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CINDYA1962 Posts: 1,154
8/8/10 8:00 P

I enjoy it but I stopped drinking it because of the high sodium content (I think the low sodium version is GROSS). Same with tomato juice.

Also, I've given up all juice because I'd rather eat the calories than drink them.

ANAVLY Posts: 2,426
8/8/10 9:36 A

If you have a really tough time getting veggies in then it can be useful.

But you will feel more full eating a serving or two of veggies than drinking some veggie juice, and plain veggies aren't packed with sodium, so if you're ok with eating veggies I'd skip the v8 and eat some more veggies. If you're not so ok with veggies, drink the v8 while making an effort to expand your veggie horizons :)

TSERISA SparkPoints: (1,356)
Fitness Minutes: (2,513)
Posts: 389
8/8/10 1:24 A

V8 is pretty high in sodium; there's a low-sodium version but not a salt-free version. And the mixes with fruit juice are very high in (fruit) sugars, but relatively low in fiber. (Fruit juice is just not the best way to get your fruits in.)

There are better veggie juices out there, such as those made entirely from green juices and without any salt. I like the Evolution Essential Greens Juice, which is kale, cucumber, parsley, spinach, etc. Of course it's better to eat the vegetables whole, but it's a much better juice choice than V8. I love it, because of the cucumber juice.

There are also V8 type drinks (red vegetable juice) with no salt added. I like to put some black pepper in them if I have them, though I don't drink them often.

8/8/10 1:11 A

I am not a huge veggie fan myself and I try and hide tasteless veggies in things I like. I grate zucchini into refried beans (eat as is or in a tortilla). Grated zucchini and carrots into rice. Colorless/tasteless veggies into fruit smoothies are my favorite "trick" I have found that frozen cauliflower boosts the frostiness of a smoothie. Cucumber is a good addition as well.

You are better eating the whole fruit/veggie than drinking it (unless you are making whole fruit/veggie juices at home) That way you get the benefit of the fiber and it will keep you fuller longer.

8/7/10 7:26 P

And when you are cutting back on calories, the adult should consume NO MORE than 1 cup juice daily.
dietitian Becky

FANGLE Posts: 1,821
8/7/10 7:11 P

Agreed with a previous poster...if you are going to drink V8 make sure you get the low sodium version. Also the splash V8s are quite high in sugar so you should stick to the original version

LOTSACATS SparkPoints: (43,326)
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Posts: 905
8/7/10 6:58 P

I love V8. I find it is a handy low calorie but filling snack.

LETOVERN Posts: 2,603
8/7/10 6:53 P

If you like drinking something with calories, then V8 is better than soda, but otherwise not that special. Whole vegetables are much better for you. But if you like V8, get the low sodium version and have the calories to spare, it's not harmful.

8/7/10 4:13 P

You can get the low/no sodium version of the original v8.

LOVEUNOT55 Posts: 14
8/7/10 4:05 P

Thank You , I eat fruits when i go grocery shopping I get all types of fruit that and i enjoy eating them but the only veggi i eat is lettuce and sometimes aguacato I really have tried everything but cant get past of that i dont like vegetables so im looking for another way to eat them or drink them without noticing that im eating them. somebody told me that v8 was good but i have seen so many different v8 juices that im confuse but now thanks to u i know which one should i buy next time i go grocery shopping i also like crystal light but stop drinking it im about to start a soon as i do my shopping. Thank You

SHOZZIE Posts: 949
8/7/10 3:52 P

I really like the V8 fusion juices. I stay away from the low cal options because they have less nutrition and a lot of added artificial sweeteners. Make sure to measure and track it because those calories can add up fast. I usually prefer fresh fruit over juice, but it is good when I don't have a lot of time.

I would stay away from V8 splash. It's full of high fructose corn syrup.

Regular V8 has a lot of sodium. You could work it into a healthy diet if you are careful, but I would drink it sparingly.

LOVEUNOT55 Posts: 14
8/7/10 3:43 P

Im starting again a new diet and exercise after 7 month of having a broken foot that doesn't want to heal but I just couldn't wait anymore to get back in shape so i started again doing exercise and diet but i want to try something different this time i want to changed my fruit and veggies eating or drinking so i was wandering if V8 is good enough for me to use it on a diet low on calories and carbs.

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