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10/10/11 1:36 P

Thin absolutely does not automatically mean happy.

I'm the fattest of all of my friends - I'd also go out on a limb and say I'm probably the happiest and most content with my body. Funny how that works sometimes.

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10/10/11 1:27 P

Like others who've already replied. What matters most is being healthy. Because when a person is healthy on the inside, that reflects on their outsides. Being thin doesn't necessarily mean that a person is healthy or fit. You may pass by a "thin" woman and think they have a wonderful figure. BUT, maybe they smoke. maybe they don't eat or don't eat right. The fact is, thin people are just as happy or unhappy like everyone else.

Here's an example. Christie Brinkley just went through a very painful and public divorce. She's a former supermodel, a successful business woman, works for many charitable organizations, is over 50 but still has an amazing figure. She should be happy, shouldn't she ? Well, why did she divorce her husband ? Because he was caught cheating on her with a teenager !!!!

Which is my point, there is more to being happy than just being thin. We think being thin will make us happy because that's what the magazines and infomercials tell us ! They tell us if we use their products, we will lose weight, look gorgeous and fabulous sex lives.

Life isn't as simple. Wish it were.

What to do ? Focus on your health because in the end, your good health is what really matters in the long term and good health does come in many different shapes and sizes.

As the old song goes,"accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative".

ELISAJANE57 Posts: 763
10/10/11 1:23 P

Being thin is definitely not going to make you happy. Making choices to be healthy and just live a balanced life will help you be happy. I have had to learn to change my attitude and calm down the negative inner voices in order to finally start losing and continuing on with my journey. I'm about 5lbs from my goal and I have had my stumbling blocks, but when I told myself that I was worth it and deserved to be healthy, it helped me push forward. I really don't want to be thin, or skinny. I want to be fit and healthy, and hey, if i look awesome and people think that, then it will be great too. You have to do what you enjoy. This weight loss journey doesn't have to be a punishment. It's weird that I actually enjoy it. I love exercise and I love planning healthy meals and snacks for myself now. It's amazing how much can change when you shift your attitude.

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10/10/11 12:45 P

I agree that healthy is the goal....and oh, by the way...that means you will probably be within a normal BMI range, which means clothes will fit better, and you will move better and with more energy. Not to mention the self confidence that you will gain from working hard and reaching a goal.

When you start to take control of your life through means such as working toward good sets the foundation for greater happiness.

It's hard work to exercise and eat right regularly....but just like brushing teeth or bathing, it can become second nature.

GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
10/10/11 12:32 P

I truly think to lose weight and keep it off, we have to stop thinking of the scale and concentrate
on eating healthier and exercising a little more. If we can concentrate on those 2 thoughts, the weight will come off.

SWEETSUGAR7 Posts: 2,450
10/10/11 12:25 P

I don't thin is happy.

There is people that are thin and have obstacles like us but not not the same ones.

I think we need to be happy in our skin and feel healthy and live good no matter what size.

I think if you keep focusing on your size and worry over and over it is going to be hard if you cannot turn it around and think positive and focus on what you can do. That is how we get into the vicious cycle and its winning and we cannot let it happen.

Good luck on your journey and try to do things and think things to keep you positive and confident.

Meet friends 1 time a week and weigh 1 time a week. Sort out your meals and snacks each week and always carry a water. You will do fine.

Write down all of your achievements and goals and treat yourself for the work you have done.


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10/10/11 11:57 A

I often feel like i'd feel happier if only i could be thin. I also feel like the "fat girl" where ever i go. It makes me feel socially withdrawn and self conscious. If only i could be thin, i'd be happier and people would like me more. I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that the only person that is hung up by my size is me. that i'm keeping myself from being happy because i'm stuck feeling like i dont fit in. I'm learning how to become healthy, mind and body. and I think that might be the key to feeling happy once again. I will agree that healthy = happy. Thats the journey i'm on.

SWAN47 Posts: 5,864
10/10/11 11:39 A

Thin helps because as we achieve our weight goal we look and feel better. Losing weight is a journey which gives us insight into ourselves. We learn a lot along the way and hopefully all of this allows us to accept our self and become happy within.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
10/10/11 11:18 A

Been in the same boat. Then found magic. I determined my big why. I have been steadily losing fat and gaining muscle. My numbers have evened out. I have been taken off HBP meds. The scale is just one of the score boards I use. So I agree that Healthy is the new happy. Thin, slender and fit are just one part of that.

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10/10/11 10:12 A


Your story could easily be mine. I spent 30 plus years yo-yo dieting...from age 12 to 43. What I discovered is I was really great at losing weight, but not so great at keeping it off. The reason, I believed I had to be PERFECT 100% of the time, all the time.

When I decided that every meal brought the opportunity for making healthy choices and I found my love for running, the scale, which for so many years I used to base my success, no longer carried the stigma for determining my success.

Remember it is the small things that we do every day that lead to huge results down the road.

I wish you well!

Coach Nancy

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10/10/11 9:45 A

No. Healthy is the new happy.

10/10/11 9:35 A

I have been struggling with my motivation lately. I feel like I have been so focused on my weight since I hit puberty, and I've never been able to maintain any weight loss for more than a few months. It can be all consuming sometimes - obsessing over what I eat, feeling guilty if I make bad choices, looking around and realizing I'm the "fat girl" in my family... I hate it.

I wonder sometimes if I might be happier if I just let it all go, just try to eat healthy, and not worry so much about the actual weight. As long as I'm active and I'm eating good foods, does it really matter what the scale says? I'm not anywhere near the obese range... my bmi fluctuates between "normal" and "overweight" as I lose and gain and lose and gain the same 10 pounds over and over again... maybe I should just forget about it and do my best to be healthy and throw my scale out the window.

I don't think I've really been happy with myself since I noticed I was a little chubby way back in middle school. When I lose weight, I feel good for a little bit, but I always gain in back. I'm so tired of the whole cycle.

Maybe I don't need to be thin to be happy. Maybe I should just forget about being thin and focus on being happy instead. I really don't know.

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