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NIRERIN Posts: 14,333
3/31/14 3:37 P

are the beans fully submerged when cooking? and do you stir?

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3/31/14 3:21 P

I don't think so. I was just trying plain cook the beans in just water. I think this would be easier to figure out if all of my beans in the pot were under cooked instead of just 1/4 of them. Its very strange.

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3/31/14 1:18 P

Is it possible that your beans recipe has been adjusted for a higher altitude than what you're at now? This can make a difference because the air pressure difference between Denver and LA is enough to significantly change how a recipe works.

IXCACAO SparkPoints: (11,239)
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3/31/14 1:10 P

I sort them. I could see if it was just one or two that I missed but there are enough crunchy beans that you get one in almost every bite. I have been buying them at wal mart. I am going to try a different store and see if that helps. Maybe its my water? Maybe I should just try and find canned low sodium beans and rinse them.

I don't get it. I used to cook dry beans when I lived in Alaska and never had this problem. Now I can't seem to get them to cook even.

Very annoying.

LOTUS737 Posts: 4,665
3/31/14 12:56 P

This may seem like a silly question, but do you go through and sort your beans? You have to do that to get rid of any weird looking ones (they usually stay hard).

I soak mine overnight with a little baking soda and then rinse them well before cooking. I stir mine regularly as well (not sure if you do). Maybe try that if you haven't?

For what it's worth, I buy my beans at the Indian grocery store, mainly because they tend to be fresher, but also cheaper in my experience :)

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3/31/14 11:10 A

I was leaning toward maybe them being old beans. I am not sure what place around here would sell more dry beans. Well at least beans are cheap, i'll just try different places and different beans until I find some good ones. I really only want white northern beans and black beans. Maybe those don't sell as well as pinto or kidney?

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
3/31/14 10:54 A

I've also heard that it matters how long those beans have been in stock, waiting for us to buy them. Try to buy from a place that moves them regularly.

Also, are you mixing several types in your cooking? I usually do, but each variety will cook at a slightly different rate.

When I do beans, I soak them in a couple exhanges of water overnight, and then simmer them until they're almost cooked before I use them in recipes. (You can do this ahead of time and freeze them in plastic zipper bags). Most of my beany stuff is finished in my slow cooker - soups or stews, etc.

I've also heard that adding salt to the water will toughen them.
Experimentation, I guess!

IXCACAO SparkPoints: (11,239)
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3/31/14 10:50 A

No pressure cooker. I am not sure I would ever use it for anything and my kitchen space is unfortunately limited. There are so many kitchen gadgets I would have if space allowed.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
3/31/14 10:15 A

Do you have a pressure cooker? I've heard that pressure-cooking beans works well, although I haven't tried it. I have a pressure cooker and have only used it for meats. It's very useful.

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3/31/14 10:04 A

I have plenty of recipes for beans but every time I cook dry beans they cook uneven. I have tried 4 times with 2 different bags of beans, soaking for different lengths of times, cooking at different temperatures, I soak and cook in plain water. I always end up with some beans so soft they are disintegrating and some still crunchy.

Any tips?

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