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10/20/12 11:27 P

My son has been on intunive for two years now. He did have some sleepyness issues right int he beginning but once we adjusted his sleep schedule it changed for the better. It has been a blessing for him. He had such a hard time focusing, develeoped tics and nervousness along with the OCD issues. Once he took the Intuniv he became a more relaxed, focused and happier childer. Every med affects children differently. I took Aderrol (sp) when I was in college then as I got older it began to effect me in a different way. Instead of helping me focus it began to give me heart palpitations. Intuniv is not a controlled substance so the side effects are minimum. Hope this helps!

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10/18/12 2:02 A

I have seven children and my second is the one we have had to really work with. ADHD and a few other questionable diagnosises and a whole lot of different meds have not really solved any problems per se, but the meds have helped with better impulse control, fidgeting, lack of attention span. She has bene disciplined just as our other kids have been to be well behaved, self controled and respectful. It just comes a whole lot harder for her. We chose to homeschool because the school was not equipped to deal with not completing lessons and temper tamtrums, and the dreaded melt downs. She is now 11 and sees a psychiatrist monthly for med checks and has weekly counselling for developing coping mechanisms for her socail struggles. After all these years of ups and downs, she sings the praises of the meds that have allowed her to move forward in life. To answer the origional post, intuniv is a simple med that is a naturally occuring substance called guanfacine. It works for helping with night anxiety and restlessness, but was useless during the day because of catatonic behaviors, she just couldn't stay awake even on the lowest dose. She is taking risperidone, clonidine and hydroxazine. All at bedtime. It has been the most successful combination of any that she has tried. There is no simple answers to these complex behavior problems. Disecting the source of the issues and understanding the brain chemistry of each individual child is complex. Many drugs and combinations of drugs are necessary to find the right one for an individual. Find a pediatric psychiatrist you trust and listen to their advise. They are not coocoo, or attempting to "drug" a child to oblivion. Living with a child who doesn't connect, can't be educated, can't socialize, can't feel love, is the most difficult experience of all of the parenting I have done. But it is worth the journey to find the right treatment and experience my child as has not been possible. Good luck to you all and keep looking for the right answer for your family and belief system.

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10/17/12 8:38 A

I am very frustrated with my 14 yo son. He has been on medication since 2nd grade. He has med checks, follow up testing, more med checks, etc. Now he is in 9th grade and thinks school is for socializing, not learning!! He brought his report card home yesterday. One "C" (barely), 2 "D's", and an "F"! All of his teachers said the same thing..."He is very intelligent, pays attention in class, but fails to turn in assignments and notebooks"! I am at wits end here and he is grounded to his room with NO ELECTRONICS ALLOWED! Anybody else in my shoes? I am in constant communication with his teachers and I stay on him about his homework but it just isn't working!! HELP!!

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9/12/12 9:45 P

I am both a teacher of young children AND the mother of a child with ADHD- my "child" is now 18! To cut a long story short his kindy teacher and I worked very hard together to ensure we tried all other possibilities before we medicated my son. When he took his first tablet it was like a new child SITTING QUIETLY at the table/ on the floor, participating in the lesson, allowing the teacher to teach and others to learn and successfully completing his work. We had to trial different dosages to work out the most effective one. The thing here is you have to weigh up the damage to the child's future vrs taking the medication. Think about the downward spiral that occurs if a child is not happy, confident, successful, always in trouble- the naughty child. What drugs may your child end up taking in the future??? If the medication does not provide the solution take your child off it- it is as simple as that! My son was supposed to take 3 doses a day- we only gave him the two he needed at school and had him off meds on weekends and holidays- he has learnt a degree of self control and this allows him to eat (and eat and eat) as one side affect is appetite and weight loss. So my answer to your questions is decide if all other alternatives have been explored eg behaviour programs, think about the pros and cons for your child's future if their education, confidence etc are being affected, and realise that if it doesn't work you can stop the medication. All the best with a very difficult decision.

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9/12/12 2:07 P

I have a daughter who will very likely be diagnosed with ADHD soon, herself.

Medication is not the devil; keep in mind that "too many kids these days" is SO subjective... I have spoken to so many people, adults and children alike (including my 16 year old niece) who sing the praises of their medications. It's living with cognitive dissonance, all the time. For those whom medication is indicated, there's nothing wrong with it. Children who deal with this have a very difficult time... medication helps them focus, and gives them the tools they need to cope with life in general.

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9/12/12 1:52 P

Sorry, I can't answer all your questions. BUT my son did have some attention problems in school and he was behind as well. My mom had told me about a natrual pill that had been helping other ADD kids. SO we said it won't hurt to try, and see if it helps him at all. At the time we were still going through a bunch of school testing as well.
He started taking 1 pill a day and the one reading specialist said in 1 week he was a bit better. We had not seen much of a change in him yet. And so we ended up adding a second one after school. after another week on 2 of them, the reading specialist said he was doing MUCH better, we started to notice a difference that he seemed a little calmer at times. And his other teacher did say he was less fidgity. After all the other testing which said he was fine, his grades started getting better, his NWEA scores rocketed to catch up to the rest of the kids. And we moved his second pill from after school to lunch time.
Granted we still have our moments with him, but I am glad we TRIED the natural pill, and if it didn't work, we would have looked at other meds.

I also have a friend whos son is Aspbergers, and she said putting him on meds was the best thing they had done. Her husband didn't want to, but once he was on them, he felt better.

Just watch side effects. I hear with the aderal that they don't eat much, and hard time sleeping. And sometimes hard to find the RIGHT Pill for him and the right dosage too.


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9/12/12 5:27 A

My 9 yo son was just diagnosed with ADHD and possibly ODD. I have been against what seems to be such an influx in prescribing meds to so many kids these days. I am at a point where I don't know what else to do. Honestly, the sad thing is he probably needed something a long time ago. He has the inattentive type ADHD. Dr wants to start with Intuniv. Anyone have experience with this? Any advise? Is anyone out there like me in that they didn't want to medicate but are so glad they did now?

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