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12/3/12 8:43 P

I always like what SERGEANTMAJOR brings to the "table"! Thanks for the reminders (once again) about prioritizing ST and fitting in cardio on alternate days. I DO try to do most cardio as "intervals", and have followed many of the P.A.C.E. principles.

Now that I've developed more of a strength training "outlook", I prefer ST to most cardio unless it is walking outside (which is as much a stress reliever as anything!).

12/3/12 5:23 P

The current research has proven than alternating cardio and strength work in the same workout degrades the quality of both. Since , according to the fat loss research, strength training is more critical to fat lass than cardio I suggest you do them separately to maximize the benefit of both.

12/3/12 4:23 P

I split up my cardio too. I will do 10 or 15 minutes each on the treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bike, with strength training in between. On the treadmill, I alternate between walking and sprinting, I hate jogging. But I will alternate 2 minutes of walking (usually at 3.5) with 1 minute of running (7.5-8.5). While I'm sprinting, I'm really focused on how fast I need to go, and when I'm walking, I'm working on recovery. I used to jog for 30 minutes and get do bored. The challenge/rest interval keeps me more engaged.

12/3/12 8:54 A

I had the same question. Sometimes 30 min on a treadmill seems like forever. Shaking things up will freshen up my exercising.

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12/3/12 2:26 A

Or you could find a cardio you like? Classes are fun, so is walking or running outside!

12/2/12 6:11 P

Why not simply concentrate on strength training (which is the most important form of exercise for fat loss compared to cardio)on three alternate days then do two interval cardio workouts of thirty minutes duration on non strength training days. There is not need to do six days of cardio untless you are training for an endurance event even then you need to vary your training.

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12/2/12 5:48 P

While there are health benefits from keeping your heart rate elevated for longer, you will burn the same calories either way.

But personally, I would address the boredom issue another way. Run or walk outside, weather permitting - the changing landscape makes things more interesting. Wear an MP3 player and listen to music/audiobook. If the treadmill bores you, try a different form of exercise, whether the elliptical, a class of some type, etc.

Also, most experts recommend resting your muscles for 48 hours between strength training sessions, to allow them to recover and get stronger. If you are going to the gym 6 times per week, using ST to break things up is only going to work for 3 of those 6 days.


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12/2/12 5:45 P

Certainly you can! You get the same benefits from 30 minutes of cardio as you do from 15 minute chunks. :)

However, if walking on a treadmill bores you... shake it up! There's so much more you can do for cardio. I love to exercise, and I can't abide the treadmill. But there have been some gym classes where we got on them and I got off with my legs shaking and sweating like crazy!

Check out this article:

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12/2/12 5:12 P

I don't see why you can't split the time up. You could always try to increase your intensity while you are on the treadmill. For example, if you are only spending 15 minutes on the treadmill, you can try jogging/running during that time. You could walk for 1 minute then jog for a minute, and alternate for those 15 minutes. Over time, increase the amount of time that you are jogging/running. You could also increase the incline. Sometimes, I like to set the incline at 5% and walk between 3.5 and 4.0 mph (increasing ever 30 seconds to a minute). Sometimes, I will set the treadmill at the 10% or 15% incline. Of course, at the 15% incline I can only go about 2.5 mph.

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12/2/12 12:22 P

Whatever works for you.

The program you outline is approaching interval training, which is quite popular. Here's a link to some of SP's resources. Even if you don't move all the way there, you'll maybe find ideas on how to make it best for your workout

Good success to you!

12/2/12 12:01 P

I go to the gym 6x a week and cardio is just not for me. Going on a treadmill for 30 straight minutes bores the heck outta me. My question is: Is it okay to divide my cardio time between my strength training. 15 minutes of treadmill, strength training, then finish off my last 15 minutes. I'm not sure if it even makes a difference. Just wondering.

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