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AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
2/23/05 12:39 P

My challenge is to not quite! now that I have started to lose again.! Down 2 pounds emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon didn't drink enough water yesterday! So I am busy sucking down the water to day!

AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
1/31/05 4:54 P

Exercise and eating healthy on an low income budget.

Keeping a good mental attitude is a minute to minute challenge for me sometimes.

I am thankful for sparkpeople, don't know how long I wil be able to afford it!

Love everyone here. Surffing the boards has been a good thing, hopefully I have helped others, even if I was haven't been very good a helping my self.

Your positive post have, helped me in ways that I may not even know. I just want to Thank Everyone for being so special. emoticon


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TIME4MAGIC Posts: 426
1/30/05 8:10 P

Thanks for the exercise tips. I will try them.

As far as the food- the "turkeys" won't "cook" anything. They just go out for fast food! If I am lucky, they tell me where they are going so I can pick from the most healthy that place has to offer. This morning, they got those breakfast meals from Hardees- Loaded omelets, sausage & eggs, etc.
I got my hubby to bring me some fat free yogurt I had gotten someone to pick up for me, with some frozen blueberry's. You'd have thought I asked for a 4 course meal! Handing me a sandwich would have been SO much easier! I guess it is my own fault- I just got them so spoiled!

1/29/05 10:29 P

Hey this is great. Getting fit and loving it!
I'll be 54 this year, and won't be retiring until 65 and then they'll have to drag me out. Although this stage of my life has its own set of problems, I can honestly say that these may be the best years of my life. Let me explain....
When I was 20, I didn't go do any exercise - I was immortal. A plump one, but I had YEARS......right???
But when I turned 30, I was too ashamed to exercise - someone might see me and all my FAT.
When I was 40, I used my busy-ness as one excuse not to exercise. The rest of the excuses were - my size - by now I was huge. I had a growing family and money was tight. Just being a woman had it's own set of problems too - the only gym in this area at that time a gym primarily for MEN. Not that there's anything wrong with men - I just don't want to jiggle my fat in front of them. emoticon
When I turned 50 - I had a heart attack! Kaboom!!! Now, it didn't change my life instantly. It takes time. First you have to survive. Then you have to get well. Now it is 4 years later. And I am so happy to be in my 50's.
I go to the gym - an all woman's gym - with awesome shower rooms, a spa and even a steam room. Soon we will also have a swimming pool. It is a little pricey, and now that I am a little older, I can afford to spend a little more. And guess who else is spending a little more there? Ninety percent of the women at the gym are in their 40's and up. We are all striving for good health, not great looks. We have become a community of women with a common goal, similar needs and wishes, a place of caring.
Well, I guess when your in your 50's - you get a little sappy too!
Anyways, I wanted to share some thoughts with you and to wish everyone a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! By the Grace of God - there I go again!!!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,890
1/29/05 2:34 P


Hello! I'm sorry to hear about your injury! As far as things you could do lying flat in bed, if you have a pair of light hand weights or a resistance band, you could do some upper body strength training. Bicep curls, tricep extensions, chest press, and shoulder raises are all possibilities. If you take a look at the exercises in the Resource Center, it's easy to see if any of them can be modified for lying down flat.

In terms of what you are eating, I'm sure it's hard to be "picky" when other people are making you things. But maybe if you just explained that you are trying to lose weight and would like to eat more healthy, they will respect that and cook something that's not so bad for you. It's just as easy to cook a chicken breast and steamed veggies as it is to make a cassarole filled with pasta, cheese, etc.

Let me know if that helps and if you need anything else!

Coach Jen

TIME4MAGIC Posts: 426
1/28/05 8:19 P

Coach Jen,
I could use some suggestions on exercises that can be done in bed. Well, maybe exercises isn't the right word. Things, or movements one can do if you are temporarily bedridden. I have a broken foot and torn/separated Achilles tendon and I am trying to keep from getting too stiff. Healing this injury is gonna be a long process.
I was just starting to loose and this happened! I just know I have gained the couple pounds I lost back. I need to loose a tremendous amount of weight. I have a bad back and sitting in bed is not helping that.
Having quite a problem with food, too, as I have to rely on others to bring me something.
Frankly, I am going nuts not being able to do anything.
Any help you can give will be gladly accepted!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,890
1/28/05 9:22 A


You have a great attitude! I think many times people focus on the numbers on the scale so much, that they don't realize the other wondeful benefits that come from being healthy and active- better sleep, more energy, less stress, etc.

Let me know if you need anything!

Coach Jen

HOLLIE50 Posts: 26
1/28/05 9:20 A

This should be a good forum ! Thanks for starting it ! I find the older I get, the harder it is to lose. I excercise and diet but the weight takes longer to lose and much more dedication to my lifestyle. The good news is I'm not so concerned with my looks as how I feel, my energy and health are what's important now, and the energy and glow I feel from eating healthy is almost immediate and I know that will hold me over while I wait for the darn scale to catch up.... It just Feels so good to eat healthy emoticon

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