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We don't recommend fasting, unless you are being supervised by your doctor and they are recommending it. Here's an Ask the Expert page that addresses fasting:
that you may find helpful in understanding that.

As MRSTIGHTWAD mentioned, you can change the intensity levels of your exercise to keep your body from getting used to doing the same things. My concern in using a site like that to determine your workouts, is that you may be doing one or two types much more than the others, so you may be doing too much of a particular type of exercise and not enough of another.

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6/12/13 10:28 P

Your body "sees" fasting as a time of famine, so don't do it. Not to mention you are going to be playing games with your blood sugar levels.

As for choosing what to do on what day.....why rely on a website to choose for you. You have enough at your disposal to keep from getting bored. What keeps your body from getting accustomed to what you are doing is to change the intensity. You can superset on the weights or do progressive overloads. You can also find cross fit routines online which are very intense in their own right.

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I found this website
You can type what ever you want but after each word you put a , and it will pick one.
well if i put in Yoga, Pilates, Taebo, Zumba for it to pick a exercise for me is this a good idea?
You know, so my body doesnt get used to a schedule? I plan on doing
Yoga, Pilates, Taebo, Zumba
1 exercise today or 2
also, is it a bad idea to fast one day a week?

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