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NIRERIN Posts: 14,273
1/24/10 11:05 P

if you don't make it, do look at the ingredients. if you could easily make it at home it can count.


you have to have half a cup of the stuff to count. and if you're buying it, that's quite a few servings, and likely a ton of sodium.

HAASESH Posts: 761
1/24/10 10:49 P

I think so

1WAY2GETFIT Posts: 82
1/24/10 10:44 P

I would consider it a vegetable: it has tomatoes,relish,peppers,spices.. and is great on a bake potatoe..
and on a salad as dressing.. low in fat! This is something thats good too!

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1/24/10 10:33 P

I agree with the PP. It's pretty much only veggies (and some spices), so I would consider it one of your servings. The only problem is that the premade ones have a ton of sodium in them. So that might be a reason why it shouldn't be your "only" vegetable.

1/24/10 10:26 P

From what I've read you can count salsa as a vegetable, especially if it's one of the homemade ones, because that's ... basically all it is. (plus it's easier to figure out how many servings, because you'll know exactly what you put in it). It's sort of like the tea for water rule though... it counts as a serving, but that shouldn't be ALL of your fruits of veggies. Just like I've read in various places that half of your daily water should be PLAIN water.

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1/24/10 10:09 P

For the purpose of ensuring 5 fruits or vegetables, is Salsa considered a veggie serving?

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