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718GEMINI Posts: 471
10/30/10 10:43 A

Try not to compare yourself to others. My average weekday cardio workout burns about half that amount of calories. On top of what everyone else had said, a couple of things you might want to keep in mind:

1- The more someone weighs, the more energy it takes to simply move their body- thus, the more calories they burn.

2- When you're losing, you should exercise at a level that will be sustainable for the rest of your life. Otherwise, when you slow down, your metabolism will slow too and you will start to gain again... There are some people here who exercise for literally hours a day- some are actually in training, but others are just doing it to lose weight. Will most people in the latter category continue to spend three hours in the gym every day once they reach their goal weight?

3- When it comes to weight loss, the MOST important thing is your diet! You can't exercise away a bad diet. The calories burned during cardio is more of a bonus than anything.

10/30/10 10:16 A

Welcome to Sparkpeople! You are doing an awesome job. You could use those kiddos as an excuse not to exercise but instead you are making the time for it.

I burn between 600 and 800 calories per gym session and between 300 - 400 per running session. But let me clarify I DID NOT START OFF DOING THAT. I've been doing this for four years and my body now is completely different than my body when I started.

I think 300 calories per session is fantastic. As time goes on and you become more fit you will have to up your intensity and, as a result, you will burn more calories. Just let it evolve naturally and like Coach Jen said - don't compare yourself to others.

You are right on track to becoming a healthier you! Keep up the good work!

MARLIMOO Posts: 732
10/30/10 10:13 A

Don't focus on the calories burned. Focus on your heart rate. Did you work up a sweat? Did you feel challenged? Are you tracking your calories and if so- also tracking your exercise so you know that you have a healthy balance of the two? That is really what you need to look at. I have two children- 4 and 6. I am married and work full time. I go to work out about an hour each time- usually 5am- Mon-Fri, and then Sat and Sun I am either doing spin for an hour or a muscle class. The workouts should be a part of your routine, and eventually will be fun. Good luck to you! Oh- and I am 41!

ERIN4771 Posts: 4,347
10/30/10 10:02 A

sadly, i get sucked into this vortex as well, and i have to agree with coach jen....if the workout is challenging you, then you are doing enough...the previous poster had some great points as well...try to focus on how you are feeling during and after your workouts, rather than the numbers.... emoticon

3NORNS Posts: 351
10/30/10 8:13 A

not to be mean, but i wouldn't waste time with the calorie calculator - the only reason i record mine is 'cause the SP tracker won't let me get away without doing it.

the reason is that calories are *impossible* to track unless you're in a sports lab hooked up to the proper equipment, including a mask such as that used to administer oxygen.

calorie burn has WAY too many variables - it really isn't a linear function of Weight x time. that's why, if you plug in 200lbs walking for 2hrs, you'll get a higher number than walking for 1hr, even though the 2hrs may have been spent dilly-dallying along and the 1hr may have been a full-torque workout.

that being said, the tracker is useful to help keep me motivated and record my progress (or lack thereof) so i play the game.

the best way to determine how effective your workouts are is to go by how you feel while you're working out. you want to be at an intensity that allows you to converse in short bursts but not full sentences. f.ex, "no... jimmy.... you can't be.... punching your sister" is a pretty good intensity while "jimmy, how many times have i told you not to punch your sister? ... that goes for you, too, young missy!" is probably not a really challenging workout.

record your efforts using SP or make up your own journal using a spreadsheet or a pen-and-paper version. record time, intensity (perceived intensity out of 10), how you feel, anything you noticed (ie, "keep weight on outside of foot to stop knee pains" or "avoid turning left on Richmond - child eats joggers"), and yadda.

every so often - especially when you're feeling a bit down on yourself - go back and review from the start and either glory in your progress or use it to tweak things up some more.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,997
10/30/10 7:57 A

If that workout is challenging for you, then yes, it is enough. Try not to compare yourself to what others are doing. Just make sure your calories burned goal reflects how much exercise you're doing. I'd also recommend adding strength training to your routine a few times a week if you haven't already.

I've got a 3-year old and 1-year old too, so I know how challenging it can be to squeeze in workouts. Keep up the great work!

Coach Jen

10/30/10 7:11 A

I just joined SparkPeople a couple of weeks ago and so far am very impressed with all of the information that is available to me and I am learning a lot. What I don't know is if what I am doing is enough. My preferred form of exercise is the Treadmill. I love it. I work out 4 to 5 times per week and burn about 300 calories at a time for about 36 to 38 min. Is that enough? I have been reading on here how a lot of people range from 400 calories to over 1,000 calories. I am 30 years old and am trying to be a healthy person. I don't have much time since I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Any thoughts?

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