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MILLIFRED Posts: 672
7/20/13 9:38 A

I'm wondering how accurate it is even with fresh vegetables and fruits. I have my own nutrition books with accurate data so will have to double check with each item for a while and add the correct ones in to my own "favorites" list. That is a good tip about where to find the information online. When I did the search for the cornflakes I was amazed at how much more information was online on the Kellogg site than was included on the label which of course wouldn't have room for everthing. It is just too easy to go the lazy and figure that somebody else already did the work for you when they listed these items. I wrote a blog today about the experience as I'm sure others are having some of the same issues.

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
7/20/13 8:47 A

That's great that you figured out that it was the corn flakes!

Since many folks aren't worried about their micronutrients, they don't bother entering that info from the label. There are other micronutrients that aren't required to be on the label by law. If you choose to track some of those (folate springs to mind), then you can usually find the information to enter yourself on

If I'm not using a Spark entry, then I enter the package information from all of my foods myself. This way I can not only include info on all of the micronutrients that I'm interested in, but I can also keep on top of changes by the manufacturer. I've had a few instances lately where the calories per serving has changed by 10 or 20, and where the iron or calcium info has changed. You really have to check each new purchase to see if it has remained the same. I have also noticed a regional difference on nutrient info on the same product, so it's just easier for me to enter everything myself.

Good luck in keeping those iron levels up!

MILLIFRED Posts: 672
7/20/13 7:13 A

Thanks, The Corn Flakes box states that it has 45% of the daily requirement so I knew there must be a problem. I found the actual mineral/vitamin content by doing a web search. Did they Kellogg site ever have complete information! I'll check to see if when you click on nutritional info if it gives information such as iron content. Thanks for the help. Millie

I went back and looked and whoever had entered the info had filled out the top part with things like cals, carbs, etc but the part with vitamins and minerals all said 0%!

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ANARIE Posts: 13,192
7/19/13 9:46 P

Just at a glance, my guess is that the entry for the corn flakes in the database didn't list the iron. Without the cornflakes, everything else would have added up to 7-8 mg, which is about 42% of the generic adult recommendation of 18mg. Click on the entry for the corn flakes to see whether the iron is listed. If it is, then look at the other foods you ate and see which of them left it out.

For a while, you might want to uncheck the option that says something like "search foods entered by other members." A lot of those entries aren't complete-- sometimes members don't care about anything but calories, or they don't know that things they enter might be shared, or the label on the brand they bought doesn't have all the information.

MILLIFRED Posts: 672
7/19/13 9:39 P

Thanks, I had wondered if that was the percentage. That is also a good tip about user listed foods maybe not containing all the information. I hadn't realized a food could be entered without all the correct nutritional info.

I agree that I should probably go with the recommendation of 18 mg/day if I want to affect my Hgb levels. I probably do get the 8 mg /day recommended for my age but it doesn't seem to be enough due to health conditions.

MORGANLAFEE Posts: 11,216
7/19/13 9:36 P


ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
7/19/13 9:24 P

My understanding is that the 100-150 that shows when you are tracking iron is 100%-150% of the DV of 18mg. This is based on the fact that nutrition labels are required to show the % RDA of iron content based on the 18mg. Since that's what the labels are required as, I don't believe that Spark changes that baseline for men, or for women over 50.

Now, the other issue that may come in to play here is dependent on what items you are entering in to your tracker. If it's a Spark item, based on the USDA nutrient lists, then the % of iron will be included. If it's an item that you entered yourself based on the package label, and you entered the % iron as shown on that label, then it's included. However, there are many other user-entered items that do not include info on the % of iron. A lot of user-entered items contain calories only, or just calories/carbs/fat/protein, or some other combination of incomplete information. If you used an item like this, then I could see the numbers coming out off like yours have. You might want to double-check the items you used to see if this is the problem.

If you want to base your tracking on the 8mg, then you'd want to change the "ok" range from 100-150 down to 44-67. Personally, I leave mine where it is, as I need to intake more than the recommended 8mg in order to maintain my iron levels, but you should discuss that with your doctor.

Hope this helps!

MILLIFRED Posts: 672
7/19/13 9:01 P

Because I have problems with iron deficiency anemia one of my current goals is to increase my consumption of iron rich foods. I looked up the daily iron recommendation for women and found it to be 18 mg for women under 50 and 8 mg for women over 50. I carefully watched my intake of iron for the day and figured out that I had consumed at least 12 mg of iron in 3 OZ lean ground beef(2), 1 egg (1), 1 slice whole wheat bread (1), one cup Kelloggs corn flakes (8.12) plus other varied foods. When I did the nutrition feedback it list my requirement as 100 to 150 and said I was way under with only 42. What is it measuring? Is that milligrams or something else? I understand that it would probably not differentiate based on age but those numbers don't match up at all. Help!

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