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I substitute teach grades pre-k-12 and see lots of issues with children. The other day I subbed for a K-1 special ed class and had to actually restrain a 5 1/2 year old boy to stop him from hurting another child. I am NOT versed in recognizing disorders and they don't always tell me what students have(kind of a privacy thing I guess). But this kid totally has anger issues and can turn on a dime from a very sweet kid to very violent. From what I was told, the parents are aware of this but the doctors have a rule NOT to prescribe meds until they are 6 years old. I'm not a big advocate of meds and worry they will only delay or make things worse as these kids become older. I don't know if they first direct them to ensure they eat right or what, but I sure would. I too think many additives and such can be messing with humans. Anyway, I hope things work out for you and family, keep the faith.

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I thought this would be a good topic for me so that maybe I can help other parents who might feel alone like I did raising an extremely difficult child. I got to the point where I felt like my 5 year old daughter would be better in foster care than with me, because things were spinning out of control. I first read a book called "little sugar addicts" and it totally explained the rages she was having. Why she couldn't stop once she started. We discovered that as we illiminated sugary foods, increasing her protein intake, and making sure she ate every 3 hours (at the longest) her behaviors were like night and day. She used to be sooooooooo aggressive and moody. Changing her food has really helped stabilize her moods. She used to look bi-polar. Now we are starting to wonder if the food dyes are more of the culprit than the sugar itself. Anybody with information about food dyes would be appreciated. I just hope if there is anyone who reads this post, and has a child who is hard to figure out with the anger, the outbursts, the change in moods, aggressive, or just plain hard to handle, I hope you will take into consideration watching what they eat. Take out food dyes and sugar for a while, and then slowly try to add it back in to see what affects them. All people/kids are different. Give them protein with each meal. Protein helps stabalize their blood sugars so it doesn't continually drop and spike, causing stress to their body, and feed them frequently enough. I can at least say that right now I enjoy being a mother. For a while, that was not the case. Discovering this sensitivity was the greatest blessing for me and my family. Good luck to all!

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