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1/2/13 8:02 P

you can put often eaten foods under favourites which makes it easier to find and also, you can create food groups. This makes it so easy.. The first time, creating often eaten meal groups is a bit of a pain, but after that, it makes it so easy.. For example, I've set up groupings of often eaten meals such as stir frys, sandwiches, wraps, breakfasts, that I have over and over again.. At the click of a button it adds all the items. Hope this answers your question.

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1/2/13 6:45 P

Sometimes I just want to enter what I ate and how many calories it is when this is known. I find if I can't find it under search I have to add it under new food which is some more clicks of the mouse and while I realize I don't have to enter every nutrient to do it that way I'm thinking there must be a quick add feature. Can anyone confirm if there is (or is not) such a feature?

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