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DREAMGIRL76 Posts: 2,014
12/12/10 6:19 P

Yes, but it is Do-able. Since joining 11/09 I have lost almost 50 pounds. I have a long way to go, but what I have discovered, is I don't beat myself up as much as when I was young. I am more patient and realistic, and when I slip up I get right back to it.

Question you have to really ask yourself as I did is:
How bad do you want This?????? ONce you answer REAL BAD, then you will stop at nothing and each day gets to feeling a little better and a little more right. You appreciate your choices and acheivements more. So ...hope this helps inspire and motivate you!!

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BUTTERFLY4411 Posts: 3,525
12/12/10 6:07 P


STORMY724 Posts: 4,925
12/12/10 9:00 A

I'm 65 and was way out of shape. Since May, I've lost 22% of my body weight and have about 7% to get to my weight when I married my 2nd husband 25 years ago. But if I want to weigh no more than my husband does, I still need to lose 18% of my original weight. I started out staying at my goal line or doing slightly better, but lately I haven't been meeting my goal.

My original weight problem was that I went for a long time without exercising or paying attention to what or how much I ate ---although the tighter clothes were certainly a clue. I had a stressful job and was dealing with the stress of taking care of an elderly parent ---which didn't help.

Once some of my stress was relieved and I started exercising regularly and maintaining portion control, & paying attention to what I ate, it wasn't that hard, at least initially, to lose the weight. But I admit that I have days when no matter what I eat I feel hungry and often give in to a quick solution rather than a healthy one. I thought as I lost weight & got used to eating less, that I would be less hungry but I seem to be hungrier than when I started to lose. Maybe it's just that the initial motivation has worn off or that I am tired of chicken and fish and veggies when I really want to eat a greasy burger and a big slab of cheesecake.

I feel so much better carrying less weight around. Lots of my former aches and pains are gone or greatly reduced, so I want to keep going, but I'm not as motivated to stick to my diet as I was 6 months ago. I'm still losing, but more slowly than before.

As we age, I think we resist change, so we want to keep doing what we've been doing, even if it isn't getting us what we want. I know that is illogical, but we sometimes aren't rational people, are we?

BETHV10 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/2/10 9:09 A

Yes absolutely. My metabolism has slowed down and I can no longer eat like I used to and maintain my target weight. It is also harder to exercise as the old bones and joints no longer work they way they used to work.

REIGN10 Posts: 4
10/2/10 8:04 A

yes, for me anyway.

IMEMINE1 Posts: 6,854
10/1/10 11:22 P

you said it.

CABINDOG Posts: 2,270
10/1/10 11:09 P


DIANNEMT Posts: 12,627
10/1/10 6:32 P

I know it was a heck of a lot easier to lose the weight 10 years ago! Why I didn't do it then is beyond me! But--since I wasn't exercising much, it would have come back. Now I am looking at making the right changes--exercise, eating less, eating better and not "celebrating" as much (yeah--it's October 1 so let's celebrate). We lost my father-in-law in July and I want to be here LOTS longer for my girls. So--I'm exercising and trying to be in the best health I can be.

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TENNISGAL55 Posts: 9
10/1/10 12:23 P

I can totally relate to that one! Everything just starts falling, drooping, etc. Seems like it happened overnight! :)

SLUGGER17 SparkPoints: (90,555)
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Posts: 1,404
10/1/10 12:20 P

Certainly not if you get your mind in gear!

CARSONB3 Posts: 22
9/9/10 9:58 P

It takes 5 days of at least one hour per day cardio for a woman over 40 to MAINTAIN normal weight. At least that's the number given to us today in a Lunch N Learn seminar.
I wonder if that's with eating a 2000 per day diet.

DOUGZ69 Posts: 617
9/9/10 9:43 P

For me, I don't know if it's harder to lose at 50 but what may be more difficult is having the energy it takes to put into it, being able to do the things I used to to be active, and having a reduced strength level. However, I seem t still be able to get it off if I put in the work.

LINGAIL1 Posts: 594
9/9/10 6:13 A


GAININGMYLIFE SparkPoints: (53,397)
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Posts: 588
9/7/10 10:32 P


JGINTX Posts: 493
9/7/10 10:12 P

OH YES.....doggone hormones are wreaking havoc on my entire being!! including weight loss efforts!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH!! emoticon

DOINFINE Posts: 2,704
9/7/10 12:45 P

Not for me. Some form of daily exercise and strength training at least twice a week have really helped, along with a healthier diet. I don't deprive myself though. Oil popped popcorn is my biggest vice.

OZARKMARY Posts: 8,550
9/7/10 10:54 A

I don't think so but we are more set in our bad habits and have to concentrate a little more on staying healthy in food and exercise.

MALLEUSMIKE Posts: 1,006
9/7/10 9:26 A

Not for me. I just turned 52 in August and I have lost almost 40 pounds since the beginning of this year. I owe it to the LiveFit Revolution Nutrition plan and kettle bell workouts.

9/7/10 7:59 A


PMAY0313 Posts: 9,368
9/7/10 7:53 A


NVPAPERGIRL SparkPoints: (0)
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9/5/10 11:11 P

I don't think it's harder. I know myself better now, I know what triggers my bad eating habits. My only problem is my loose skin, I don't have the elasticity I used to have when I was young. I wish I had started taking care of myself 10 years ago. emoticon

JAOTAO SparkPoints: (92,550)
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Posts: 2,190
9/5/10 3:00 P

It has been for me. At 55 I was able to lose 75 lbs, but gained it all back by 60 due to illness/surgeries. At 62, I lost 25 lbs. and have plateaued since February, but I determined to keep at it.

PLPEEP Posts: 4,056
9/4/10 7:19 P

I have been losing weight off and on for a long time now and I found it very easy to lose weight this time. I found this site set my goal to lose 70 pounds by my 60th birthday and this past June I reached that goal and that birthday. So I vote no.

9/4/10 3:10 P

yes, it is harder

9/4/10 2:35 P

I can't eat anywhere close to what I could do when I was younger. What's interesting is I work out a lot more than when I was in my 20's. That said, I think it is harder in some respects to lose weight now but easier in that I think we get smarter and wiser after 50.

MARSHASTAR SparkPoints: (107,577)
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Posts: 12,986
9/4/10 2:24 P

I don't think it's harder for me personally to lose weight after 50. I think maybe my bad habits have been with me too long, but that's a mental thing.

SLUGGER17 SparkPoints: (90,555)
Fitness Minutes: (104,090)
Posts: 1,404
9/2/10 7:22 P

The change in metabolism or health problems may make it more difficult, but it is just as possible as it was when we were younger.

DIAMORROW1 Posts: 2,768
9/2/10 6:07 P

Yes it is.

9/2/10 6:02 P

It has been harder for me. I was very successful in my early thirties, but now weight loss is very slow. It was easier to get the exercise in back then because I was not working, and I spent the day planning and preparing my food.

CAROLEHZ Posts: 677
9/2/10 4:58 P

I think it's been a little harder for me after 50 because of Menopause and my Thyroid ( Hypo)..but I also think part of the reason mine has been slower is that I am doing it right this time. I'm not just starving myself (which I did in the past)and smoking instead of eating ( I quit about 8 years ago). I use to be thin but I also felt pretty crummy most of the time yes it's a little harder but can be done...I am following my Dr.'s orders to exercise for at least an hour most days...and lifting weights really does help too.

DOUGZ69 Posts: 617
9/1/10 2:45 P

I have a little more difficulty but really I think it's more just a matter of eating right and exercising which can be difficult on the motivation front at any age. I know for me, it has always been a struggle regardless of my age.

SARAGWYNE Posts: 4,520
9/1/10 10:48 A

it is harder for me but i am giving additional focus to portion control, reduced snacking, increased water intake, longer walks, more yoga and weight training. it would feel great to lose 10 pounds but i really want to increase muscle tone and flexibility. i know that my energy levels increase when i consistently exercise.

MAR-TISH-A Posts: 2,750
8/31/10 9:47 P

Over fifty has meant lower metabolism, but more self-control.

ROSEWAND SparkPoints: (190,809)
Fitness Minutes: (70,140)
Posts: 953
8/31/10 9:39 P

With certain changes in diet and exercise, I have found that it is
not harder at all. In fact, I just completed the easier program
I have ever been on!

1. Structure your diet around low glycemic foods.

2. Eat at least one-third of your foods raw. Salads, fresh fruits,

3. Reduce the saturated fats in your diet.

4. Add omega 3's both in foods and as supplements.

5. Change your workouts so that you are doing high intensity
interval training 3 times a week for about thirty minutes

6. Use portion controls and track everything on Spark.

7. One meal a week, boost your calories especially fats and carbs
to keep your metabolism hopping.

This program worked like a dream after years of struggle. I am
well past fifty.

8/31/10 8:23 P

Through journaling and limited exercise I lost 4 lbs during August. It simply takes me longer. Slow and steady goes the race. emoticon

CHALLENGER15 Posts: 13,533
8/31/10 8:17 P

I am just 2 weeks into Sparkpeople, and I haven't found it any harder at 52 than I did when I lost almost 40 pounds at 49 three years ago...Just wish I had continued to write down what I was putting in my mouth. That seems to be the key to me, but I am also making a huge effort to get a walk in every day, even if I have to take 1/2 of it in the morning and 1/2 of it in the evening to accomodate a recent foot injury. I never got [or took] the time for the walking before.

ROSEWCI SparkPoints: (110,990)
Fitness Minutes: (154,476)
Posts: 7,547
8/31/10 7:31 P

Harder, but not impossible! My body just doesn't MOVE like it used takes a lot more effort for these old bones to get crackin'!

emoticon So I'm walking...

RCMAPLES SparkPoints: (177,501)
Fitness Minutes: (139,273)
Posts: 4,405
8/31/10 7:27 P

in a word, yes. However, consistency is the ticket in conjunction w/ 'portion size, exercise...portion size, exercise...portion ' you get the idea.

SANDRAD20 Posts: 22
8/31/10 5:23 P

Losing weight has always been hard for me and requires that I devote a lot of attention to the process. Writing down what and how much I eat, recording my daily exercise, and surrounding myself with a weightloss community are all a necessary part of adventure. I will say it is easier since my husband got on the bandwagon with me. He has turned sixty and is now considered diabetic and can no longer eat whatever he wants.

MARSHASTAR SparkPoints: (107,577)
Fitness Minutes: (33,903)
Posts: 12,986
8/31/10 12:11 P

The only reason it is harder for ME to lose weight now is because I have to overcome all the bad habits that have caused me to gain the weight. . and after losing and gaining it back so many times, I've made it harder - but it is not impossible. I will succeed. (failure is not an option)

SAFETYSUE Posts: 7,994
8/31/10 4:43 A

I have to get on track as the weather changes and I will not be able to swim here after labor day. I will have a hard time finding something that I can spend so much weightless time getting cardio. Being in a wheel chair makes it difficult since the only thing I can use to exercise is my arms. But I also have to have my arms and hands last a lifetime. it is a difficult task to find a balance and still get enough exercise and not flare up carpal tunnel and over use my arms.

It is harder to lose over 50, but even harder in a wheel chair but I did it once and am determined to do it again for the last time.

Have a great day and get out and find the time to at least get a walk in.

emoticon emoticon

STREO2004 Posts: 593
8/31/10 1:33 A

I'm hoping not. Just starting again, dilligence I'm guessing is important for me.

MARLINDA5 Posts: 8,192
8/31/10 1:12 A

It's harder - so we have to work harder to lose the weight.

MAGDAVIS4458 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,433)
Posts: 1,280
8/30/10 10:30 P

For myself it is a slower process. This month an increase in my work outtime helped.

NANCYLAPEACH SparkPoints: (8,545)
Fitness Minutes: (6,536)
Posts: 130
8/30/10 10:17 P

I think it is harder and the key is moving. As long as you have aerobic exercise in your program and you do it frequently enough (4-5 times per week), you will be successful at weight loss.

MFFNSLYR Posts: 380
8/30/10 9:47 P

I just read an article that says we lose muscle mass as we age. Each decade we have to exercise harder and longer to burn calories. In your 40's you burn about 100 calories less than you did in your 30's. By the time you reach your 50's it is more like 200 less.
September's Health Magazine has some great articles.

KNITSKI SparkPoints: (102,397)
Fitness Minutes: (68,718)
Posts: 4,635
8/30/10 8:38 P

Not really

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,791
8/30/10 8:12 P

'Harder' does not mean 'impossible'!

SARABETH_60 Posts: 617
8/30/10 6:56 P

Most people over 50 have tried multiple diets, possibly gained and lost and gained ... which lowers metabolic rate. Also over 50, people have less muscle and it's harder to build muscle. But losing weight is a very individual thing - while it may look like it boils down to calories in/calories out, there are a lot of other factors that can affect weight. Is life more stressful over 50? Do you sleep less over 50? Just a few of the factors involved. If you're not finding it more difficult to lose weight, celebrate your body!!!

WINFIELD28 Posts: 6,407
8/30/10 6:50 P

Are you finding that it's harder to loose weight after age 50? You keep hearing that in various media outlets - especially for women, it seems.
What do YOU think?
I have to say, losing weight takes some effort regardless of my age. BUT, I can loose weight and I have - since June 16th - I've dropped 17+ pounds. I haven't done anything drastic - just ate healthier and added regular exercise. I'm telling myself - "You can loose weight & your age isn't that big of a factor in this equation." The same principles apply - eat less, eat healthier, move more & take it a day at a time.

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