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9/3/12 9:15 A

as someone who has older children, i can say that through the years there is joy and momentst that you want to lock yourself in the bathroom becasue they seem to be swinging from the ceiling fan. the best parenting tool is a sense of humor and an open mind. i was a great back seat parent before i had them and when they were young. i got over it and ate ALOT of words

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9/2/12 10:47 A

Unfortunately, I don't feel this way. I barely tolerate my child most days.

9/2/12 10:36 A

One of the reasons I want to lose weight is for my kids. I can't get out and play with them like I use to.

9/2/12 8:27 A

They find so much joy in the little things. The other night I took my 2 year old for our after dinner stroll and 3 blocks took 45 minutes because we stopped and looked at every bug and flower, it was so much fun.

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9/1/12 1:49 P

As I was just telling my 23 year old son yesterday, "raising kids is very hard and demanding, but I wouldn't trade it for the world".

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8/25/12 2:17 A

Being a mom is "truly" great - BUT WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE A GRANDPARENT - emoticon

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8/8/12 11:57 P

emoticon My kids are my whole world!!! They stress me out at times, but can make me happy in a split second! Being a mom is the best in the world!!!

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8/8/12 12:30 P

I just realized that I started off so frustrated and down today, then I started talking about my kids and instantly I'm feeling motivated and happy! I do my best to give them what they need, but they have no idea how much better they make my life. They're my motivation and life.!

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