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11/6/13 7:20 P

I am a walker from the word "go"! Much of my logged fitness minutes are from walking. I have a walking DVD (Leslie Sansone's "Walk at Home 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk") that I heavily rely on even though I live in sunny SoCal. HOWEVER, I highly recommend consistent strength training. Just ten minutes or less, a few days a week will completely sculpt your body. No kidding. People have majorly noticed my sculpted transformation.

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11/6/13 2:15 P

A light box can really help. This is pretty early in the year to be struggling with this, so I really encourage you to seek out help before it gets worse.

What about some sort of small bribe to help get yourself to the gym more regularly? There is a thread on the main cafe page with ideas for non-food rewards. One thing that can help is going directly from work to the gym--no stopping at home where you can get distracted and/or hibernate.

For what it is worth, I had a terrible time with SADD in my teens and early 20s, but in my 30s it hasn't bothered me much, even in years where I was living in a place with extremely overcast weather. I have no idea why this is, but just know that struggling one winter doesn't mean that you always will.


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11/6/13 10:57 A

I'm pretty sure that I do have SADD. I have been trying to go on walks during my lunch break and on my 15 minute breaks, just so I can get some more natural light. But it has been so overcast and dreary lately, that I'm not sure if it has been helping.

I do like doing videos but I'm really limited on space so yoga is an option, whereas something like zumba is not.

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11/5/13 2:50 P

It would not be nearly enough for me, but YMMV.

If you are trying to maintain, it is probably fine. If you want to continue losing weight--get thee to the gym!

Do you have SADD? Have you looked into getting treatment?

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11/5/13 1:59 P

I try to mix it up with exercise videos, walking, jogging

11/5/13 11:04 A

Are you interested in exercise videos? They are great for when the weather gets nasty and they cover every exercise under the sun, from Yoga to Insanity and everything in between. I used to do Jane Fonda's Step videos (yes I am old) in the winter. They whipped me into shape.

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11/5/13 10:48 A


What a person does for exercise depends on their individual goals for fitness. What are your fitness goals ? If you're not interested in running a marathon, then yes, walking for 5-7 miles a day would be plenty of cardiovascular activity to maintain good health.

However, you don't want to lose any lean muscle during the winter months. So, do make sure you make time to do some strength training. You don't have to do a lot. One workout per week would be fine. 2-3 would be better. ;) Don't neglect your strength. Maintaining lean muscle is important as we age because it helps protect us against osteoporosis.

Do you shovel during the winter ? If you do any shoveling, that can be an excellent workout.

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11/5/13 10:30 A

I have a really hard time during the fall and winter months. My energy is completely sapped and I just want to hibernate. This has made it very hard to stick to my workout routine. So I had changed things up. I live about a mile from work, so I have been walking to work everyday and then also going on a short walk on my lunch break. I average 10,000-13,000 steps each day and do weights occasionally (but not the recommended 2-3 times per week). Is that enough to stay healthy during the winter months? Can I call this my workout for the day and not feel guilty about skipping the gym?

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