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5/29/13 7:40 P

@JUDYAMK I also work in a pharmacy...oh the stories I could tell. When we type out the scripts...we intentionally add "by mouth, in the ear, rectally, whatever" to the directions for that exact reason.

I can't tell you the amount of calls we have gotten asking if it is OK to use expired prescriptions...I got a call yesterday asking if they could use one that expired in 1999!!!! There is an expiration date for a reason people.

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5/29/13 4:06 A

cute thread!

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5/29/13 1:30 A

is this for REAL YES it is
work in a pharmacy the rectal suppositories have the reynolds wrap type of wrapping the patient put it up their rectum without taking the wrap off they bled. & wondered why. Another, there is a small cylinder that is put in most full bottles that is in unopened bottles it is to be taken out before give to patient.This one was not it is used to keep moisture out, on it says do not eat. ( which means do not eat that ) patient comes back & has not eaten for days wonder when she can eat again!!! Mother's child has ear infection.Dr gave oral liquid to child 3 times a day mother thought you put it in ear, we told her 3 teaspoons 3 times a day she said how is the med. he will take going to travel from his stomach to his ear????????????

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5/17/13 7:32 A

is this for real?

People can develop phobias –
an extreme, irrational fear that negatively impacts a person’s ability to lead a noromal life –
and there is a phobia called nomophobia (fear of being out of cellphone service)

Can't you just see the NOMOPHOBIA defense, where someone claims they caused a car accident because they just couldn't stop themselves.

ring....ring.....ring emoticon

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5/17/13 7:02 A


Penguins beat the Senators in first game of their series.


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5/17/13 3:27 A

it is the lighter side of loosing weight l

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5/17/13 2:31 A


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5/16/13 4:13 P

No. 1 swimming pool problem? It's number two!
euwwwwww emoticon

Have you ever accidently swallowed water while in the pool emoticon

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5/16/13 3:51 P

@PATTIJOHNSON.....I used to do a lot of traveling for business and frequently accompanied a colleague who would always get flagged. I came to realize ..he loved the attention. Personally, I thought he was immature. But I seriously believe a few idiots will try something bringing a pressure cooker during this sensitive period...specifically to make a statement and claim they are being stereotyped.

Better safe than sorry.

5/16/13 1:57 P

And who wouldn't want that painting hanging front and center in the living room?

emoticon emoticon

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5/16/13 1:54 P


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5/16/13 1:51 P

uh, yeah. You see what it says. FAIR WARNING - the story includes a picture of the painting!

1.9 million??? Seriously? emoticon

5/16/13 1:45 P

every reply here is spot on GREAT! Both meanings were caught.
YES! I love SMART people!

5/16/13 1:25 P

@Sheryl --LOL, I know what you mean about those news items. Have you seen that ad on TV where the gals tells the insurance agent that if you read something on the internet, it has got to be real.

Another "Is this for REAL?" The guy who got caught with a tampered passport who tried to bring a pressure cooker in his baggage to the US recently. REALLY?????

5/16/13 1:11 P

Not sure what to make of this thread, but it does generally seem to be a fun discussion among a variety of subjects that you have brought up, KJ!

I like responding to both "the variety of subjects," and on "weight loss subjects." I learn a lot of things from other members regarding health, fitness and diet (besides other things), but I can't say that I've been inclined to lose more weight because of the threads.

For me, the threads are fun, they keep me up-to-date on news items, and they give me a chance to think about my own opinion of things.

So, is this for real? I'd say SO!

emoticon emoticon

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5/16/13 11:51 A

Is this for REAL?

Large Mayan pyramid in Belize destroyed for gravel:

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5/15/13 8:52 P

is this for REAL?

Living in a box: The desperate workers forced to live in tiny 'coffin' apartments of Tokyo - which still cost up to £400 ($600) a month to rent
Read more:

Question...where do they put the treadmill? emoticon

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5/15/13 8:39 P

Is this for REAL?

Psychiatrists, critics face off over psychiatric manual.
In the new psychiatric manual of MENTAL DISORDERS,
grief soon after a loved one's death can be considered major depression.

I assume that not feeling grief after a loved one's death would be considered denial.
Either way....
do you get a pill? emoticon

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5/15/13 8:01 P

Is this for real: The IRS controversy?

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5/15/13 6:47 P

A few spark members need to read that for REAL! Some spark members seem to think the cafe or maybe sparkpeople altogether is just about weight loss. They seem to think all other subjects are not welcome

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5/15/13 6:05 P

is this for REAL?

78,000 People Apply for One-Way Trip to Mars
TIME NewsFeeds --The mission, a private venture by the Dutch non-profit organization Mars One, aims to send a crew to the Red Planet in 2022 – and, due to the physiological change in the human body after a stay on Mars, there’d be no coming back.
read more

will they have internet access? emoticon

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5/15/13 5:55 P goes.

I've been watching the Jodi Arias videos on YouTube.
is exactly the reaction that I had.
It almost seems as if real life has become even more bizarre than the movies.

5/15/13 4:56 P

"General, fun discussion about a variety of topics."

I found this at the top of the SparkCafe' page (a serious place for weightloss discussion).

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