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2/11/12 8:28 A

I wonder how this affects blood sugars. As a diabetic I avoid juice, and try to eat berries, apples etc. Oranges, and bananas spike my blood sugar. Juice is much worse.

Even if you aren't diabetic, could continually spiking it be damaging, even if it stays in normal range, just near the top? I ask, because juice is the easiest to absorb.

2/10/12 9:23 P

For an estimate:
1/2 cup fruit juice = 60 calories
1/2 cup veggie juice = 20 calories

Most juicing machines remove some of the nutrients and most of the fiber, that is why it is suggested to limit juice to no more than 1 cup daily. But it can be counted towards your fruit and/or vegetable servings.

SP Dietitian Becky

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2/10/12 9:22 P

Eat your fruit and juice your veggies.

Fruit that has been juiced will have more calories than vegetables that have been juiced.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/10/12 8:11 P

Generally speaking, to estimate it, use commercial fruit and vegie juice products. You'll be getting less of anything they add into their products to preserve them (which is good), but the macronutrients would be very similar.

It is recommended to restrict juicing to no more than an 8oz glass a day, and because of the fibre and lack of nutrients that the whole fruit gives you, do not count it in your "5+ a day" counting. Get your 5+ over and above juice.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,305
2/10/12 6:01 P

You aren't getting the fiber, and some of the nutrients (depending on the freggie involved). Juices are generally higher calorie by volume because they are more concentrated.

MO2V8EDQ Posts: 30
2/10/12 4:08 P

if i use fresh fruit and veggies to make juice, how do i count the calories and is it the same in nutritional value?

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