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NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
12/8/12 7:07 A

1. if you changed your calories burned goal by more than 70 cals and your range didn't move up by 10 cals each side, then your goal is too aggressive for the calculator to give you proper ranges. this means you need to push your goal date back and lower your loss per week number.

2. you can't burn 130 cals a day and only have a weekly burn of 700 cals. something in your math is off. 700 cals a week divides out to 100 cals a day.

3. it really depends on your current size and what you are trying to lose. if you are a fairly petite woman, you might need to be fairly close to that 1200 for most of your loss. if you also have a lot to lose [like 100 pounds plus] being near 1200 can maximize your loss while you have a lot to lose.
this is how your ranges are calculated. if you get a number lower than 1200 [as in point one] it will dump you into the lowest ranges instead of telling you that you can't reasonably lose that amount at that rate. but you can do the math yourself and see the why of where you are right now and how those numbers were calculated for your ranges.

ONELITTLEPILL SparkPoints: (72,254)
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12/8/12 6:31 A

That's what I was eating and I was doing Insanity 6 days/week; stayed on a plateau for over a month. As soon as I started eating 1550-1600, I started losing again. Go figure... Good luck!!!

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
12/8/12 1:48 A

Have you set an aggressive goal, like 2lb a week? If so spark will automatically set the minimum range. Change your goal date and see what happens

SMALLVILLEFAN SparkPoints: (7,193)
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12/7/12 11:48 P

Yeah I went in the goals and said I'd burn 700 calories and my goal calories per day range did not change which I thought was odd.

JESSSCHROEDER SparkPoints: (1,135)
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12/7/12 11:25 P

I think it's too low if you're working out. Weight would probably come off faster, but the body needs it's fuel. When the body is fueled properly, it's easier to push yourself during a workout.
1,500 calories is a good amount! A smaller deficit seems to be easier and more realistic for me too.

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (82,009)
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12/7/12 11:22 P

It might be. It depends on your weight loss goals as well. If you haven't already, under Fitness Setup in My Fitness, enter the amount you burn or want to burn each week, and then the amount of calories you need to eat will directly reflect whatever your calories burned goal is.

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SMALLVILLEFAN SparkPoints: (7,193)
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12/7/12 11:19 P

Isn't 1200 calories a day too low if you are burning 700 calories a week? My range is 1200-1550... and burning about 130+ a day. Wouldn't 1200 be too low? Thanks. I'm currently aiming for 1550 because it works good for me. I was just curious.

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