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5/27/12 9:46 A

Its great that you were able to fight that dark side and start back to your goal. I, too, stronly believe we each have a dark side in our brain. Either it tells us to eat too much or too little. I call mine ED (for eating disorder). There is a good book about it. Obviously I'm not saying you have have a disorder, but the "dark side" and ED are the same with different names. It is super important to know which part of the brain is talking and how to encourage the "sane" part to come through more often!!

Good luck to you!!

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5/27/12 2:11 A

WAY TO GO! I have been bummed about my plateau.........I am motivated now! Thanks! Very positive attitude! LETS WORK THIS PLAN!!!!!!!!!!

5/26/12 10:32 P

Way to go. You can do it!

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5/21/12 5:55 P

emoticon I also find that setting and declaring an intention is a powerful step to commitment and resolve.

Was just watching HBO Series "Weight of Nation" and while I was not thrilled with the consensus opinion that a person of same weight, age and gender of someone who has lost weight (vs. one who has always been ideal weight) meant the one who had achieved ideal weight by dieting had to eat 20% less to maintain. It affirmed to me that resolve to track and be mindful was the option I would continue.

Good for you and best of success to you!! emoticon

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5/21/12 9:45 A

Let me start by saying I believe we all have a dark side in our minds. The dark side is the one that takes over control of your life if you let it. In my case, I now realize I've been fighting my dark side forever; that dark part of my mind that makes me over-eat whenever life's problems and anxiety start to accumulate...

Back in July 5, 2011 I had one of those moments of truth when your doctor tells you you are literally destroying yourself. My heart was really suffering at 37 years old. High blood pressure was detected at 31. I was 250 lbs and in a really bad health condition.

Long story short, against all odds I cured my body and lost more than 60 lbs. I started exercising and became an amateur athlete. Now I run and lift heavy weights every day.

I reached my goal weight back in january. I managed to stay at my goal weight until mid-march. Then the dark side started to take control again. I didn't track my food as I used to, I started eating too much. Nevertheless, I am hooked on exercising.

Fast forward to today, I realize I am 9 lbs above that goal weight. It's not a huge problem, but it will soon be if I don't start the fight against the dark side of my mind.

I won't say I don't know how it happened. I know it perfectly well. Life's problems started to accumulate and I shut my anxiety by doing what I've done all my life: I ate enough to create a caloric surplus and keep my anxiety low. That's it, there is nothing more to it.

So this morning I am looking at the mirror, trying to get in touch with my mind's dark side and saying to myself: "Is that really all you've got? I've learned how to win this fight. I will defeat you once and for all. Just watch and see."

So now I have a plan that has just started this morning. I'll lose those lbs X 3. This is my public commitment.


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