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12/28/10 11:00 A

The sugar adds up a lot of calories but I think in moderation or as a treat it is ok - better than soda...Just make sure to track that towards your daily calorie count. I used to drink sweet tea made with splenda or other non-sugar sweetner which I found out can slow your metabolism....I now drink just plain old tea - sometimes with honey if I have a sore throat.

12/28/10 7:51 A

Soda is obviously worse than sweet tea, but sweet tea isn't good...

My f used to drink his tea sweetened. I guess I nagged so much he gave it up. At first he found his tea bitter, but after a few weeks he got used to it. Now he finds sweet tea gross and loves his tea the natural way.

I still let him have a cup of green tea with 1/3 of a tsp of honey every evening, but he now gave it up... Doing this might also help you transition.

12/28/10 2:04 A

It pretty much is as bad, though carbonation isn't great for you I've heard, and black tea has some antioxidants. Try Good Earth Original tea. Brew it strong and make iced tea. It's naturally sweet without adding any sugar or other sweeteners, but you can if you'd like it a little sweeter. It has a nice sweet and spicy flavor.

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12/28/10 1:17 A

Drink what you like and count the calories in you daily amount and you will see how many calories your drinking.
I like a latte once in a while but have to give up a snack for the extra calories it uses up.

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12/28/10 12:44 A

i don't look at any food as bad or good I have learned I can still have a sode or a candy bar every so often not everyday and not two or three.

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12/22/10 12:46 P

For me - YES. It makes me sick just like regular soda use to. I don't drink it anymore, and haven't for a year. Same as regular soda. I'm TRYING to kick diet soda..but it's yet to work.

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12/22/10 9:05 A

I wouldn't drink it regularly if it's as sugary as soda.

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
12/21/10 7:21 P

LOVE_TO_PLAY - Can I just say ... EWWWW?

Nothing is worse than weak tea.

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12/21/10 5:23 P

I'm surprised nobody mentioned it yet but what about, instead of just not drinking it, you start by watering it down?
Even a little bit, like a 25/75 up to 50/50...and so on.

It's a start until your taste buds adjust!

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12/21/10 4:57 P

If I buy the Milo's again I will look for the Splenda version. :) I usually do because i already use Spelnda and love it! :)

I know how to make tea... I'm just too darn lazy. Like unbelievably LAZY. I don't want to put the water in the pot, measure out sweetener/sugar, wash the pot, etc. Yeah.... THAT lazy! Lol.

But I promise! I will make my own tea again tonight! :) With Splenda being as it is already in the cabinet for my coffee when I have a cup. :)

Tazo tea and all the others are good activators of the gag reflex. :) I am extremely (and sadly might I add) picky. :( I dn't want to be... but I'm such a big baby when it comes to food. Lol. Sorry! But thank you so much for the advice and caring enough to keep up with my post! :)

RNORMAN75 Posts: 283
12/21/10 4:20 P

Try Milo's tea sweetened with Splenda, it's GREAT!

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12/21/10 4:12 P

Are you drinking tea multiple times during the day. If you love the tea can you drink it in moderation or half the amount until you can find a better substitute like 1/2 the sugar and splenda. emoticon

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12/21/10 4:04 P

You can also make tea in your coffee pot. I will often toss some loose tea in a filter and let the water go - make a huge pot of tea and bring it with me in a thermos.

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
12/21/10 3:55 P

Actually making tea takes about 2 minutes and then another 15 to let it steep. I don't agree with the posters who said the only thing different is the carbonation. At least vs. homemade tea. Sodas have all sorts of acids and unpronouncable ingredients in them. While homemade tea has tea and sugar/splenda and water. But I'm guilty of grabbing for a soda instead of tea myself. lol

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12/21/10 3:36 P

What kind of tea are you looking at?

I have a problem with Celestial Seasonings, but I really like Tazo, Yogi, and Art of Tea brands of tea.

Tazo has a Calm tea I really like, it's totally yummy and calming.

Art of Tea has a Chocolate Monkey tea with roobios tea, chocolate nibs, and dried bananas - totally amazing.

Justin Lloyed has a Cinnamon Twist Tea (No. 42) and that is so yummy.

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
12/21/10 3:25 P

I think the only thing missing with the tea vs. the cola is the carbonation. I sometimes make tea (homemade) with Splenda due to my husband's diabetes.

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12/21/10 3:00 P

Why don't I make my own tea?

Easy answer... because I'm LAZY.

Which is what I'm trying to NOT be! Lol! I just worry that I won't be able to easily track my calories and such if I make it myself. But I will try that tonight since I just drank the last of the tea I had. :)

Herbal tea's make me want to vomit. They smell so horrid. Every single one I have ever looked at and smelled instantly aroused my gag reflex. And I don't like bitter tastes so if it isn't sweetened (same goes for coffee) I can't bring myself to drink it.

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
12/21/10 2:37 P

Why not just make your own tea with tea bags? It's cheaper and has no artificial ingredients in it. Probably tastes better too.

12/21/10 2:24 P

IF it's got the same ingredients as the soda minus the carbonated water, then yeah, it's just as bad.

I agree with TRILLIAN's suggestion of herbal teas - great idea.

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12/21/10 2:10 P

I think the premade sweet teas aren't all that great. There are some that are tea and healthy sweetners.

I think it's great you don't drink the flavor packets or gatorate - those aren't food either.

How about making your own tea? There are a lot of great flavors of teas out there - hundreds if not thousands of them. Herbal teas come in all kinds of flavors and without the caffiene. And where I want sweetner for black tea, I rarely add any sweetner to them.

In terms of water, have you tried different kinds of water, or different filtration systems with your tap water? Not all water is the same. There are some waters I enjoy and some I can't stand - and my Mom's water is so bad I have to go out and especially buy a particular brand of water for my cat or he'll let himself get dehyrdated, he hates the water so much.

I mostly drink water, but do agree it can get boring at times. Mostly I add hot herbal tea in the winter, and tend to drink more cold juice in the summer.

Other things I drink are things like coconut water. It's got the electrolytes of gatorate, but is actual food, and it comes plain and in various flavors.

Another option is to make some fruit or green smoothies. I invariably add water to them to make them liquidy enough, plus nearly always add soy milk or juice, so that's a way for me to get in liquid and drink something without it being water.

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12/21/10 1:42 P

I have almost completely stopped drinking soda's. I am SO proud of myself!

But I got to looking at the nutritional information for the sweet tea I drink (Milo's Famous Sweet Tea) and it almost matches that information found on the information of a soda (most especially regular coke - that's the one I was most addicted to). :(

Am I hindering myself just as bad if I drink sweet tea as opposed to a coke?

I just can't stand the bland taste of water all the time and I don't like the flavored water or the flavor packs you add to water. I also don't drink gatoraide and powerade. (Yeah... I know... I'm a picky booger, lol.)

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