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1/22/13 3:05 P

The only thing you need to ask yourself now, is .. are you hungry? If not, enjoy your weight loss.

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1/22/13 2:45 P

Yes, it is very possible that you lost that much weight. It is a combination of water weight and fat. I wouldn't get used to seeing those results every week. They will taper off, and there will be weeks where you will gain even though you do everything correctly.

Weight Watchers is a wonderful program. I am not a huge fan of the points (I liked their old exchange program much better) but just like with counting calories, you begin to learn how much you can eat. When you convert points into calories, I bet it will match pretty closely to your Spark range :)

I would also like to mention that while fruits and veggies are "free" they expect you to stay within what they consider "healthy guidelines" - which is 2 fruits and 3 veggies.

When you total up your points (without fruit/veggies) it will come somewhere around 1000-1200 - then add in your fruit and veggie selections and you will be somewhere around 1300-1500. (I was given 35 points to use a day - and those calculations are based on my point value, but you get the idea)
Best of luck to you!! I wish you much success!

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1/22/13 1:53 P

yojulez, that's probably due to how bad we are about eating them at *all* as a nation -_-;
Guess it's an incentive to have something to fill up on when you don't have points left (vs using up too many) that's healthy. But yeah, totally agree with you!

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1/22/13 1:41 P

Weight watchers still teaches portion control and making healthy choices. The "points" are similar to calories, it just is easier for some people to keep track of than counting calories. Healthy things are no or few points, unhealthy things are high points. Just like w/ calories, you get a certain amount of points per day and you can choose how to "spend" those points... either eat a lot of the healthy stuff, or a little of the unhealthy stuff. If you exercise, you get extra points. My mom has been doing it off and on for years, and when she's "on" she likes it because it's easier for her to count points than it is to do calories, and she enjoys the support at the meetings.

The reason I'm not into it is because they say fruits and veggies are zero points, which as we all know, is not the case. You can eat too much of those as easily as anything else.

1/22/13 1:36 P

Sure it's possible but highly unlikely. Although for your first few weigh ins you will drop the most. What most likely happened was that part of it is water weight that has been lost. I don't know too much about WW but I know in order to get healthy you should make life style changes! With SP I find I track food to see where I am but as time goes by I am able to recognize healthy portions and make healthier choices. The problem I find with the points system is that when you want to leave weight watchers do you still plan on counting points?? At least personally I prefer to make the healthier choice not the "least amount of points" choice. I understand how the points could work but I really find that it is just a more expensive way to calorie count that isn't very precise (For example how many points would a home made recipe??? or a piece of pizza [something that varies from restaurant to restaurant]) and WW doesn't look at all the nutrition you need.

But like I said I don't know too much but that's my opinion on the weight watchers system. I prefer to just stick with SP


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1/22/13 1:30 P

Were the weigh-in conditions consistent? Same scale, time of day, body state (had you eaten, been to the bathroom, etc), state of dress? I'd chalk most of the difference up to that if they weren't. There's also a good chance some of it was water weight. it would be very unlikely (if not impossible) that you'd lose 13 pounds in fat even if you were starving yourself - it just doesn't happen that quickly.

That doesn't mean it's not working, of course! From what I've seen of WW, it seems to be a pretty solid program similar to what you find here, but simplified in terms of tracking. There's nothing magic or extreme there, which is a good thing - otherwise, I'd be concerned if I saw a 13 pound loss in myself (when it's a good program, you know you can chalk it up to normal things, like scale inconsistency or water weight, rather than your body doing something extreme and unsustainable). If you're concerned and want to double check, you could still enter your menu into the tracker here and see if you're short on calories or any nutrients.

I'd say take the new weight as your measurement, weigh in under the same conditions each week, and keep going with it. You probably won't see another 13 pound loss, but you're off to a fantastic start with a nice little bit of momentum. Good luck!

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MEEMAH2013 Posts: 671
1/22/13 1:22 P

I am kind of new to this weight loss thing, but I would think that If you are following a system that is based on points; Are you really learning how to eat well? I mean the one thing I like about SP food counter is that I know what I am eating and the value each item has. I know that this has one fat gram and that has two fat grams, but I also know that each has so many carbs and so much protien ect. What does the point system in other programs teach?

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1/22/13 1:12 P

A lot of it still could be water weight. Since losing 13lbs of fat means you were at a caloric deficit of 45,500 (6500 calories a day), chances are, you didn't lose 13lbs of fat :)

I'm not real into the points idea either. It could be that even now you are eating less than you were before, which at first does cause rather rapid weight loss. But, give it a month or so, and see where you end up.

RKING10 Posts: 152
1/22/13 1:11 P

I suppose its possible.I mean Ive always heard weight watchers provides big numbers and the bigger you are,the bigger the loss.My mom started out at 170 and constantly had a 4-5 lb weight loss a week.

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1/22/13 1:09 P

The point system was part of why I never wanted to join in the past. At least here I'm tracking calories, not points that are based on who knows what -_-;

Also, yeah, its possible. When you start (especially when you have a lot to lose), the pounds fall fast... they will slow down soon, though, so don't get discouraged. I had a nice week or two where i was losing ~5lbs a week the first time I started dieting and working out (i was somewhere around 190/180lbs at the time?) and I thought that this was gonna be far easier than I thought. ATM I've been stuck just above 150lbs for a good month until it just recently dipped.

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SWEETNHOT Posts: 526
1/22/13 1:05 P

I don't really know much about WW, but congrats! Hope it all goes well for you. So far in my life the only thing that has helped me is Sparkpeople and I love that it doesn't cost me anything to have some much access to to much information.

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1/22/13 1:01 P

I joined weight watchers. I was skeptical because I feel like the points system is rather punitive and doesn't make sense to me. But I'm new so maybe there's stuff about it that I don't know.
I joined a week ago. I weighed 239.25 lbs. Today I did my first weigh-in and I weigh 226 lbs. Is it really possible that I lost over 13 pounds in a week? Does weight watchers really work this well? It's not like I'm at the beginning of a diet where I have water weight to lose... Is my scale wrong or did I really lose this weight? Or is weight watchers starving me? I had 37 points, now I have 36.

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