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VARELSE Posts: 69
3/8/14 2:03 P


That approach leads to having more energy, to feeling good, and to being healthy. Oh, and it will show, trust me :D Or better yet, trust yourself ;-)

KURLIEQ Posts: 280
3/8/14 1:55 P

Wow EELPIE....thanks for sharing! I suppose as long as I love myself, ignore the numbers on a scale, feel healthy and dear hubby will still "have at me" I'm good! emoticon

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/8/14 11:18 A

lol, yeah the numbers don't take everything into consideration - every one is different.

I will tell you a true story - I never told anyone this.

A couple of years ago I went through a major life upheaval. Major. I went from 120 to 95 pounds due to stress.

lol, I was all happy about it! I was a size 0 jeans (in "skinny" jeans yet), and I was just so happy - and hey, I saw my number recommendations - they ranged from 95-120 I was right in range, right?

One day, I was out, hanging with friends at the bar. An ex of mine came in, and we had a few drinks. He pulled me aside and said he wanted to talk to me.

He looked at me and asked "Do you have cancer?" And I was like, "What? Cancer? What are you talking about". Then he looked me in the eyes and said "Do you have AIDS? "And I was floored, and I said "WTF is wrong with you? Why would you even ask me that? WTF is wrong with you? WTF?".

He said to me, point blank: "Cause you look like sh*t".

Wow. I went home (now I realized he had had a few too many), and really looked at myself in the mirror....and I did look like sh*t. I looked bad. My skin was stretched over my bones in my face. I had dark hollows under my eyes. My limbs looked like twigs. My hair was brittle looking. I looked lifeless. I looked like sh*t.

lol....So, I started gaining - ha ha and went a wee bit too far with it - but that is another story!!

The point is - those numbers really in the end are just a baseline. How I think about those numbers is this way: If you were 50 pounds (100, whatever) over weight, you use those numbers as a guide - pick a number in the middle. When you get within 10 pounds of that number, you re-adjust according to: Do you really need to keep losing weight, or do you need to tone up?

Good luck :)

KURLIEQ Posts: 280
3/8/14 10:56 A

VARELSE - Just saw your post. I will definitely look into those links! Thank you emoticon

VARELSE - I just read 3 of the articles....very interesting. I will take those three days I have to work out and do two strength and one Pilates and see where that gets me. I will also put my scale in the closet and determine my health on how I feel and how I fit in my clothes.

Watch out world - I have a new mission emoticon

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KURLIEQ Posts: 280
3/8/14 10:54 A

EELPIE - Thanks for the numbers check! I think I will go into maintenance now. Although the program doesn't make you count calories I do so on the side and I am pretty well right in the 1300-1450 range and my protein and carbs are in good shape too. I will add Pilates to my workout and see how that goes.

Miss Ruth - I have had a complete blood count each year for the past two years because I swear I was peri-menopausal. Numbers came back fine except for vit D which I now take.

All in all I will work on maintenance and my core to reduce my "kangaroo pouch" and enjoy a treat now and again (no dessert for a month except for fruit - yikes) and try to be ok with what I am working with.

Thank you for giving me a sanity check! emoticon

VARELSE Posts: 69
3/8/14 10:47 A

It is not you, and this doesn't have to be "it".

Here are some links to articles by female fitness professionals who help people achieve their body composition and fitness goals in the long term. I've found them to be very helpful, and I hope you will, too.

Sally Moss

Nia Shanks

Jen Sinkler

Becca Borawski Jenkins

Jill Coleman

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,319
3/8/14 10:06 A

I agree -- it sounds like it's time to stop the dieting. I carry my extra weight in the thighs, more than anywhere else. I could diet down to 115 (I'm 5'8" tall) which I actually did once, years ago-- and I'd still have proportionately large thighs. The only other thing I'd mention is... if you're doing a lot of exercise while restricting calories too much, you will end up very tired simply because you're not providing your body with enough fuel to keep going. I'd say it would definitely be worth it to track your Nutrition here on Spark for a while, and also your Fitness, and see if you're eating enough. Check out some strength training videos and target your abs & core, to tighten up and tone the muscles.

If you haven't had your iron level checked or Vitamin D level checked, or blood work in general done in a long time-- you may want to consider that. A lot of times when we're focused on losing weight for a long period of time, our bodies don't get everything they need.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/8/14 9:51 A

I just wanted to add one more thing - those numbers are just guidelines. People's bones make a difference - you have heard it : "So and so is big boned" "So and so is small boned".

Bone size and density makes a difference.

My best friend and I are the same height. However, she is bigger boned than I am (I am very small boned).

Her optimum weight is 10-15 pounds more than me. If she gets to my weight, she looks freaking anorexic. If I go to her weight, I look a little pudgy.

So, if you look at those numbers I posted (I did your age, sex and height) - see they range from 105 - 120.

Looking at it that way, you could even be 5 pounds underweight!!!

In the end, though...listen to your body. Please.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/8/14 9:28 A

OK - well - I don't know anything about the diet you are on. I will look it up later.

We are the same age - I am 1 inch taller. At 113 - you are at your correct weight.

I ran the numbers:

Based on the Robinson formula (1983), your ideal weight is 111.8 lbs
Based on the Miller formula (1983), your ideal weight is 120.1 lbs
Based on the Devine formula (1974), your ideal weight is 105.4 lbs
Based on the Hamwi formula (1964), your ideal weight is 105.2 lbs
Based on the healthy BMI recommendation, your recommended weight is 97.9 lbs - 132.3 lbs

FYI - these numbers are NOT taking into account different people's bone densities!!!

So, you are there. You are right where you should be. This most likely is your body's way of saying "STOP IT".

Now, as far as " I get that but I wanted to lose the pooch belly." - Yep, same thing here. I call mine my Kangaroo Pouch (my K.P.) - it's from having a baby.

It's your core that you need to focus on. It's your transversus abdominis that you need to work on (not crunches!!!). This is the very deep muscle in your abdomen. You can google it to see.

Pilates is the best exercise for this. There are a ton of free pilates videos on youtube. Search for pilates core exercises - and you will find them - on the side bars of a video you pull up you will see suggestions for even more.

So now is the time to get off the diet! You should be in maintenance. If you don't track your calories here, start doing so, so that you don't gain. Work your core. Use pilates to tone other muscles; thighs, hips, butt.

I'm almost at my goal weight wise, but I need to tone as well - my goal is to lose 5 pounds - yet reduce my waist by an inch, and have a flatter tummy. Pilates.

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KURLIEQ Posts: 280
3/8/14 7:03 A

I have been on the Fast Metabolism diet now for 3 weeks and as I get closer to my goal weight (or what I think it should be) I have less and less energy. Six years back I tried a different diet which included 6 day workouts and by the time I hit my goal weight (108) I was so exhausted I had no energy to chase and play with my kids or dogs let alone everyday house stuff and work. Is my goal weight off or am I?

Background: I am 45yrs old and 5ft just about 1 inch and I was always under the impression that I should be between 105 and 110. This came from two different physicians about 10 yrs ago. Well in January I hit 120lbs and decided in February to do something about it so I went on the fast metabolism diet which is basically 2 days of low fat, higher carb and high in natural sugar in the way of lower glycemic fruits, 2 days of high protein, low carb, low fat and 3 days of high healthy fat, moderate carb, moderate protein and low-glycemic fruit. No calorie counting just regular portions of meat and grains with phase appropriate fruits and unlimited veggies. I was really not hungry except for the 2 higher protein days but I managed. My exercise was sporatic because of my work schedule and being taxi mom to a middle and high schooler (soon to have his license) with after school sports etc. but I did manage to exercise 2-3 times a week.

In 3 weeks I have lost 7lbs and now at 113lbs I am started to get that same "drained" feeling. Am I doing something wrong or is my body telling me that this is it and don't lose another ounce?

Yes, I know I am 45 and my body is not what it was when I was in my 20's - I get that but I wanted to lose the pooch belly. Do I accept that this is it or do I need to change something in my diet/exercise?

Any thoughts?

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