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7/27/14 10:24 P

Bike riding is an excellent workout. Even when riding in a straight line if the seat is low, or your going at a good pace for the majority of your ride you will get great results. Also you can purchase a stationary bike stand, so you can ride it at home in front of a television, or laptop. It burns a lot of calories- it is one of the best calorie burners one can do in a stationary position. I have not purchased one, but I'm thinking about purchasing one in the future, as the traditional one I had was too cumbersome- made too much noise cause something got caught in the inside of it's two hundred something pound body, so I got rid of it after a while.

7/27/14 1:45 P


Do not use a padded saddle or a padded saddle cover, get a woman specific seat which any bike shop will have in stock.

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7/27/14 10:26 A

Yes, riding a bike is good exercise. I love riding my bike, especially now that I have a more comfortable seat. I have found that it does take some time to build up some endurance and increasing speed.

AZRIDERS Posts: 215
7/26/14 2:17 P

Yes! Mountain biking especially. Go for the hills and valleys to get an interval workout. Don't forget your helmet. You never know when a pesky rock will want to dump you off that bike. :)

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7/26/14 12:44 P

Agree with LIGNSS...road bike for distance. Took me 4 years to get to a Century Ride but that's because I'd lose distance over the winter when we can't ride in Alaska's winters. I bought an indoor trainer last winter so I don't have to start over each summer.

However, when I want to lose weight, I take my mountain bike on my distance rides because it takes a LOT more calories to move that baby long distance than my road bike. However, I find it very difficult to do a really long ride on my mountain bike. Most I've done was 60 miles on the Denali Highway (gravel) and it took me most of the day.

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7/26/14 12:32 P

It is an EXCELLENT form of exercise. Keep in mind that the type of bike you get makes a big difference. People talking about riding 50 miles are doing it with a road bike and it takes a LONG time for the Average person to build up to that. The normal department-store mountain bicycle (like I have) will work great and you'll get just as much exercise in 1/2 to 2/3 of the distance of the pros.

To check out calories you'll burn, go to fitness tracker and use the map tool to trace your route with pins. Then put in the amount of time and it calculates your calories based on your weight and speed. It's awesome! I typically burn 500+ calories every time I ride even though I seldom go more than 20 miles. I'm getting ready to head out now, and I'm excited since its been a week! It feels so much better than walking to cover all that distance! (I should note it is perfectly flat where I live in Florida so YMMV)

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7/26/14 11:42 A

As is true of any form of exercise the amount of effort (intensity) you put into it is the key to what you will get out of the effort. Cycling is 5 times more efficient than walking meaning you need to work harder to get the same benefits. The speed at which you ride and the terrain over which you ride are keys to the quality of the workout you obtain. The speed break point seems to be at 12MPH so I suggest you spend about $10.00 USD and get a cyclometer to determine your speed.. Adjusting you speed is the easiest component to do and adding uphill riding is probably the most demanding to add.

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7/26/14 10:11 A

I do primarily cycling and depends...

Mountain biking on extreme hilled terrain and rough trail conditions builds cardio, muscle strength, core stability, agility, mental dexterity and burns hella calories.

Distance cycling (50+ miles) builds endurance, mental toughness and a lot of calories, especially if you keep your speed up

I am going on 55 and have advanced degenerative arthritis and this is one way I can keep my exercise levels way up. When I bike 100-200 miles a week, I lose weight easily.

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7/26/14 9:51 A

Like most exercise, the quality of exercise depends entirely on how much effort you put into it.

Wind resistance starts to increase significantly above 12 mph, and going faster than that starts to become a better workout. Hills also are an excellent workout.

One good thing about cycling is that it is very low impact, and you may be able to cycle for much longer than you can walking or running.

Personally, since taking up cycling a few months ago, I have found myself working out at my fitness limits, and finding it actually fun.


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7/26/14 9:40 A

just like anything, you get out of it what you put into it. I just learned to bike about 2 months ago, and at first, I was riding so slowly that I knew I wasn't getting much calorie burn at all. But now I am more confident and can challenge myself a bit more with hills and speed and I feel like it's more of a workout.

7/26/14 5:52 A

I am buying a bike next week and plan on riding it often. Right now for most of my exercise I walk. I am wondering how good of an exercise bike riding is?

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