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1/24/13 10:08 A

I'm with you; I like keeping track not to beat myself up, but just to have all the information I can get, in order to have a general idea of how things are going.

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1/24/13 9:29 A

What a great way to look at it! Congrats on your success!

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1/24/13 7:27 A

emoticon Go YOU!

Yes indeed, the scale is just a tool-- it does not tell us anything except the effect of gravity on our bodies at any one particular moment in time. Even if you had one of those fancy body fat measurement scales-- they really are notoriously inaccurate. Doesn't tell you if you're retaining water, your period's coming, your bowels are sluggish. So really it IS the results over time, that count.

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1/23/13 11:52 A

I have been recording my daily weight for 3 months and something has become so clear, I needed to share.

I have a cheap and old scale. Accuracy is not its strong point, but it's probably within 5 lbs of the truth on any given day.

Nonetheless, I write what it tells me on my calendar.

12 weeks ago, my daily weigh-in was up and down anywhere between 142 and 147.

8 weeks ago, those numbers ranged from 139 to 144.

4 weeks ago, I saw the ups and downs were 136 to 141.

This week, my numbers were between 133 and 137.

Some days, I was down a few pounds from the day before. Some mornings I was back up again. But through the whole 3 months, those ups and downs went gradually in the right direction.

And last week, I had to buy smaller jeans!

Just now was when it hit me - some mornings lately it's been 22 degrees out. And then the next day it's 27. And this morning it was 5. It seems like a big range day by day, but in the big picture, it's winter. It's not 70 degrees anymore, and that makes the daily fluctuations fade into unimportance.

It just took some time to see it happening, because the progress is gradual. You can't go from summer to winter overnight, the leaves have to change.

I'm having a happy day.

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