPoints: (154,728)
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8/18/11 5:31 A

So true! emoticon

ROACHLD1 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/18/11 5:31 A

Keep up the good work!!!!

LUCYJG81 Posts: 29
8/18/11 5:29 A

thank you for this post it has really inspired and motivated me. i know deep down that exercise is the sensible way to go in the long term but its all too easy to lose sight of that in favour of fast weight loss
i will be exercising twice a week now !!!

KARLII26 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/18/11 5:25 A

Just remember when you look at the scale and see that the pounds aren't dropping... muscle mass weighs more than fat. BUT.. you will still be slimmer and look better. PLUS... muscle burns wayyyyy more calories than fat does.

The more you exercise the better your body's engine works to burn calories..... in the long run it is win/win.

If you are having trouble... try a workout that is low impact physically. Start off slowly. Yoga works very well! I know it doesn't seem like it should, but it does! :-) Even 10 minutes of yoga will help your body burn the calories you hope to!

Keep up the good work!

FELICIA1963 Posts: 13,131
8/18/11 5:14 A

Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

Felicia in PA

CLWALDRO Posts: 4,583
8/18/11 4:53 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
building muscle is not easy at any stage in life but if we want to be able to maintain our healthy weight we need it.
I hope when you get the urge to give up that you come to the SP site and find support and motivation from others to continue to move forward. emoticon

8/18/11 4:38 A

Bravo for your persistence - you inspire me.

DANCINGMOOGLE SparkPoints: (0)
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8/18/11 4:32 A

You can do it! Especially now that you're understanding your patterns so well. Keep at it!

BUNNYSPY Posts: 85
8/18/11 4:27 A

Way to go! Gaining muscle is great!
I agree, taking measurements will help you see your results even when the scale isn't budging.

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (495,975)
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Posts: 265,420
8/18/11 4:19 A

Way to go

LILORITA Posts: 3,254
8/18/11 4:17 A

That is the spirit, Keep it up.

8/18/11 4:15 A

I agree about the exercise. I have been doing a walking video faithfully every morning ( weekends included) since October of last year. I have many times when the eating isn't the greatest,but I still get up and do the video just the same. The weight would be creeping up faster if I didn't do the walking, I am certain of that. I have to battle that part by watching what goes in my mouth, but I am so much more toned and do not lose my breath so easy these days like the old days. I totally agree that exercise and slowly losing are the key.

GWENMIMS SparkPoints: (0)
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8/18/11 4:15 A

Make sure that you take measurements with a measuring table. Your weight may be slow to lose but you could be losing inches. Muscle does weigh more than fat. The key is to stick with it. You know what to do, now just keep doing it! :)

8/18/11 4:07 A

Thanks for the reminder! Keep up the good work! :-)

POLSKARENIA SparkPoints: (161,780)
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8/18/11 4:05 A

Good progress with your attiotude and approach. We all really know the right way to rpogress - we just don't want to admit it, that's all - the child in us thinks that there's always an easier, quicker way to achieve lasting success and results.

I hate getting started with exercise, but I soon get the buzz as I get going. Just need to facilitate the 'getting going' a better....

Good luck with all your goals!!

PUFFPOP SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1
8/18/11 4:00 A

Good job. I share your frustration in regard to muscle loss.

I have lost about 10 lbs since February but am so disappointed since I really haven't lost that much in inches.

It definitely is due to muscle loss at age 77 and having had hip surgery in 2009 and still feel somewhat unstable because of that.

I know that NOT exercising is making the matter worse.

Even trying for 20 minutes a day and being consistent would be helpful.

Good luck to you and keep on moving.


8/18/11 3:36 A

Good Job!!! I am also struggling to rebuild muscle but it is essential. Like you, I knew better but really what matters now is that we are doing something positive about it!


ARTJAC SparkPoints: (504,199)
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8/18/11 3:32 A

keep up the good work slowly does it

YOGIANN SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3
8/18/11 3:31 A

I agree, slow is better but it's always tempting to go for the quick fix. I have been thinking of joing a gym and your post has made me think again. I will join today. Keep up the good work
xx emoticon

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LANA22 Posts: 7
8/18/11 3:17 A

i totally agree with you - there is an ad on tv at the moment and this guy is promoting a weight loss product saying you can lose 7 kilos in 5 days - we all want to fall for that one but the truth is 7 kilos in 5 days is pretty unrealistic unless you are drastically overweight. The key to success is exercising more and eating less - there is no magic fix. Do you know why you inspire me? because you're human - you fall off the bandwagon, you make mistakes, you stuggle but then you get up and start again - good for you!

GIRARDP Posts: 1
8/18/11 2:45 A

This is an inspiring story. As a physical therapist, I firmly believe regular exercise also bleeds over into caring more about what we intake. After all, if we're going to do the work, we tend to consider more the potential to un-do these gains with consistently poor food choices. Quick fixes just don't exist - although everywhere you look this claim will be made. Strength in numbers! Slow and steady with lifestyle changes is where it's at.

ERIGUST SparkPoints: (2,047)
Fitness Minutes: (180)
Posts: 517
8/18/11 2:35 A

I just love this post I agree this should be required reading for everyone. I am a very slow loser, I also gain weight slowly so I guess it evens out. I have been feeling really down abbot how long it has taken me to lose 21 pounds (8 months!!!!) but you have shed a new light on it for me! I know these pounds are gone for good and because I never went on a "diet" (just formed new habits) I can continue to lose (slowly) and not be fearful it will all come back. I think activity is KEY. Thanks for the reminder of it's importance! You are an inspiration.

8/18/11 2:23 A

Good for you, I need to start some exercise. right now I just walk. This sounds odd but sometimes I go to department stores and just walk the entire store with out stopping. It's fun keeps me moving and gives me great motivation for things I want to buy as I get closer to my goal weight

MCFHARPIST SparkPoints: (64,357)
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Posts: 1,925
8/18/11 2:18 A

PHILLIPHIGGI, are you using the nutrition tracker? It's been a Godsend for me. I just make sure that my calories, carbs, fat, and protein fall into the range provided by Sparkpeople at the bottom of the tracker. I have experienced great success from combining the nutrition tracker and exercise.

SHOOPETTE SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3,151
8/18/11 2:15 A

good job!

LILEMAMA Posts: 160
8/18/11 1:56 A

You're doing great! Keep it up! :)

8/18/11 1:44 A

i can totally relate. I lost 35 pounds from June to Sept in 09 and put it all back and then some last year. This year I decided to get serious about walking at least 4x a week. In May 2011 I weighed in at 244. I quickly lost 10 pounds from walking, watching calories, water and a fat burner. I then began walking 5x a week. I am now down to 228, 227 on a good day. I have been stuck here for a month but I have continued to walk. I am now walking 6 x a week, almost every night and I am at least keeping it off.

Good luck to you and stay strong!!

Phil H

ALLIB22 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,960)
Posts: 369
8/18/11 1:36 A

What a great ah-ha moment

ANNAFISH Posts: 115
8/18/11 1:34 A

Discipline and patience I think are always the hardest part. Falling off the wagon doesn't matter; it's whether or not you get back on that counts. Keep up the good work! emoticon

GIBBSALOT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (986)
Posts: 1
8/18/11 1:25 A

I so know what you mean. I have been the queen of crash diets and putting it all back on + more. Recently I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I bet the yo-yoing didn't help?!
Exercise has always been a struggle, and the motivation ..... well lets just say there was always something more interesting to do than exercise.
Something clicked and I am now lucky enough to have a new gym open up right around the corner (24hrs - not that I have taken advantage of that!), I am getting there most every day and surprisingly really enjoying it. Starting an 8 week challenge next week and I am looking forward to it.
Keep up the good work surprisingly at some point we start to like the exercise and miss it when we can't do it.

8/18/11 1:20 A

I am so proud of you and rejoicing in your success...I have been on so many yo-yo diets and can totally relate to all that you shared. Thanks for sharing your story...
Thanks so much,

8/18/11 1:20 A

I know lots of people couldn't handle the day without their work out, run or walk. But how do you get to that point? I've been told by my doctor that I MUST walk 1/2 hr a day and do weight resistance exercises but I never make it longer than a week. It takes a lot of courage and discipline, you've given me the nudge and I'm going to try again. emoticon

MCFHARPIST SparkPoints: (64,357)
Fitness Minutes: (72,489)
Posts: 1,925
8/18/11 1:18 A

RFLETCHER9, you are so right: Lose slowly and exercise at your own pace. The very best thing I have learned from Sparkpeople (besides the Nutrition Tracker) is that exercising 10 minutes or less (Coach Nicole's videos) gets results. No kidding, it's one of the greatest insights of my entire life and I've been around a long time!

JAMER123 SparkPoints: (576,137)
Fitness Minutes: (172,329)
Posts: 36,070
8/18/11 1:15 A

emoticon on an emoticon blog. Motivation is what a lot of us lose and have a hard time finding it again!! I am one of those people:) You are going to make it and some day you will enjoy some form of activity to keep you going.

DENISEFULLER SparkPoints: (34,145)
Fitness Minutes: (12,404)
Posts: 795
8/18/11 1:10 A

You've brought up a good point. I hate exercise. I have lost more than enough weight and kept it off for several months, but I am also looking too thin and feeling less strong than I have in the past. I know I ought to exercise, but I hate exercise. I should at least go for walks. Have I mentioned that I hate exercise?

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (495,975)
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Posts: 265,420
8/18/11 1:07 A


CKTWO2 Posts: 9
8/18/11 12:53 A


8/18/11 12:49 A


Good for you! emoticon

KITKAT89 SparkPoints: (4,216)
Fitness Minutes: (495)
Posts: 106
8/18/11 12:30 A

Great post! I am determined to stay on track when I start school again.

JEMPOWER Posts: 2,680
8/18/11 12:25 A

Keep it up!!!!


BELLAARADIA SparkPoints: (40)
Fitness Minutes: (5,968)
Posts: 429
8/6/11 12:56 P

Great Post!! Sticking with it was always my problem! I am more determined now than ever! Thanks for sharing your story, and you are right - slower the better in the long run when dropping the pounds!!

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
Fitness Minutes: (57,011)
Posts: 4,787
8/6/11 12:40 P

Wow. Great post. It should be required reading for SparkPeople, if you know what I mean. It sounds like you have really had that key insight that will lead you to long-term healthier lifestyle.

Congratulations! ... and ...Thank you for sharing your story with us.

SSORENSEN1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (31,070)
Posts: 295
8/6/11 11:54 A

Yup, I love working out, eating right and losing weight. getting so fit!

RFLETCHER9 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (410)
Posts: 12
8/6/11 11:51 A

I got serious about weight loss in January 2009. No more crash diets, no more pills. No more losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks and falling off the wagon. I lost 36 pounds in 5 months and I felt great. I'd always been able to lose weight quickly, it was sticking with it that was hard. However, we moved to a new city and I got off track. Back on track in January 2010, I had only gained back 13 pounds (hey, it's typical to gain it all back and then some--I did pretty good!) and when I started back on tracking my food and making reasonable changes to my eating habits, the weight started coming back off, but sloooowly. I took off about 15 pounds before I fell off the wagon.

January 2011, I wasn't able to get back on track. We had moved (again) and now I was commuting an hour every day to and from work. It left me exhausted. When I got home, I didn't have the energy to take care of myself. By the time I got a job transfer closer to home, I was back up to where I was in Jan 2010, but determined to get back on track.

Since June 1st, I've lost 8 pounds. I go off the plan every now and again, but that's nothing new. I've always given myself a few cheat cards so I can have my Chinese food or Movie Theater popcorn in moderation. Aside from my once a week deviation, I stick to my plan. But the weight is coming off slowly and I think I know why.

I've always refused to exercise. I might do it for two weeks, but then I quit. My first big round of weight loss, the pounds just dropped off, but I think I didn't just lose fat. Based on everything I'm reading, I think I lost a lot of muscle, too. Despite being slimmer than I was at my highest weight, I also feel considerably weaker than I ever have.

This time, I'm biking, I'm doing cardio-kick boxing, and cardio sculpting. But it's an uphill battle. Trying to get back the muscle I've lost is hard. The scale doesn't want to budge. The first month I exercised, it was a stretch to work out twice a week. I was in absolute agony. After two months, I'm up to 4 times a week, doing more intense workouts. But it's hard. I know that eventually, the scale will show it, though and it will pay off. Trading losing 3-5 pounds a week for losing 1-2 will benefit me more in the end when I build my muscle back up.

I guess the reason I'm babbling on about this is that I really did know better. I've been warned 1,000 times about taking it slow on weight loss, but I've always wanted the quickest solution. Some of the more questionable diet plans out there will tell you that quick results are necessary to keep you motivated. But my quick results have damaged my body. In the long run, things are far more difficult now because of it.

The moral of this story: Exercise! Take it slow! You can lose a lot of muscle! You will be better off in the end!

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