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6/22/12 11:47 P

Thanks so much for the response!

It's probably my system then; I'm on an older version of Ubuntu (linux) one which is no longer supported by the community, and an older version of Firefox. Unfortunately I can't upgrade my OS yet; this older version is one of the few OS's that works with my online course platform.

It's been squirrely with some other web programs, but usually it only gets unhappy about flash content. I may have to drag out the ol' windows desktop!

Thanks again!

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
6/22/12 9:27 A

Sorry, but there is not a way to turn those off, but they shouldn't be crashing the page. What browser and version of browser are you using? It could be a browser issue that is causing that as I haven't been able to replicate the crashing on the recipe pages.

Coach Denise

RESEDIT Posts: 11
6/21/12 2:52 P

When I visit Sparkrecipies now these little tabs show up next to ingredients. They slow down the page load, and it appears they sometimes crash the page entirely. Are these new? Is there anyway to turn them off? They are distracting; they feel highly invasive and I am very discouraged to use the recipe site now. Any wisdom?


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