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12/28/10 5:48 P

I don't know how accurate it is seeing how its just general. I would recommend either getting a Bodybugg or a Heartrate monitor to really track your calorie burn I use a bodybugg because it is a lot more accurate in telling you how many calories you burn throughout the day.

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12/18/10 3:06 P

If you're sore today, you're probably not working out with the same vigor as previously did when you burned 220 calories, so the lower number makes sense. If you want to make up the missing calories, do something low impact, like take a walk or something. This sounds like it might be a bit high impact, so something with lower impact might help the soreness.

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12/18/10 2:25 P

You could compare the read out from the kinect with the number that the Spark fitness section gives you.

In general, the calorie burns from things like kinect, Wii fit, cardiovascular machines like ellipticals, etc... should be taken with a grain of salt. Most tend to over estimate the amount of calories burned.

You can use the number as a rough estimate. Most people don't realize that they really don't burn hundreds of calories during workouts. I blame the infomercials for this misconception. You know the routine,"buy this DVD workout and you'll burn 800 calories and hour". Well, unfortunately, most people really don't burn that many in an hour workout.

So, at your current weight, burning 220 calories for a 30 minute workout is about right. Remember, you're not doing continuous jumping jacks, etc. You're probably pausing to take short breaks between workouts. Which is perfectly fine.

Do try to be patient with yourself and your body. Weight loss is a slow steady process that takes time.

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12/18/10 12:49 P

I have been doing the biggest loser kinect for xbox 360 for exercise. It is very challenging for me. I am a usually sedentary person trying to get better. I am 200 lbs and 5 ft 3 in. I do it for about 30 minutes each day (or at least almost every day). Sometimes it says I burn 220 calories and like today it said I only burned about 150. Do you think this is accurate? I am doing jumping jacks, jogging in place, lunges, stretches, skaters (jumping side to side moving arms like on skis), etc. I feel a little discouraged knowing I am still not meeting my goal calories to burn a day. But I don't think I can do more than 30 minutes right now. I am just starting out and am sore constantly as it is.

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