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VIOTTI99 Posts: 241
5/14/09 2:54 P

I don't think its bad for everyone but it will really mess up some people. I have an intolerance to yellow#5, a common food dye that Crystal Light uses is almost every flavor in way or another (it's in combination colors like green and orange often.) For people like me, drinking Crystal Light WILL cause me to gain weight because it causes inflamation. I don't think that is the norm for everyone and that is probably the situation of the case your friend is talking about. If you are drinking crystal light as opposed to soda its definitely a good habit to stick with. I haven't heard about any other weigt gain situations. Hospitals usually use it to give contrast dye to patients so it cant be that bad!

RASTAGIRL5446 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,930)
Posts: 177
5/14/09 1:27 P

In my opinion it's not bad at all. I drink a half a case of water a day and to liven it up I add Crystal Light to it (not every bottle). It definitely doesn't make you gain weight and it was originally designed for Diabetics. My husband drinks it for this reason.
My doctor even told me to drink it, you can have anything you want in moderation.

<3BUBBLES<3 Posts: 130
5/14/09 1:20 P

Well, I don't think that Crystal Light will make you gain weight, but I don't drink it because of the aspartame in it. I try to stay away from Splenda as well so I don't even drink the store-brand ones either...that person might have told you that it will make you gain weight because there have been inconclusive studies as to whether artificial sweetners in diet soda will make you gain weight. My take on this is that GENERALLY when people drink diet soda they are probably eat less healthy as those people who don't drink any soda at all. In the end, if you drink Crystal Light, but still eat the right portions of healthy food and workout it's not going to make you gain weight, but the sweetner still may not be very good for your body.


AMARAY Posts: 23
5/14/09 10:38 A

well I have been drinking 8 or more bottles of water with crystal light for the past 58 days and I dont crave no food or sweets.......on the other hand I have lost 28 pounds in those 58 days so I dont see how its bad for you or makes you want food or crave sweets thats all in your mind. your brain playing tricks on you......
I also ask my Doctor and she told me im doing great and keep up what im doing cause its working for me

CHANEY2485 Posts: 53
5/14/09 9:37 A

LOL your too funny!

KARENMMCAY5244 Posts: 282
5/14/09 9:35 A

I love Crystal Light, but I worry about the same thing. Opinions are very strong on both sides, and both sides have solid research to back them up. I guess in general, if it's not natural, then it's not healthy, but I can't give EVERYTHING up. I'm not that fabulous yet.

CHANEY2485 Posts: 53
5/14/09 9:23 A

Thanks everyone for your feedback! Although Im having doubts about what my friend told me I think Im going to stick with no crystal light for now and just have regular water.


CHEM920 Posts: 218
5/13/09 10:54 P

What I have read in most fitness magazines is that diet drinks like diet soda and drinks like crystal light can actually lead you to crave sweets more-many people enjoy them for their sweet flavor but the artificial sweetners don't really satisfy your body/brain so you end up craving even more. Personally, I like water minus anything added but I do like diet coke and drink 1-2 a day...I'm not a sweets person though so I haven't noticed that it makes me crave more sweets so who knows if it is true or not. Either way-getting lots of water is good for you so maybe just try having the crystal light 1-2 times a day instead of with every glass of water? Or try just lemon in your water.

5/13/09 10:47 P

Other times that I have lost weight I drank a lot of crystal light to get used to water, but this time I haven't had to. However now that it's getting warm I have made pitchers of it ocasionally. My husband and I will drink it as a nice treat, just not all day every day. I have not gained weight nor have I noticed food cravings.

BEECHKA Posts: 139
5/13/09 9:27 P

I think that anything that has processed, sugar/ sweeteners, colors and flavors is not on the "good for you" list. In my eyes anyways.

5/13/09 9:06 P

i don't think it leads to weight gain, when i drink it i don't feel any hungrier, in fact i'm fuller because i'm drinking water.
as long as your not drinking multiple cups of this stuff a day, a little artificial sweetner won't hurt you.
i can't wait until they make organic/allnatural versions of crystal light! then i can enjoy it too!!

FITSPIRED1 Posts: 603
5/13/09 7:53 P

I mostly drink only water but, occasionally when I want something more I'll mix a packet of Crystal Light in a water bottle.
I do this a couple of times a month and I haven't seen any weight gain and it doesn't cause me to crave more food. The benefit to me is that it satisfies my craving for soda.

CHANEY2485 Posts: 53
5/13/09 7:38 P

I totally agree! I only drink water now too but crystal light just made it that much easier to get down bottles and bottles of water a day, after my friend told me that it can make you gain weight I stopped drinking it.

5/13/09 7:32 P

Nothing is a substitute for water. I have cut back on juices and soft drinks and I do not miss them. I rather eat my calories rather than drink them

CHANEY2485 Posts: 53
5/13/09 7:13 P

It doesnt make me want to eat at all, and Im keeping track of my calories.

There are other health effects to it??

Im just sticking with plain old water :)

FAYLETTE SparkPoints: (0)
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5/13/09 5:16 A

I've heard that artificial sweeteners can trick your brain into thinking it's getting calories. When it realizes it isn't getting any, it wants some! But weight gain is all calories in and calories out. If drinking Crystal Light doesn't make you crave food (or it does and you can handle it), you're fine.

The other health effects of the stuff is a whole hazy mess though.

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CHANEY2485 Posts: 53
5/13/09 2:08 A

I've been having Crystal Light with almost every bottle of water I've been drinking since starting my diet. A friend of mine told me today that its REALLY bad for you and can even cause you to gain weight. Is that true? He said something about it being made by splenda which is horrible and because it has artificial sugar in it REALLY that bad? More importantly, can it make me gain weight or hold me back from losing?

HELP lol :)

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