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5/5/11 10:48 A

I would highly recommend Curves as well. I actually worked at one for eight years. You will hear people saying they didn't find results or it wasn't a hard workout - these are the people that are NOT making the effort. You get out of it what you put into it. Go ready to put your ALL into the workout; take full advantage of the community of women available to you there; listen to the staff and take their advice and ask them questions!! What used to frustrate us as employees was when women were not feeling/seeing results and not telling us. If we KNEW, we would have been able to help them. I personally lost over 50 pounds there and got most of my strength and cardio base from that workout only. My goals have changed and I now do free weights and am training for other things, but Curves is what got me started. Curves is a great resource and I wish you all the best there.

5/5/11 10:41 A

Hi Leigh Anne from Leigh Ann ;)

I just had my first month weight in/assessment yesterday and i have improved in all areas, lost almost five pounds, six inches, even my blood pressure is better. The workouts are fun and you get a lot of feedback which is something i need. I highly recommend Curves!

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4/13/11 9:49 P

I loved Curves! My local one closed down, or I would still be going!

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4/13/11 8:26 P

Curves is AWESOME. I joined last year and I had a wonderful time. The women there were such motivators. They made you feel like family. The curve smart is the best thing known to exercise. I loved that thing. It's a pleasant place and you will burn lots of calories and slowly start seeing your weight go down. Before you know it, you have lost 10 or 15 pounds. I had to stop going to mine because it was about 20 miles from my house and it was tearing my gas up. I hate that I can't partake in the fun and excitement that Curves brings out of you. You will become a better person.

LEIGHANNE25 Posts: 20
4/13/11 5:46 P

I am considering checking out Curves gym for ladies. Gyms make me a little uncomfortable but I've heard good things about Curves. Is anyone a member? I really need to find an exercise program that I can not only do on a regular basis but also one that I enjoy.

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