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3/31/12 3:16 P

Reread Larry's post. He's got all the ingredients to be successful.

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3/31/12 10:52 A

Bad hips bad back bad knees diverticulitis high blood pressure family history of men dying at about thier 50th birthday of heart failure.48 years old. Thats me. look at the ticker on my post 70 pounds down in less than a year. Slowly built up the exercise I was doing from 15 min on the elliptical lower than the slowest easiest workout to this morning where I pushed it hard for 90 min. Im not there yet,need to lose at least another 50. But if I can get this far so can you. You just have to decide you are going to give it your best effort to take as good care of yourself as possible. Sure there have been days when I havent stuck to my eating plan. But the next day I do as good as I can manage.
Decide you matter. Your life is important to you. It doesnt seem like youve got that part yet. Once you decide that set some goals and look at how other people got there.

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3/29/12 2:10 P

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3/29/12 1:47 P

"I've heard it all before".

Another excuse, my friend- you've heard it all before because we've all been there before.

Please start acting in a positive manner and start celebrating the little accomplishments. The little accomplishments start to add up, and add up nicely.

But you need to snap out of this clear funk you are in and get going.

Yes, people say "we're here for you", and that's fine. But "we" can't do this for you.

Move. Put down the fork, and move.

3/29/12 12:18 P

Thanks for the responses. Although I've heard most of the ideas before, reminders are always a good thing.

DRWORM75 Posts: 219
3/28/12 11:16 A

Hi Billhuep! I used to walk a few times a week for exercise, but I found it boring and would eventually stop after a month or so. What I found really helped me was finding podcast or audiobooks that I enjoyed to take my mind off of the monotony of walking. Changing the scenery also helps. I'll walk the neighborhood during the week, and then go to a park or trail on the weekends to change things up.

Best of luck to you!

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TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
3/28/12 10:49 A

Yes there is HOPE. I would suggest limiting anything white, ie, white bread, white rice, white potatoes, and white pasta. Make at least 80% of carbs in the form of whole grains and vegetables. Good luck on your journey. We are here to support you!

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3/28/12 9:36 A

It'll take awhile- it took you years to gain the weight, so you need to be patient.

But you need to stop the negativity and start thinking you CAN instead of you can't.

One step at a time. Eat better and smarter. Walk a little bit. You may be surprised at how much better you feel when you do these things, and that will help motivate you. Build on it- one step at a time.

Just start eating better and moving a little bit for now.

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3/28/12 8:24 A

Find a nice park with walking trails, or around the neighborhood, get a pet that will walk with you, find friends or walking groups like someone else suggested! Just walk.
Yes it could seem boring, but if that is all you can do, you need to start some where.
And this place is the right place.
Just start off slow, work up to longer walks. Eat right, use this site we will back you up!


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3/28/12 1:07 A

Yes there is hope for you. I sometimes think there is no hope for me either at times. I have gained an extra 20 lbs..So I have to lose about 85 lbs Walking is the best type of excerise you can do right now for yourself. Just keep it up. Where do you live? How is the weather for walking? As I write this to you it's raining and windy. I am on vacation in California but live in Idaho. So the weather has it's problems right now for walking. It's also hard on vacation to eat heathly for me anyway because my friends and family want to go out to eat for lunch and breakfast and I have no will power on vacation especially. Just don't give up on yourself just keep up with the walking maybe get a walking group going in your town or join a walking team. You can do it!!!! Take it easy on yourself and we'll be here when you need us. Annette emoticon

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3/28/12 12:16 A

Hi Bill!!!

Welcome to SparkPeople. There is hope for everyone! "Walking is the only exercise I can do".....guess what....there's MILLIONS of people in this world who wish they could walk. Every little bit counts and will help you to succeed in reaching your goals. Start small and work towards your big goals. One step at a time will help you achieve your goals.

SparkPeople is a great community and you will find plenty of support to help you along the way.

Good luck!


3/27/12 10:37 P

Here's my situation... mid-40's, about 100 lbs overweight. Have tried many programs over the years, can't stick to any of them, always feel hungry. Due to heart problems, walking is the only exercise I can do, and I hate walking. Pretty leery of weight loss surgery. So, is there any hope for weight loss for me? What can I do differently?

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