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9/20/11 4:02 P

I let dd eat all she wants. She doesn't eat enough to feel sick. I put a piece in her lunch each day that week and then toss what ever is left. I tell myself it's HER candy - not mine. And when I'm getting low on candy to give to trick or treaters I just empty the bowl into a strangers bag and turn the lights off. I'm not anti candy. I have a LOT of fond memories of bartering candy with my brother. I don't want her to feel candy is evil. I just like that when Halloween is over we don't have candy. If there are interesting pieces I might save them for Christmas - decorating a gingerbread house is fun.

So my rules:
Halloween candy is for kids
Halloween candy is tossed after a couple days
Fun Halloween candy is for gingerbread houses (we don't eat them, we just decorate)
Give away all TOT candy you purchased to give out before you turn the lights off.

I almost forgot - we TOT in our neighborhood but halfway through the night she need a bathroom break. If the TOT candy my family is giving is low, I throw half of what dd has brought home into the bucket to give away.

We make a HUGE deal out of costumes. I make them for my daughter, we do a huge day with making pumpkins, decorating the yard, finding creepy music, going to local festivals all month. The less you make it about candy, the more fun the entire month becomes!

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9/20/11 3:54 P

When my 3 daughters where younger after candy inspection and all they wanted Halloween night. They where allow 3 pieces a day. We used the honor system even by christmas they still had candy left.

9/20/11 2:57 P

So, Halloween is a little more than a month away. For us it's extra special. My divorce from my first husband was finalized on Halloween. My hubby proposed as soon as the signed documents were in my hand (fast I know but we'd been separated 7 years before the divorce was final). The most important reason it's so special to us is that our darling Ciencia was born on the 30th, exactly 12 hours shy of Halloween. So, it's a few days full of celebrating for us. Add the trick or treating into the mix and I'm looking at lots of temptation and I have ZERO self control when faced with temptation. Since I know I'm not the only one with this problem, I was wondering how others plan to handle the sweets invasion about to head our way.

My mother suggested something I hadn't heard of before. She said some of her friends have what they call the Halloween Fairy. Basically the idea is that after the kids go trick or treating, and the candy passes inspection, the kids get to pick out 5 pieces for themselves. The rest is put into a big bowl to be left for the Halloween Fairy. In the morning, the bowl of candy has been replaced with money, pencils, notepads, small toys, whatever the Halloween Fairy feels like leaving. The Halloween Fairy can do whatever they like with the candy. Some husbands like to take it to work, others simply through it away, as long as it is no longer a temptation. I'm not 100% sure on how I feel about this idea but it might be how we go if I can't come up with anything else.

Anyone else have an idea or plan of attack they can share?

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