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STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 6:30 P

Thank you !

STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 6:29 P

I know panic attacks can NOT turn into a heart attack.. though it can feel that way is a false
that it could happen,,, yes I take my pressure because if im feeling bad and the pressure is down I know no meds are necessary , and I Also know when its 160 / 110 I need to take them .... again you can not contribute to an attack. they just come . without rhyme or reason.

ZZYYGGY3 Posts: 2,496
1/26/14 6:17 P

some great ideas on here. Also try yogurt and fruit. I go through days where I don't eat much at all, and that's about all I eat. Also soup. But I keep tracking. Best of luck.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,520
1/26/14 6:16 P

well you know your own body....
but if you are eating the wrong things and your BP goes up, and you get nervous about having a high blood pressure ( and since you know the numbers, I suspect you are measuring it after you eat) and then you get a panic attack because you think you are going to have a heart attack....then in a way you may be contributing to your panic attack.

Talk to a registered dietician and start eating healthy....

STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 6:14 P

now on day 3 my head is out of the fog a bit . I totally agree with you JOCECAIN tracking is the best way. and I see a professional , not sure if you read the entire thread but its there. thank you for your response emoticon

STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 6:07 P

actually that is a great idea Meowzy ! I will ask that question at my next appointment , thank you for that thought emoticon

STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 6:04 P

that is very true EELPIE I have been on these meds for at least a decade and also have the 2 mg bars which im supposed to take 2bars 4 times daily. I think the same rule applys to drinkers the more the take in the more they tolerate. but I do not drink or smoke.

STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 5:59 P

4 posts lower it explains why your blood pressure rises after eating , and yes I need to get off whites but unable to get shopping without a ride I am using up whats in the house to try and at least eat the calorie requirement im supposed to be getting . remember this is only day 3 for me and I am making progress. and you can not make yourself have an attack... ask your DR. mine says its like telling a diabetic to control there sugar without treatment.... cant happen !

JOYCECAIN SparkPoints: (137,945)
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1/26/14 5:57 P

It is not pointless to track anything, food, fitness, thoughts, activities. But I think you need to talk to a professional.

--MEOW-- Posts: 4,708
1/26/14 5:53 P

*sigh*...No I wouldn't... that's why I'm asking. Uhmm... if you always have a panic attack when you eat why don't you take the meds before eating?
Anyway, I think you should ask your Doctor... I don't think anyone here can help you with that :-/

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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/26/14 5:53 P

You might think that, but some people have extremely high tolerances for drugs. 4 milligrams of xanax doesn't do a lot for me. I have the 2 milligram bars.

Last time I was in hospital, they were shocked at the amount of morphine I needed. And I don't do drugs, just a high natural tolerance.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,520
1/26/14 5:47 P

white bread which is high on the glycemic chart may account for a spike in blood pressure...have you had your blood sugar checked. And if you expect something to having a panic attack because you it possible you are talking yourself into having one?

ask your doctor/therapist.

STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 5:39 P

yes they are panic attacks and when they start I take my rescue meds before im in the ER. im on because the meds work and within a half hour they go away. you would be calm also with 4 mg of Xanax in you. just sayin....

actually at your weight you would be passed out at that dose....

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--MEOW-- Posts: 4,708
1/26/14 4:57 P

Are you sure those are panic attacks? emoticon I mean.... you just had a panic attack but now you're back here :S calmly posting....?

STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 4:43 P

well I found this on the live strong site :
Just as your stomach needs more blood after you eat and drink, the muscles in your legs require extra blood when you walk, run, bike or swim. Eating puts demands on your heart and raises your blood pressure in the same way exercise does. Because the heart tries to supply all the blood you need where and when you need it, it pumps harder and raises your blood pressure for each action. For this reason, it is advisable to do one thing at a time. Avoid strenuous exercise directly after eating. Two hours after a meal is the best time to exercise. By then your stomach will have emptied and your heart can redirect the blood to your muscles without excessive demand.
sounds reasonable to me , yet they say nothing about it causing the panic attacks. hmmm

STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 2:12 P

thank you ! I just got in some lunch , so I should have time for 2 snacks and 1 more meal today... emoticon

same old same old 1 hour out from lunch and blood pressure through the roof along with a panic attack. does anyone know why eating would spike your blood pressure so much ???

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KKLENNERT809 Posts: 10,742
1/26/14 1:44 P

If you can't do it alone maybe seek some help-one meal a day isn't healthy and panic attacks are awful-I know, I still get them occasionally.

STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 1:38 P

off to track my lunch emoticon

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/26/14 1:18 P

I will be fine.

I am 44 - so no spring chicken. And yes, everyone's body is different (but there does come a time for common sense).

Concentration camp inmates were probably lucky to see 800 calories a day...yet all pictures of them were of very skeletal people. Even the ones who did not do hard labour (and ate less food) were skeletal.

To end the debate, just start tracking - then you will really know what is going on.

STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 1:10 P

panic attacks when I eat and all sorts of times ,,, when I eat my blood pressure goes from 110/70 to 160/110 bringing on the attacks . I went into SVT many times , so I take a blood pressure med to keep it from going higher than the highest I posted , and they have me taking Xanax to nip the attacks before they escalate into an Er visit... hate being hit with the paddles... not fun .

STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 1:05 P

thank you for checking and 1 day at a time it will get better.. and bonus I like almonds...

JAPIOW Posts: 1,177
1/26/14 1:03 P

Do you have panic attacks when you eat? only when you eat? o_O are you taking some anxiety medication or something?

@Hunter haha OMG so nice to see that you actually have a heart emoticon

XHUNTERX Posts: 974
1/26/14 12:52 P

Yeah it looked pretty acceptable... just try to eat at least 1200. If you really have a hard time eating more than 1200 calories try eating small things such as nuts or PB... they have a lot of calories and it's better than nothing ;)
Don't give up - I'm sure you can do it emoticon

STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 12:49 P

I am not sure , sorry about your blow ! maybe it has to do with 18 years of no break stress.. I hope you are getting more than 200 now at where Im at I have been falling a lot, I think every body works differently under different situations. I hope your stress lessens soon plus you are tiny by the weight posted on your link. and age im 50 im thinking you are a lot younger when I was 30 I could drop 10 in a week !

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STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 12:44 P

thank you emoticon

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/26/14 12:43 P

"have not heard of that law that I know of can you tell me what it means ?"

I can tell you what it means to me...I had a recent blow to my life on Thursday. Since then I have been extremely stressed and eating about 200 calories a day (no exercise). I lost 4 pounds in 3 days due to the lack of calories from the stress.

Am I an anomaly? Or is it just common sense that due to so few calories I lost the weight?

STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 12:42 P

thank you and you are right there are gaps in my being here , I am trying to get myself back on the priority list and stay this time. I believe my longest time here was 5 weeks last may 2nd when I joined. and I fell off after finding out my sister was going to die. have been taking care of her and neglecting myself .. so I am here to try , so next year I can be hitting some goals. when you checked the foods were they acceptable choices ?

DARCYBLUE Posts: 300
1/26/14 12:37 P

emoticon just take baby steps try to take in few extra calories each day just look at my ticker because my family was poor food wise. Eating one meal rather it big or small your body Is holding on to the fat. It just now with trying to train my body with 3 meals and snack that I trying to regulate it to lose weight and keep up with the therapy it very benefitual(sp).having a sickly child and sister is stressful enough emoticon

XHUNTERX Posts: 974
1/26/14 12:31 P

Well, it basically says that you can't magically create "fat" out of nowhere. Hun, if what you said was true Cortisol would be the solution to world hunger.

I did check your food tracker and it seems your tracking isn't even consistent... It skips from June to November and then to January... tracking just a few days doesn't help.

I'm really sorry about your son and sister. But you can't use that as an excuse to sabotage yourself... being in denial doesn't help either...

STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 12:17 P

swear im not eating to much .... been this weight since my chronically ill son was born 1 was 135 then and it just keeps packing on because my body is in figh or flight all the time. have not heard of that law that I know of can you tell me what it means ?

STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 12:14 P

my spark page says what I eat. and maybe you could look at it for me to see if my choices are ok .... not starving myself im nauseous everyday, and when it passes I eat. I love to eat . I think with some positive thoughts and baby step ideas , I can turn this around within 2 weeks. .. I am not here to stay the same I am back here to get back to where I was last june when my sister was diagnosed ... I had been doing very well here that is why I came back . I do have a counceler for everyone that is asking . through 18 open heart surgerys for my son it was the only way { I love my counceler } I have been seeing my dr because of vertigo I fell in October and broke my right arm hard with 6 kids here. then Christmas eve I fell on the same arm . both times a full face plant down. so Tuesday I will finally be getting the cast off ...yay
and I just had an echocardiogram and nuclear stress test for my heart and Tuesday will be having a more extensive blood work done , as my Dr is trying to figure out why I am falling multiple times a week ....

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SHERYLDS Posts: 17,520
1/26/14 12:11 P

emoticon with XHUNTERX...start tracking....something doesn't make sense.
Starving yourself with those few calories would have resulted in an illness, or some weight loss over all that time.

XHUNTERX Posts: 974
1/26/14 12:01 P

Nah.. I was going to say chubby ;)

Ever heard of the Law of conservation of mass? If you're not eating enough there's no way you can gain weight. Maybe you're eating more than you realize... tracking what you eat would be a good start....

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,520
1/26/14 12:00 P

if you aren't eating, and eating healthy during times of heavy stress, then you are setting yourself up to get sick. And suffering from panic attacks may be a sign that you aren't at your best. Do you starve yourself all day long and then binge at night? It's hard to think straight when you have your blood sugar on a rollercoaster. How can you think straight and make the best decisions for your loved ones, if you aren't taking care of yourself? They need you. Be there for them. You are intelligent and know you need to eat...and eat healthy. Baby steps would be to eat small healthy meals at regular intervals. If you are going to a Doctor...are you following his suggestions?

best wishes to what you know you need to do

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/26/14 12:00 P

Your answer to that question is why you ought to consider therapy.

STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 11:55 A

is that question FAT ? because my body produces so much cortisol from acute stress disorder that , it wont let me loose. I think that was what you were asking .. if not feel free to ask me..... Christine

XHUNTERX Posts: 974
1/26/14 11:51 A

So if you've been eating only 400 - 600 calories/day for MONTHS how come you are.... ? Ok, never mind I won't ask.

STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 11:47 A

thank you Cheryl. IS the waey powder good cause I cant have soy it is bad for my thyroid. what brand should I try ? or is protien powder a different thing ? also the tracker you have on your picture the spark one , do you like it. and I was looking at them but I don't have a cell phone is that required to use the tracker ?

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BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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1/26/14 11:39 A


I too am a person who doesn't eat when they are under a lot of stress. What I would do is drink protein shakes that you make yourself. Go to a Health store and buy the meal replacement whey protein comes in great flavours like chocolate etc. and mix it with Skim Milk. This will at least give you some protein, does make you feel like you at something and provides hydration. Then try eating just small meals like non fat applesauce, greek yogurt or even just yogurt.....I know this doesn't sound like much but it is a start. What is happening is your body is going into starvation mode and acids are churning in your stomach from not eating throughout the day....even if you eat 300 calories 5 times a day. Really 300 calories could be fruit, yogurt and cheese given the proper amounts. Almonds are great and really12 of them are 200 calories or so but they are good fats and protein.

Right now you need to be a little selfish when it comes to yourself.....I nursed a father dying of cancer and they need you to be strong for them.

You are in my thoughts. Little steps is all you need ...just try to go forward a bit at a time.


STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 11:29 A

yes 1 meal 2 snacks about 400 or 600 calories a day or 24 hour period , ate all day yesterday for the first time in months and got to 900 but what a chore It seemed I was bursting at the seams in my tummy. this is not because I want to keep low calories its because eating brings on my panic attacks , and I am very thankful for your baby steps suggestions . that gives me some where to start . thank you

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/26/14 11:07 A

I know you don't want to hear this....but you need therapy. If you are over stressed in your life (18 years), and not eating because of it, that's not normal.

Therapy as in a therapist or a counselor.

Baby steps into eating would be - a protein shake, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 cup applesauce for breakfast. 1/2 a sandwich for lunch, a cup of soup for lunch, etc.

I hope you are at least tracking your one meal a day. Because you seem to be overweight, are you are packing all of your calories into one huge meal? Or have you been eating a tiny meal for dinner (say 400 calories), and that is your only source of nutrition in a 24 hour period?

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STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 10:53 A

and I am seeing my DR all the time. was looking for suggestions on baby steps back into eating.

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STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 10:51 A

im not sabotaging myself im sick. a son with 23 open heart surgerys and loosing my sister to stage 4 cancer is about to happen. I know how to eat , My body just wont accept food until later in the day... 18 years of constant stress !

MLAN613 Posts: 19,269
1/26/14 10:47 A

I agree that you may benefit from some medical help. You are worth it.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,520
1/26/14 10:45 A

Please get some therapy and counseling. You are sabotaging yourself.

STARS4ME Posts: 227
1/26/14 10:42 A

im only back 3 days . and have been off since june . now im back to eating once a day. which I know is wrong . 3 meals 3 snacks. just cant do it . when I eat I get panic attacks. tricking me into only eating supper every night. this is serious. Im up and don't dare eat or drink. { much stress and anxiety in my life } where to start , I cant even think water this morning .

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