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BAPSANN Posts: 1,448
10/15/13 9:28 A

Jumping rope is a good cardio exercise but is bad on your knees and ankles, especially as you age.

10/15/13 9:15 A

Yes, jumping rope is good for women. If you are doing it correctly you are taking very small jumps and it is great cardio. If your uterus was that delicate things like walking would be damaging to it. Proper support for you breasts is necessary when you exercise.

JOSEPINAD SparkPoints: (7,148)
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Posts: 1,019
10/11/13 2:58 A

Yes, without doubt!

SHELL1400_85 SparkPoints: (55,180)
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Posts: 591
10/2/13 10:54 A

I have never heard about he uterus problem. If you have a bigger chest you will want a good sports bra when you jump rope. Jumping rope is very good exercise I think, really gets your heart rate going.

STARMIZER2000 SparkPoints: (142,622)
Fitness Minutes: (110,829)
Posts: 2,218
10/2/13 9:35 A

I read that jumping rope is very good for you

HIP-WITCH Posts: 9,534
10/2/13 9:23 A

It is crucial that you have an excellent sports bra. If it doesn't give enough support wear two. The breast tissue is very delicate.

NAVI25584 SparkPoints: (598)
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Posts: 14
9/24/13 2:04 A

Thanks everyone for valuable information.
that's really worth and i m gonna start skipping soon :)

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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Posts: 2,489
9/23/13 9:19 A

I've honestly never heard that one...

As far as exercise goes there's an old cliché that fits; "What's good for the goose, is good for the gander." I can't think of a single exercise that a man can/should do that a woman cannot/shouldn't. We train the exact same way. They may be generally physically stronger than us but that doesn't mean we can't perform the exact same exercises as them.

I do jump rope intervals for cardio... have been doing for the better part of a year and have no ill effects. For fast jump rope, I burn about 100 cals every 10 mins. The higher your heart rate, the more calories you burn. That's basically how it works. Jump rope is usually a high intensity cardiovascular activity so it tends to have a high calorie burn.

However, others have already pointed out that it's how many calories you take in where you lose the weight. You could exercise and burn say... 300 cals extra a day but if you eat an extra 300 cals a day, you'd neither lose nor gain. Losing weight comes down to calories in vs. calories out. You have to burn more calories than you eat to lose weight. You burn calories through your BMR (basal metabolic rate, the amount of calories needed just to keep you alive; for your organs to function, your body to create new cells, etc.), your daily activity and exercise. If you add all these together you get your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). You have to eat less than that to lose weight; -500 to -1000 cals/day to lose 1-2 lbs/week. Luckily Sparkpeople does the math for you already when calculating your Spark calorie range as long as all your info is correct; goal date, weekly calorie burn, activity level...

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KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
9/23/13 8:08 A

loosing weight comes more from what you eat than what you do for exercise. for me, I have to enjoy my exercise in order to keep at it. that is walking for me, for good health not for weight loss. although if it helps a little with that too it's great.

ALORTA SparkPoints: (7,363)
Fitness Minutes: (3,449)
Posts: 310
9/23/13 7:38 A

the uterus part is total BS;
the uterine problems come from a weak pelvic floor... if you're young enough to be jumping rope for any length of time, you're too young to have problems with your pelvic floor. That comes with age and stressors (like natural child birth) that have weakened your pelvic floor muscles in the past.

YOGAGEEK SparkPoints: (6,917)
Fitness Minutes: (13,224)
Posts: 130
9/23/13 6:29 A

Like the above poster said, weight loss is more about diet than exercise.

That being said, jumping rope is excellent cardio exercise for men and women. If you're concerned about sagging, get a good sports bra. If jumping rope is bad for the uterus, then women had better not run, or do jumping jacks, or burpees, or jump squats, etc. In other words, I think it's an urban legend.

NAVI25584 SparkPoints: (598)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 14
9/23/13 5:25 A

Thanks a lot for information and your advice..I ll follow it :)

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
9/23/13 2:50 A

Nah, that's not true.

But if you're wanting to shift the kilos, the best exercise is called "shutting the fridge door".

Exercise is for keeping your body strong and fit, NOT for losing weight. Your weight will be a result of how you eat.

Think about it - it's WAY easier and quicker to "not eat" 300 calories than it is to burn 300 calories! :)

NAVI25584 SparkPoints: (598)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 14
9/23/13 1:11 A

Hi all,
I m new to this forum.Just feeling great with very motivating material on the site.
I m here to discuss my fitness routine.I am doing yoga from last 2 months and has not loose anything. My instructor told me that yoga will help to tone your body wont help to reduce the weight.So, trying to start to some other activity parallel.One of my friend told me that jumping rope is very good for shedding those extra kilos.But rumors are around that it's not good for girls.creates problem in uterus and also induced sagging of upper part..
is it true???
Kindly give your suggestion
Thanks & Regards

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