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RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
4/24/10 3:48 A

We can eat them every day, but then your not eating varied like most experts recommend.. Food rotation also avoid plateaus, our stomach is a intelligent muscle..
Give it the same thing every day, it find out a level it can workout out and thus steady state..
In short vary your food if you want keep lossing weight..
Now I am on maintenance I am working on a planned stable steady state with no huge weight swings.. I can allow the body to get a little less sharp dropping weight.. But then when I need to work I can intro stuff it ain't had in a while and wham no problems reducing my weight.. It gets the shock of its life having to process something I have not eaten for ages.. This is how my body reacts on maintenance..

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4/24/10 1:43 A

uuummm may be yes...

GBO323 SparkPoints: (31,213)
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4/24/10 12:25 A

Nope, jsut count them like any other food!

CHOPSART SparkPoints: (0)
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4/23/10 10:35 P

I think it is a healthful choice. Whenever I need to use eggs in a recipe, I always try to use one yolk and the rest eggy whites.

4/23/10 10:27 P

Most people say you should limit the amount of eggs you eat because the yolk is high in cholesterol. However, the whites have no cholesterol. They have a low calorie density, you would have to eat an awful lot to eat too many.

4/23/10 7:19 P

Great. I appreciate you guys commenting. I feel so much better now. :D

AILEBBELIA SparkPoints: (13,418)
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4/23/10 6:55 P

I egg whites almost everyday! I usually mix spinach, egg whites, turkey ham, almond milk, and salsa and make an omlette everyday with a side order of pinto beans or low-fat cottage cheese! Good Luck!

MARINASHU SparkPoints: (24,138)
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4/23/10 6:40 P

Egg whites are one of the best protein sources out there. :) My husband did develop a slight intolerance of eggs after eating them every day for years, but as long as your body doesn't object to it, I think egg whites are great.

ERINLINDSAY83 Posts: 14,356
4/23/10 6:31 P

Nopes, egg whites are the low cal/low cholesteral part! Enjoy!

4/23/10 6:07 P

Thats what i thought. I just wanted to be sure. Thanks for your responses. It really helps to get others opinions. I couldn't make these healthier choices without all your help. Really.. i have no clue what i'm doing. I just add my foods to the tracker and go by what it tells me. I just ate 1/8 a cup of dried fruit and it was so sweet it made me sick. I had a sugar rush and a headache, but the serving i ate had only 13g of sugar. I'm never eating that again. I have drank a whole soda before without any problems.

KASSIANDORA SparkPoints: (40,996)
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4/23/10 6:02 P

I read here on Sparkpeople that it wouldn't be bad to enjoy an entire egg every day and that it would be healthy. I would assume if it were just the whites that 2-3 would be fine.

BLUEPLATE Posts: 655
4/23/10 5:57 P

Egg whites are a source of protein, and have almost nothing else in them! I love them, too. I'm not sure if it's bad to eat too many, but I can't imagine that you're hurting yourself with a few a day. It's the yolk that you need to be careful about! :)

4/23/10 5:53 P

I know that too much of anything is bad for you, but i love egg whites. I boil the eggs and separate the yolk. I also eat chicken or fish everyday. If i don't eat fish, i will eat a tuna sandwich about once a week. I am trying to cut back on sodium and egg whites is something that i always have here that i am assuming is healthy for you. I would eat more everyday, but i wanted to ask first if there is a limit to how many you should eat. I know i need to eat a balance of all foods and i'm not saying my whole day would consist of egg whites, but i love them. :)

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