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ANMRUNNER Posts: 1,809
7/6/09 4:12 P

Thanks again all.. I sent the company an email asking about the correct consistency of their product (and I had the original brand wrong.. it was actually Three Greek Gods) and they were very nice about it and explained the same that PP did-sometimes the yogurt sits off the shelf a little too long and goes bad. They even sent me a refund check so I could try it again. So very nice! I look forward to buying some this week to try again!

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6/30/09 12:04 P

Yikes! I agree with the last poster. It might've been off the shelve for a while and then put back in the refrigerated section.
I've had that yogurt before and it shouldn't be like Cottage Cheese.
When people refer to "aging" yogurt, it should not be done unrefrigirated.
But the good news is that if it only looks chunky, not runny at the same time, you can use it in baking pretty safely.

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6/30/09 11:06 A

It could have gone bad even before the expiration date. My mom used to work in a grocery store and she said the kids stocking the shelves are sometimes pretty lazy about getting perishable stuff in the fridge ASAP, which means it could have been sitting in a warm-ish room for a long time.

Once I bought salsa that was OK according to the expiration date but was, without a doubt, VERY VERY BAD.

ANMRUNNER Posts: 1,809
6/30/09 10:57 A

Thanks y'all. I'm quite disappointed now because I am not going to eat it. Guess I'll take it back and get a new one. Thanks again for the input!

6/29/09 8:16 P

My greek yogurt has NEVER contained curds as does cottage cheese. IT has always been thicker than regular yogurt, yet still smooth.

Do follow the expiration date on the yogurt...ESPECIALLY if you want LIVE AND ACTIVE bacterial cultures.

I would say return it to the store.
Dietitian Becky

TIPMAR Posts: 67
6/29/09 7:15 P

Unless it is green or funky looking, I seriously doubt it has gone bad. Yogurt is one of the more long-lasting dairy products there are. It's basically spoiled milk to begin with and personally I find that it often gets better with time. My dad actually used to "age" yogurt in the back of the fridge for as long as 6 months, it makes it much creamier and richer.

JINXSTORM Posts: 6,719
6/29/09 5:52 P

it should be fine once you stir it well.

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6/29/09 5:45 P

It does have a bit of a different texture, but if you bought it in smaller cartons before and didn't find this, I'm not sure. I do find that different yogurts have different textures and such.

I always chuckle a bit about yogurt, because what if it IS expired? What am I eating here? Soured stuff to begin with!!!!

ANMRUNNER Posts: 1,809
6/29/09 4:37 P

I bought a big tub of greek yogurt yesterday (Tthe Oik..something brand) and opened it this morning only to find that the yogurt was kind of chunky, almost like fine cottage cheese. Previously I'd only bought the individual containers and have never encountered this. I ate some of it anyways and I don't feel funny and it didn't taste funny, only chunky. Is it supposed to be like that? Any help is appreciated!

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