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2/27/13 5:58 P

Any guideline for anything that suggests multiplying by your weight is most likely a reasonable guideline for anyone who is not over or underweight, but not for anyone who is not a healthy weight right now.

Eg that works out to over 13 glasses for me!!

There is no reason a heavier person requires more actual water than a lighter one.

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2/27/13 3:16 P

I have seen it recommended that women drink half an oz of liquid (not just water, any type of liquid counts) for every pound of body weight. Ex: 150lb woman drink 75oz water daily

The rec was different for men but I can't remember what it was. If I run across the web page I found it on I will come back and source it.

However, it does seem that a number of different factors would affect the amount of water one needs, such as perspiration, climate/environment, activity level, etc.

I imagine it would be difficult for most people to reach the point that their water consumption seems dangerous. Like the PP says I would pay attention to the color and odor of the urine and how you feel.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/27/13 1:15 P

Water intoxicaton is a serious side effect of significantly too much water in a short time.

However, it's also entirely possible just to be drinking more water than you need.

General rule of thumb is that your pee should be a pale straw yellow colour, and you shouldn't need to 'go' constantly.

If your pee is clear, or you feel like you spend half your life in the toilet, you're drinking more water than you need. Scale it back.

Eight glasses is not a rule. It's a good starting point, but some people need 2, others need 16.

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2/27/13 1:04 P

Some people worry that they could be drinking too much water. Water intoxication results when a dehydrated person drinks too much water without the accompanying electrolytes. You usually need to drink a large volume of water in a very short period of time to be in danger of this, which is why it's not common. If you drink 8 cups throughout the day, you should be fine.

Everyone's needs are different and dependent on several factors such as: your weight, how much you exercise, how many water-rich foods you eat, the amount of muscle mass you have, the weather (such as heat and humidity) and more. Eight cups a day is still a good goal for the average person to aim for. The best way to find out how much you need is to check the color of your urine. It should look like you squeezed a lemon in it. If it's much darker, try drinking a little more water.

Coach Tanya

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2/27/13 12:50 P

Yes, you can drink too much water and flush out the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

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2/27/13 12:30 P

Yes, but I am also under the belief that most people are dehydrated anyway. I would easily get in my 64 oz a day and still be dehydrated. i am feeling much better with my 128 oz (or 1 gallon) However my doctor has told me that may not be enough either.

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2/27/13 12:25 P

Sorry, I'm sure this has been asked before. But I was just curious.


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