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When you get a chance to browse Sparkteams, under the Community tab, you might want to join some for depression (one of the largest teams on SP is one of the depression teams). Another is Emotional Eating. There are so many reasons we eat, aside from actual hunger.

Other Sparkpages, and articles on this site, are very inspirational. Good luck!

6/5/11 9:36 P

i take anti depressants for mood stabilizers and i think the meds are keeping me from losing weight. i have a cpap machine that is supposed to help me sleep better and not feel tired. Even with the machine i am more mentally alert but my body is still tired and i still have low energy. i force myself to exercise to the wii and dvds. i have been under alot of stress from work and i am constantly snacking lately. today i forced myself to stock up on healthy snacks: i cut up one watermelon and made 10-12, 2 cup servings so i am ready to snack on those for the week. i made two container with strawberries and two containers with raspberries ( they were on special this week at the store, not normal for me) while i was at it i sliced up two tomatoes cut each one in half and put each half in a container with 4-5 slices of cucumber and about 1/4 cup sliced carrots and 1/4 cup sliced radishes so now all i have to do is add lettuce and keep a container with 2 tbsp of dressing to go with each salad. on the late night snacking try to log everytime you grab a snack i am picking better snacks after a week of logging. take some time and imagine things you could do. you have more ideas than you think you have

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It seems to me that everyday I'm lonely or depressed I eat. I really have a hard time not eating late night snacks. I hope this team can help me. emoticon

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