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KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
5/24/11 7:01 P

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

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5/16/11 8:10 P

If you aren't already, KISSFAN1, start lifting weights! Build muscle now while you still have the hormones. You'll be glad you did when menopause arrives... Trust me on that!

MYUTMOST4HIM Posts: 11,453
5/16/11 1:22 P

hormones affect weight - fact of life - sorry

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
5/16/11 12:35 P

That's why I'm not looking forward to when menopause is finally here. Ugh!!!

NYXWOLFWALKER SparkPoints: (168,070)
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5/15/11 11:00 P

I'm post menopausal have been for going on three years now, I had two years that I was only able to louse a single pound (doc's put it up to my body still adjusting to the lack of hormones) but this year so far I've lost over 5 pounds so am back on track as far as I am concerned when it comes to weight loss. I know for my mom she lost over 100 pounds once she hit menopause without trouble, yes up to that point she'd had major issues trying to get it off at all.

I think it depends on so many different factors, I know my aunt has put on weight since hitting menopause (she like me hit it like a brick wall - we're both though surgery), she's tried a lot of things to get it off but its not happening for her (as she says she can look at food and put a pound on).

5/15/11 10:46 P

Menopause really changed the game for me. Pre-menopause, two days of running, three days of weight lifting and eating no more than 1500 calories per day, did the trick. I maintained and even lost weight. But, after menopause? The scale began creeping upwards. My gynecologist said, "Unexplained weight gain is a given with menopause." I said, "Baloney!" I refuse to throw in the towel and I'm not ready to accept living with extra weight, especially around my midsection, so I've had to adjust. Cardio daily, three days of weight lifting and I had to drop my daily caloric intake to 1200. The catch, however, is that now that I have to exercise more, I have less energy than in my pre-menopause days.

As for "maybe I need to get a little lower in weight...," it will not help at all. You cannot "nail" a weight and have it stick. At one point, pre-menopause, I weighed 98lbs, which for my 5' height was fine but on the lowest end of the recommendation scale. After menopause, that number went "POOF!"and disappeared.

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NANCYANNE1956 Posts: 533
5/8/11 4:54 P

I think Menopause made a huge change for me.

I tried all the traditional ways to control my weight after Menopause, I gained more and more weight. I've learned that I have to control my carb intake and exercise more to lose weight and then maintain.

JUSTBIRDY SparkPoints: (0)
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5/8/11 4:45 P

Everyone is different, so it is hard to tell how you will respond. I disagree with others who say that is is emotional or a straight age-related metabolism issue. When your ovaries completely shut down, other glands have to pick up the slack. How well they can do that is widely variable. For me, it was a weight gain disaster. Obviously for rock-climber (sorry if I got your name wrong!) it was no problem.
I wouldn't pay that much attention to celebrities. Virtually all are on HRT, and that makes it so much easier. You can go that route too, if you can find a doctor who will work with you to do it right. It can be expensive and time-consuming, but essential for their careers, as is plastic surgery.
If I had to do it all over again, I would have worked harder to lose more weight in a healthier way before peri-menopause. That would involve reading Dr. Schwarzbein and following her eating plan. When people diet, their cortisol levels can get out of whack, and cause all sorts of problems. After menopause, this becomes even more of a problem, and you don't want to finish menopause when burned-out adrenals, that's for sure.

MAUREENV2 Posts: 3,853
5/7/11 3:02 P

During the perimenopause period I did gain weight, but I have since lost it using sp. I found the problem for me was that as I get older, I MUST eat the right types of carbohydrates- complex and less processed. As long as I do that and follow the other healthy eating guidelines, I am fine.

REDPEPPERS Posts: 18,890
5/7/11 2:06 P

Your metabolism slows with each decade, irrespective of your menstrual status. But you don't necessarily gain a lot of weight following menopause. As others have said, you need to know your metabolism will slow, and be ready to adjust your food and exercise levels. Also, many people slow down and become more sedentary as they age, and so burn fewer calories.

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
5/7/11 10:44 A

You guys have helped relieve my mind so much, thank you!!!! I feel better about approaching menopause in I suppose the next 4-5 years (or sooner or later).

I plan to continue to eat healthy and take care of myself, regardless of my age/situation this go around. It was just a fear of mine because I had so many friends complain about it and also hearing celebrities talking about it really caused panic in my mind.

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CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
5/6/11 7:05 P

I did gain weight during perimenopause and menopause, HOWEVER, I also had bad eating habits. No self control(still working on that) and no exercise AT ALL. I lost 25lbs with Sparkpeople after menopause. I did not ever lose 2lbs per week though. Mine was closer to 1/2 lb - 1 lb per week. But that was ok because it was going down. I, unfortunately during a maintenance period got sidetracked with some family stuff(death in the family, etc) and regained 10lbs but am back working on re-losing that. I never quit exercising but did quit paying as much attention to my diet.
As long as you are exercising and paying attention to what you are consuming you can avoid the weight gain I believe.

As a side note, I didn't used birth control pills so didn't have that issue.

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ILOVEMY2BIRDS Posts: 2,646
5/6/11 6:04 P

Hormone changes can always cause changes in metabolism. You will have to adapt your lifestyle accordingly

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
5/6/11 5:01 P

I guess the unknown scares me and if famous actresses gain weight when they hit menopause it's scary because that's their job, staying trim and a certain weight (well most women who are actresses, not all). I have friends who complain about the same thing so it's scary for me to think that all the hard work you did to get to a healthy weight would "possibly" be taken away because of you going through menopause.

I don't have a relationship with my mother, so I can't ask her, and she's been overweight ever since I can remember so nothing really changed (in other words she didn't go from slim to overweight because she was already overweight.

Thanks for all the responses, I knew I would get great information to my question on here. emoticon

SONI51 Posts: 491
5/6/11 1:39 P

I have heard that your metabolism slows down greatly, but to me that means that I have to do things to rev it up some and watch what I eat. Both are a challenge...

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,737
5/6/11 1:33 P

Online Now  • ))
I've actually lost about 15 lbs since I hit menopause. Just keep doing what works, and modify if and when it becomes necessary.

5/6/11 11:52 A

I don't know who puts this information out there as a given. All "they" can say is that many people do. What "they" can't say is what YOU will do!!!. Personally I have only lost weight since I finally went into menopause. The problems I used to have with fluctuating hormones etc. are subsiding and I am finally losing weight along with it. Just stay healthy and eat according to what your body is telling you and you should be fine. If when you go into menopause you start to gain look at what you are doing and what you need to do then. Losing extra weight now because it might happen is like starving yourself from birth because when you go through puberty you might gain weight. Just not a healthy plan to go under weight now for however long it takes to go into menopause just in case you might gain then. Good Luck, God Bless.

CHOCOCOYOTE SparkPoints: (0)
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5/6/11 10:46 A

The "given" is that your metabolism will slow.
The "given" is that weight you do gain will be in your middle and tush.
the "given" is that muscle mass will decrease, even as you work out.

But, as the other poster pointed out, this does not have to mean you will gain weight. it just means you need to stay more focused. eating slightly less perhaps; eating even more healthy; having an even more active life style.

or accepting the few extra pounds and just keeping healthy. that's what i personally want. I admire those who stay in rock shape, but i just want to make sure i'm healthy. cause i'm lazy as it is. ;-)

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
5/6/11 10:18 A

Thank you, that makes me feel less anxious about dealing with that issue. I know everyone is different, but it made me panic thinking that I would gain weight during that phase of my life yet to come because so many people do.

I didn't know if it was inevitable due to the hormone changes or if it was due to not taking care of yourself as much or both. I can accept weight gain because I didn't do the things I should have, but it bothers me to have possible weight gain due to the change in life and I'm still doing the things that I should be (eating healthy, exercising, etc.).

CLIMBERS_ROCK SparkPoints: (57,790)
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Posts: 3,195
5/6/11 9:58 A

Rather than loose more weight be prepared to step up your exercise during the transition. That all you really need to do, and that is only if you start to creep up again. Not everyone does. A lot depends on how you are eating and exercising now.

It's a little like smoking. People gain weight, not because of the change but because they deal with the change be eating more. I actually lost 10 pounds when I quit because everytime I thought about it I exercised for 5 minutes instead of eating something.

I have post-surgical menopause and didn't gain then either. My weight gain came when I had two jobs, no time to exercises, and not home to eat so fast food became my mainstay.

Stay on a health lifestyle and you don't have to gain weight, you just have to be mindful when the hormone imbalance messes with your emotions that you use something other than food to cope with the fluctuations until you are stable again.

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
5/6/11 9:04 A

I have not reached the menopause state yet, but I am probably in perimenopause due to self-diagnosis. I have reached my goal weight and actually went under it (wasn't trying to) and now I wonder if I should continue to lose just a few more pounds in anticipation of any future menopausal weight gain.

I have heard many celebrities mention the weight gain once they hit the menopause years although they exercised and ate well and it has me a little worried that maybe I need to get a little lower in weight (not to the point of being skinny) in anticipation of that.

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