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11/9/10 2:38 P

Our sister site is:
The site also has a food and beverage tracker. While your doctor has indicated no more than 20 pounds gained, you have not discussed with your doctor a smaller weight gain or even weight loss. AND this is where you need to begin---with your doctor. So have a more detailed discussion with your doctor. Then check out Babyfit and start using the tools and resources. Most doctors suggest about 0 pounds weight gain during trimester 1 and a 1/2 pound gain weekly during trimester 2 and 3. Discuss all of this with your doctor as well as safe exercises. Then track your calories and you will learn the amount that gives you an appropriate weight weekly gain as directed by your doctor.

dietitian Becky

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11/9/10 2:20 P is good, but i dont know if they have a calorie counter. If you want to use spark, ask your doctor for specifics on fat, carbs, protein, calories fiber, ect. Then go and make your own ranges and stick to those!

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I've heard other women around here talk about losing weight while pregnant, but I have no personal experience. One of my good friends gained no weight while she was pregnant. She was about 5'10 and 230 pounds and her doctor recommened she keep the weight gain to a minimum. She followed the diet/calorie range her doctor suggested and continued her exercise. If your health is good and your doctor agrees some light cardio - walking/elliptical/swimming should be fine. This is something you should definitely discuss with your doctor. And check out

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Spark's sister site will generate a more appropriate range for you while pregnant and nursing. From what I gather, is better to use day to day, so I would just get the range from babyfit, and plug it manually into sparkpeople, and still use the trackers here.

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11/9/10 1:20 P

I wanna say pregnant women have been referred to SPARKBABY.COM

I think...

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11/9/10 1:18 P

I haven't had any children yet (soon though), so I don't really know any of the specifics.

But I would say that exercise (depends on the kind) is definitely okay. Just check with your doctor first before you start doing anything. I would think weights would be fine...strength training would be good. I plan on doing Yoga when I'm preggers.

Good luck on this pregnancy...I'm sure everything will turn out the way you want it to.


11/9/10 1:15 P

I am pretty sure one's nutritional needs will differ when pregnant. I am also pretty sure there is a Spark site for pregnancy - but never had any reason to pay attention to the address.

Good luck, and congrats!

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So to say a little about myself, I am very overweight at 213 pounds and 5'6'. This is my second pregnancy this year (lost a pregnancy earlier this year at 4.5 months) and now I am 9 weeks pregnant. I was hoping to lose some more weight before getting pregnant again but wasn't able to...(it's been a tough tough year...).

I really want this pregnancy to be healthy so I've been eating really well and trying to make sure whatever I consume is nutritionally dense and that I'm getting all the vitamins needed to sustain a healthy pregnancy. I've read lots of research that says that overweight women while pregnant should not gain more than 15-20 pounds and that not gaining ANY weight is actually correlated with healthier pregnancies. Sometimes doctors are now recommending women try to lose weight while pregnant by restricting fatty foods and eating a healthy balanced 1800-2000 calorie diet while incorporating low impact exercise. My doctor has told me to gain no more then 20 pounds this time around (which I was able to do with my last pregnancy with my son but unfortunately I'm at the SAME weight I was when I got pregnant with him and I was hoping I'd be less).
So main question you think it'd be safe to not gain any weight or even lose weight while pregnant (I'm not talking HUGE amounts of weight, but maybe like 10 pounds by the end of the pregnancy
) by just upping the amount of walking I do and making sure I eat healthy meals? I mean, how would I keep the weight gain to 20 pounds anyway without some kind of calorie restriction to begin with. By no means am I suggesting I would starve myself or severely restrict my calories to harm my body or my baby. I was just wondering if anybody had managed to limit the weight gain during pregnancy or even lose weight just by changing their eating habits. I know my eating habits before the pregnancy where now I'm eating really well (fresh fruit, veggies mostly) and I'm feeling great.

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