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6/24/11 3:04 P

One area where I definitely think it's worthwhile to go organic is dairy and eggs. Not because I'm particularly worried about what they give cows, but because of the logistics of organic dairy production schedules vs those of larger-scale dairies. Next time you go to the grocery store have a look at the expiration dates of the freshest regular milk and compare those of the freshest organic milk. Organic milk doesn't have a longer shelf life, so why is it that the organic milk is always marked to expire a good week or two later than the regular? Simple answer: there's less of it, produced in smaller batches so the turnover of product is faster. It doesn't sit around in the cold room in the back of the store. Same thing with eggs. Fresh milk and eggs are a world of different from the alternative.

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6/23/11 7:57 P

I never buy organic. Even the certified organic produce is sprayed with pesticides like rotenone and pyrethrins. Just because these pesticides come from plants does not mean that they are more safe than other pesticides. Personally, I have observed several animals having seizures from the pyrethrin compounds that are commonly sold in stores for fleas (these are the same compounds that they spray on the organic produce). So far as the rotenone...well, it's been linked to Parkinson's disease in humans and it is also toxic if ingested. So, no, I don't want to pay extra money for produce just because it's been sprayed with these chemicals instead of synthetic pesticides. Just because something is natural doesn't mean it's safe and just because something is synthetic does not mean it's bad for you.

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6/23/11 12:51 P

For me, yes for sure. The food tastes better and especially for the thin skinned fruits and veggies (the dirty dozen) it is worthwhile going organic.

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6/23/11 10:15 A

I believe it is just personal preference. For me it is not. I simply buy fresh fruits and veggies either from the store or the farmers market if i can make it. Both taste the same in my opionion.

6/22/11 2:59 P

To me it is, because it supports my local economy, and a lot of the summer fruits I get taste better because they're allowed to ripen before picking (some things are better than others, some things there's no difference, but overall I find the summer fruits are consistently better & our local organic peaches are amazing right now). It's also better for my liver to not have to deal with extra chemicals, (I'm autoimmune), and I like knowing exactly where my produce is coming from.

Most of all, pesticides and produce wax are made from petroleum products, so if we want to reduce demand for foreign oil (and possibly even reduce gas prices), going organic is a great way. The organic company I use calculates the average distance your order would have traveled if you bought them from a supermarket and compares it with the actual distance yours did. Here are some examples:

This week: supermarket would have been 1500, mine was 275. Last week: 1500 /467, week before 1500 /390, week before that 1500 /295. I've been buying my produce this way for 4 years, so that's a lot of saved petroleum!

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6/22/11 10:53 A

I believe in organic because I believe in nature, but this is a really neat video a friend shared with me. Perhaps it will help. It gets to the point without the (although they are on point) propaganda feel of Food, Inc. I do highly recommend the movie, though. Definitely opened my eyes a little wider.

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6/20/11 11:47 P

For me it is. Because even if organic vegetables weren't any tastier or didn't have fewer residues, it would still be worth it for the benefits to our environment and the sustainability our of food system.

If you're not sure about the veggies at the store, then find local farms or a CSA to support where you can be sure of the methods that they use.

In the end, I have always thought that what I eat is vital to my life, and that should be where I invest my money. Why try to save a few dollars on something that is so important?

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6/20/11 8:56 P

Nope. I've worked in an office involved in food safety testing for GMO products in Canada...believe me that stuff goes through multiple rounds of a variety of tests before being considered safe for human consumption...then there's organics, where a lack of legislation here regarding what exactly has to be done/not done to make something organic can sometimes mean that washing an item twice before packaging means it's organic (in the case of imported "organics" from less-developed areas like rural mexico and china)

In other way am I going to pay a drastic amount of extra money for something that I really have no way of knowing whether it's really GMO/pesticide/fertilizer etc etc free, just because the label says it is...

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6/20/11 5:24 P

health professionals say it is but i don't buy organic very often

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6/20/11 12:21 P

I think it is! I haven't seen any long term studies done on the affects of chemicals/fertilizers/etc. I can't wait for the local farmers market to open - most of the vendors there sell organic.

6/19/11 11:40 P

Is it worth the extra cost to eat organic foods, especially the fruit & vegetables?

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