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12/30/13 10:07 P

Agreed that getting fitted at a running store will be your best bet for finding a pair of shoes that work for your feet. Also, as Zorbs said, there are ways of tying your shoes that can make them tighter around your heel.

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12/30/13 1:07 P

I'm going to second the Coach's recommendation for a proper fitting. What works for one person won't necessarily work for you, because every foot is different! You can get brand recommendations until the cows come home, but that won't help you choose a shoe that won't hurt your feet. :)

Getting properly fitted made the difference between shin splints with every step and pain-free running. My fitted shoes make a huge difference when walking or standing, too!

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12/30/13 6:41 A

You can tie your shoes with a heel lock.

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12/30/13 6:20 A

Your best bet is to visit a specialty running/walking store where you can be properly fitted for shoes by a professional. The right shoe for one person isn't necessarily the right shoe for another. Bad shoes can give you all kinds of trouble, so it's worth the effort to have someone help you find the right shoes for you.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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12/30/13 2:16 A

Thank you for the suggestion of Superfeet! I used to have a pair which must be around somewhere, but maybe I'll get a new set - I think you're supposed to get new ones every once in a while. I got them for my flat feet but maybe the heel part helped too.

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12/30/13 1:16 A

No issues for me....
But a suggestion for the narrow heels. Superfeet makes several models of inserts. The heel cups are rigid so might do well to help hold your heel in place; and I believe some have narrower heels than others. (I ended up with a too narrow pair once, and caused myself some grief!)

I'd start by checking at a good running/walking shoe store! Good Luck!

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12/30/13 1:11 A

None of my sneakers seem comfortable enough to walk or run in right now. I wonder if my feet have just gotten too big for all of my sneakers, which I bought after losing 40 pounds ... I know for sure my feet lost weight along with the rest of me. In any case I find after half an hour or so of walking my feet are tired and tingly, like I've been sitting on them. Hubby says my shoes are too tight. I know when I wear sandles I don't have this problem, but I can't run or walk for long in them, especially with our unpredictable/rainy weather.

One of the things I run into is that my heels are narrow, so shoes that are big enough for my toes always feel too big for my whole foot because they slip off at the back. I also have very flat feet. Does anyone share these issues and have a shoe brand that they just love? The last pair of sneakers that I loved were Brooks, so I might try to find another pair of Brooks that I like. Any suggestions?

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