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8/4/13 11:44 A

As a bit of a reality check, you can expect to burn 70-100 calories per km running (probably towards the higher end at your current weight), so 500 ish would be ballpark for a bit over 5K.

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8/4/13 9:23 A

The default calorie burn setting on Sparkpeople is really, really low (or at least it was when I joined, probably still is). For anyone who's getting regular exercise at at least a moderate level, they'll need to manually adjust it upwards in order -- among other things -- for calorie requirements to be calculated correctly.

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8/4/13 8:18 A

Look at your weekly burn from Spark the last month or so - let's say you burned 1800, 2000, 1500, 1750..then putting 2000 as your weekly calorie burn would be about right.

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8/4/13 3:25 A

Thanks for all this insight. Now just to work it all out.

I have no idea how many calories I am buring, after I posed that I worked out how to add the milage tracker and I end up adding it that way, it basicaly cut down 300calories from what the previous calculations were. (guess I had the worng speed in there or somthing) That just really confused me even more. How many calories am I buring? How can I get a bit more of an exact account. I know it is all guessing work and averages, but that is what makes it so hard for me it seems like every where I go to calculate it gives me total differnt values.

For exampel for todays run
Sparkpeople milage tracker : 108
Nike+ : 524
Map my run : 633

both nike+ and map my run know my waight so why are they so much higher. what is the correct amount. Those 2 are closer compared to sparkpeople. This is waht is confusing me.

Currently I am trying to run just over 5ks evey second day (10min warm up, 1 min walk, 2 min run, then cool down till I get home, I will up the running by a min each week, but keep the distance the same for now, later on when I am fitter and faster try and keep it around 45min run)

and then I'm also doing this

Though quite modified. It takes me about 20-30 mins at night while watching TV. I take it easy doing that. So it is diffently somthign I can keep up over a longer period of time.

My Program Setup looks about like this
strength training days (meaning that link from above) 7 days 30 mins
cadio training days 4days 50 mins

What is about right for waht I am doing. Though right now it is summer so I am speending more time at the pools. Swimming and playing in the water with the kids. I also walk there most of the time what is a 1.5k walk there and then back again.

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8/3/13 9:25 P

Occasionally everyone burns too many calories (creating a large caloric deficiency) and if it is occational, that is fine.

But consistently burning too many calories will actually make you miserable over long term, leading to burn out. Essentially life style change that leads to permanent weight loss cannot happen in a short time, it has to happen in a sufficiently long period of time. If it happens too quickly, it won't be permanent. So in planning adjustments to both diet and exercise, one has to take into account many years: One has to always ask the question "can I keep this change for an indefinite period of time?". A large caloric deficiency cannot be kept for a long time.

It is also physically not healthy to create a large caloric deficiency too frequently as others already have explained.

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8/3/13 7:57 P

There's not really such a thing as burning too many calories - with some training, the body can cope with quite high levels of exercise.

There is however such things as:
* not eating enough to support your needs. Over time, this can lead to muscle wastage (which increases your risk of injury), and your body slowing your metabolism to close the calorie deficit, which perversely makes your longer term weight loss harder.
* doing too much , too soon.

Ramp up your training gradually. And update your Exercise Goals (accessible from the LH side of the Start page) to reflect your increased level of activity. In coming up with an intake recommendation, Spark takes this into account, so if you update it, Spark will recommend an intake level consistent with your increased needs.


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8/3/13 5:53 P

Burning too many calories without adjusting your intake UP can sabotage your efforts. It can cause your body to slow the metabolism, and make weight loss happen more slowly, or even do lasting damage over time.

It's important to fuel your body; you'll be aiming for the same basic weight loss per week no matter how much you exercise. You can't suddenly start losing 2 lbs per week at under 140 because you work out more. :) So the more you burn, the more you eat! As Zorbs said, adjust your weekly goal, and make sure your goal loss is reasonable!

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8/3/13 5:50 P

You manually change your weekly calories burned goal to accurately reflect the amount of exercise that you're actually doing.

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8/3/13 4:59 P

I have just started at waight loss again, I did mange to loose a few KG a few years back, but have put all that on plus quite alot more. Now I need to get to it agian and drop some waight.

My quition is

Only after 3 days, I have burnd my weeks worth of calories. I went for a run yesterday (5.3km in 43mins) and have been doing swimming too, since the weather is hot, though the swimming is only minimal of calories, since I take my kids (7 and 4) swimming, so I hang more with them though they are both swimming now. My son started to swim today WHOOO.

Back on topic, I was woundering if I am buring more calories then my weeks worth should I eat more then my daily limit when I do lots more exersize. basicaly that one run was half of what my weekly goal is? Or should I just burn more calories and try and stay in my calorie range (having a hard time doing that still).

Not quite sure what I should do, I am realy injoying working out more again and do not wish to cut down. Please give me some insight.

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