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5/10/15 1:25 A


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5/4/15 2:07 A

YES!!! emoticon

But, I am still going to try my best to get this weight off for good!!! emoticon emoticon

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4/30/15 4:23 P


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4/30/15 3:44 P


4/30/15 1:08 P

I went from 210-ish pounds to 150 pounds when I was 19 and definitely had loose skin, especially my chest - it looked completely different and I was very self-conscious about it. Now at 26 I'm working on losing the same amount of weight and am prepared for the reality that I'll have loose skin again, but this time I've learned so much about weight training and proper nutrition - I'm not just doing endless cardio and restricting calories this time around!

I'll never have an 'ideal' body and I've pretty well made peace with that.

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4/30/15 11:01 A

Hello, my name is Jessica and I am currently researching for a documentary series in the UK about single people with a medical condition. We are looking for UK based single individuals who are looking to start dating again but may feel nervous about a physical condition they may have, such as excess skin. The programme aims to give the individuals confidence in their bodies. Their excess skin or physical condition should not be holding them back in their search for love. Please feel free to get in contact via for more information.

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7/22/14 12:16 A

I don't know about Pilates preventing it... but I lost a lot of weight back in 2009 and didn't have any loose skin. However, I was only 20. This time I'm still young, but I'm also five years older, so it is a bit of a fear of mine this time around. I'd say my biggest fear is to have to have surgery to remove it, for the surgery itself and how I would pay for it because I don't have any insurance. Even if I did, they may not pay for it either. The money's what scares me the most but I'm not going to worry about it until it actually comes up.

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7/21/14 2:39 P

My highest weight was 260 and I weigh in now between 123-126. I have lots of loose skin. My thighs are a mess, my stomach looks like a bumpy, melting road map, but... it really doesn't bother me.

I may have it removed at some point, or I may not.

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7/21/14 1:36 P

I have come to terms that it is what it is....I'm 53 now. I will never have that 20 year old body again, especially after what I've done to myself. I, however, am in the best shape of my life even though I still have a... by scale....a few pounds I should lose. I'm in no hurry. But I do have loose skin and have learned how to "dress" it. I still wear what ever I want (with will not see me in a 2 pc bathing suit). But the most important thing is....I have accepted it and life goes on

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7/21/14 1:27 P


Pilates can't prevent excess skin. Depending on how much weight you need to lose, you could end up with some excess skin. Do you know who member INDYGIRL is ? At her highest weight, she weighed 460+ pounds. In two years, she took off half that weight. She talked about having a tummy tuck as well as the procedure to remove excess skin in her blogs. You might read some her blogs.

Whether or not a person a person has excess skin after weight loss depends on several factor. Age and genetics are the two most important. The younger you are, the more elastic your skin. When it's still elastic, it can pop back. However, there is only so far that skin will stretch before a person does need cosmetic surgery to remove any excess. How much do you need to lose ? The more weight a person needs to lose, the more likely they will have some excess skin.

I lost around 50ish pounds. Some of my skin popped back. Some didn't. If I ever want to wear a bikini, I'll need a tummy tuck because the skin on my tummy did not pop back.

However, like others, I try not to let it bother be. I've learned that what my body can do (since losing the weight), is more important than how it looks. I'll never be a bikini model and that's okay.

Also, I agree that strength training can help decrease the look of excess skin, but it can't get rid of it. Let's put it this way, if you have strong biceps and shoulders, no on will care if you have any sagging skin. They'll just be in awe of your amazing guns.


The point ? You're going to have to see how your body adapts to your weight loss. The slower you take off the weight, the more likely some of the skin will pop back. BUT, you have to be prepared that some skin might not pop back and that doesn't make you a bad person or an unhealthy one.

But, do read some of INDYGIRLs blogs on having the procedure to remove some of her excess skin.

SWALSH329 Posts: 335
7/21/14 1:10 P

it's a problem for sure but i'm gonna keep doing what i'm doing and figure it out when it is the only problem i have left!

LUNA_IS_MY_HERO Posts: 7,620
7/21/14 12:39 P

yes, but I got over it. Learning I had a heart condition became a priority, the rest is just cosmetic.

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7/21/14 12:37 P

was just on trip and stayed at hotel which had very large mirror in bathroom. when I saw the loose skin I had I wanted to cry and stop this journey of weight lose. I use to be big but there was never that sagging skin. I am going to keep on my journey but never looking in a mirror again. thanks for bring this up, I thought I was the only one. not sure what I will do. I have only lost 22 pounds and this is happening and I need to lose 75 more. reality set in.

TRIPLEMWF Posts: 906
7/21/14 12:08 P

Yes. I've lost the weight before and definitely had loose skin. I can deal with the loose skin on the arms and legs as it wasn't that bad. However, the loose skin on my stomach and my saggy breasts I will definitely want surgically fixed once I'm done losing weight this time.

PHATNOMO11 SparkPoints: (11,565)
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7/21/14 11:46 A

Not at all.

MOINSDEMOI Posts: 2,416
7/21/14 10:53 A

No, fortunately my weight fluctuates slowly enough that my skin can fluctuate with it. I am blessed with small arms so strength training takes care of the bat wings. emoticon

Spinning, the elliptical and strength training are helping me with the other areas.

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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
7/21/14 10:49 A

I believe that loving ourselves in our own skin helps too.......No pun intended. But I do agree that strength training helps. I am 58 and in the best shape of my life.

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,867)
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7/21/14 10:16 A

Factors that play in:
How much excess weight was there
How old you are now and how long did you have the excess weight
Did you gain / lose it slowly or did it happen rapidly
Genetics (example: some pregnant women develop stretch marks, some don't); esp how much elasticity you have and where you tend to 'put on' weight
In terms of the stomach / belly area: have you had kids?

Strength training will absolutely improve your overall look; make you appear tighter all over and make you wear a smaller size even at the same weight.

Me? I'm 52; was overweight (50-60 lbs at 5'10") for 10 yrs; always long-waisted had a flat stomach but that was one of my first places to gain the excess weight. I have no kids.
I'm okay if I'm standing up straight. But if I'm on all fours, I scare myself!

I'd rather be thinner / healthier and have the skin issue than all that comes with being heavy. Just my take for me. If Hugh Hefner was ever going to call me, that ship sailed a long time ago so who cares?

Strength train, Pilates, proper nutrition and hydration & moisturize to stack the odds in your favor.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
7/21/14 9:40 A

I have lost a lot of weight over the past two decades and have almost no loose skin. I lost slowly and lifted weights the whole time, so doubtless that helped.

It's definitely not inevitable.

7/21/14 2:11 A

Thank you all for the info and feedback!

My friend made it sound much more severe, saying I should start saving now to get the skin removed later! I'll stick to just trying to reach my goal weight and getting fit and healthy on the way. Whatever happens, happens. I'll take loose skin over the back pain and always feeling sluggish, lol.

FOCUSD Posts: 202
7/20/14 11:35 P

I'm glad for the information.

TIGGZZZ13 SparkPoints: (4,714)
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7/20/14 10:49 P

Loose skin is a reality from life. I don't worry too much about it because I know that there isn't much to do with it, except for surgery and I won't do that because I'm not that vain. I lived a hard life and having a happier life is my motivation not having a sleek and tight body. I'm almost 50 and I think I earned every wrinkle and laugh line on my body. I have 3 older children and 8 grandchildren, I'm Blessed to be me.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
7/20/14 10:41 P

I weighted almost 200 lbs. strength training helps with loose skin. I can see my skin getting tighter the more I lift weights.

JO88BAKO SparkPoints: (319,441)
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7/20/14 10:09 P

I worry about loose skin but first I have to lose the weight

FLORADITA SparkPoints: (64,375)
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7/20/14 10:02 P

It is not a fear, more of a reality. I have lost a total of 60 pounds over 3 years, so slowly and steadily and I still have some loose skin. It is not excessive but it is there. I want to lose another 20 pounds so I expect to see a bit more. I have stepped up the strength training and hopefully building muscle and toning up will help. I am in my 50's and suspect if I had begun this journey earlier it would of been easier for my skin to bounce back. That being said, I do not really expect to be seen in a bikini anytime soon and I do look and feel much better in my clothes. I am healthier and happier and that is more important to me than a bit of bat wings and a tummy pouch.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,734
7/20/14 9:24 P

Yep, exercise won't prevent it, but I have wrinkles now, which some would go away if I gained weight again, so I'm happy to just have wrinkles and that doesn't bother me. I'm not running for Miss America or going on television or "People" magazine.

SUZIEQUE77 SparkPoints: (9,271)
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7/20/14 7:49 P

I weighed over 200 lbs at my highest weight after having my 3rd child, at age 29 (probably at least 20 lbs more than that when pregnant). My 3rd child weighed 9 lbs and 5 oz.

I weigh around 120 or less and have maintained that for several years. I am now 55 years old. I do have some somewhat loose skin and slight "bat wings" but it is not too bad, especially with clothing on. My husband thinks I have a "model" body. If I had money to throw away, I'd probably go for a little nip and tuck but my husband is very much against it.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,702
7/20/14 7:31 P

"My friend says pilates can prevent it and that the only thing that can be done for it is surgery to have it removed, is this true?"

Half true.
Pilates will not tighten loose skin. It IS great for flexibility and core.
And while surgery is often needed, you can lessen that need by losing slowly, having great genes, and staying hydrated.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
7/20/14 6:53 P

I think a lot depends on the weight amount lost, as well as a person's genetic makeup.

The only things that I've heard that works are:

Not losing the weight too fast. Give your skin time to keep up.

Keep your skin hydrated by drinking water, at least 8 glasses a day.

Maintain a healthy diet.

Use a great moisturizer every day.

But these things are not foolproof. It could still happen, to a degree, regardless.

Pilates can help tone your muscles, and there are some who do believe that if you start it when you start to lose weight, it does help.
Pilates is a great exercise, btw. You can find a ton of free vidoes on youtube.

Always remember to nourish your body with the best food that you can. Eat vitamin and mineral packed veggies and fruits, omega 3 rich foods, avoid excess sugar, processed (boxed, frozen) foods - these things, I believe, play a very important part in keeping skin, hair and nails as healthy as possible.

There are also supplements that you can look into for skin health - such as Pantothenic Acid (B5), Silica (take B1 with silica), selenium, if you wish.

As far as surgery...well...I don't know what person can do once it has happened. Maybe others know more about that then me?

And you posted this in the perfect place :)

Edited by: EELPIE at: 7/20/2014 (18:56)
7/20/14 5:52 P

I've read that many times when people lose a significant amount of weight that excess or loose skin becomes an issue for them.

Has this happened for anyone on here? Is anyone on here who is on their way to their goal weight afraid of having excess skin? What do you do if it happens? Can it be prevented?

My friend says pilates can prevent it and that the only thing that can be done for it is surgery to have it removed, is this true?

I'm sorry if I'm posting this on the wrong forum, I'm not used to message boards yet.

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